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Rector of SUA opens a call for the research postdoctoral post.

Eligible applicants for the postdoctoral post are persons who have completed PhD. study at the university or research institution no later than five years before starting postdoctoral post.

Application deadline: 10/09/2022

Offer starting date: 03/10/2022 or negotiable

Employment contract: 1 year with the possibility of extension to 3 years

The basic tariff salary is determined according to the number of years of experience starting from 1,111.50 EUR.

Applicants for this post must professionally profile themselves to the topic of the postdoctoral post:

Mitigating the effects of water stress in photosynthesis and crop production using metal nanoparticles as nanofertilizers

Linking to research project:

The Institute of Plant and Environmental Sciences FAPZ SPU in Nitra is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in the area of agricultural sciences dealing with the mechanisms of the effects of environmental stress in processes of photosynthesis. The institute has a long-term research program focused on the effects of drought and high temperature on plants, the impacts of climatic extremes on crop production, and their mitigation. The postdoctoral position will be connected to the research activities of the OPVaV project “Increasing food security with new approaches. impact mitigation of the negative impact of climatic extremes” and project VEGA 1/0664/22 “Mitigating the effects of environmental stresses in photosynthesis and plant production”.

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Marián Brestič, CSc., e-mail: [email protected]

Workplace: Institute of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Tr. A Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra

Brief introduction to the research topic:

Drought is one of the most severe limiting factors reducing photosynthetic performance and crop production. Plants respond specifically and sensitively to environmental variations by changing the leaves’ water potential and the structural state and dynamics of the activity of the photosynthetic apparatus. Gasometric, fluorescence, spectrophotometric and biochemical methods are used to identify these changes, and numerous physiological criteria are currently used to characterize the severity of ongoing environmental stress. On the one hand, these are used for the screening of tolerant genotypes and, on the other hand, for the study of the effectiveness of mitigating measures. In addition to new technologies applied in breeding in the production of modern varieties, there is an urgent need to look for solutions for improving the environment of seeds and plants. In this context, the possibility of using metal and metal oxide nanoparticles as nanofertilizers is gaining increasing attention.

Objective of the research project:

The main objective of the research activities of the postdoctoral fellow will be the quantification of the effect of industrial nanoparticles (NPs), so-called nanofertilizers (Ti, Zn, Si, Fe, Cu oxides), their regulatory properties and toxicity in photosynthetic processes, and plant growth in conditions of drought and heat stress. Seed characteristics will be measured in terms of the rate and energy of germination in different conditions of water supply, the initial growth of roots and above-ground part of plants, parameters of water regime, osmotic properties, the content of stress metabolites in plants, stomatal conductance, photosynthesis, with identification of molecular changes, as well as growth and leaf size and growth of biomass.

Description of the professional content of the postdoctoral post:

Specification of the professional content: The role of the postdoctoral fellow will be to organize laboratory and pot experiments on selected plant species, simulate plant water stress, and study the specific effects of selected nanoparticles using photosynthetic and biochemical parameters. Modern molecular, biochemical, physiological, and phenotyping approaches will be used for the analyses. The candidate must have a Ph.D. degree in plant or agricultural sciences, good methodological skills, and experience publishing in international scientific journals.

Methodological knowledge: Knowledge in gas exchange measurements, porometric and spectrophotometric methods, measurements of fast kinetics and modulated fluorescence of chlorophyll, analysis of antioxidant enzymes, analysis of DNA and miRNA, and hydroponic and in vitro cultivation of plants is required.

Minimum research output in terms of scientific papers during the postdoctoral position: Publication in prestigious WoS-indexed journals of Q1 or Q2 quartiles.

Other Requirements: Active command of the English language, advanced computer and processing research data skills, experience in preparing and writing scientific publications in renowned peer-reviewed scientific journals, moral integrity, work ethic and reliability.

Selection process:

In the first round, selection committee appointed by the Rector will assess submitted applications in accordance with required conditions and documents defined in this call. Applicants who have not met defined requirements of this call do not advance to the second round.

The second round means interview in Slovak or English. Applicants will present their vision, research proposal and professional suitability with the post offered in the maximum 10-minute presentation. Presentation will be in the form of guided interview between the applicants and members of the selection committee.

Selection committee will determine the overall ranking of applicants. The final decision on selection process will be issued by the Rector of the University.

Application for the postdoctoral post includes the following documents submitted in Slovak or English:

  • Written request to apply for this post
  • Letter of motivation
  • Project proposal
  • CV emphasising scientific research activities relevant to the topic
  • Basic scientometric indicators of the applicant (list of publications with emphasis on works indexed in WOS and SCOPUS and journal works, overview of citations, patent activity, transfer of knowledge into practice, studio/atelier activities, etc.)
  • List of research grants/projects and brief description of the most significant results achieved
  • List of completed internships (advantage)
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • Other information, if any, illustrating the applicant’s professional profile
  • Copies of diplomas of the second and third degree studies (master and PhD.)
  • Copy of an extract from the judicial record not older than 3 months
  • Before signing the contract, the successful applicant is obliged to submit certified and translated into Slovak copies of the PhD. diploma and an extract from the criminal record not older than three months.

How to apply:

Send your application by mail to:

[email protected]

Reference number UP – 2022 – 76

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Human Resources Unit

Tr. A. Hlinku 2

949 76 Nitra

Slovak Republic

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