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Position Title: WASH Manager

Office: Kimbe, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Duration: Six months starting November 2016

Reporting to: WASH Program Manager (Melbourne)

Advised by: WASH Program Management Team (Australia), Project Manager (Kimbe), Project Partners


The WASH Manager is responsible for Live & Learn Kimbe’s Western Pacific Sanitation Marketing and Innovation Project (the WPSMIP project), addressing all issues necessary to ensure effective functioning of the project.

The WASH Manager is responsible for the detailed project management of the WPSMIP project in Kimbe including human resources, budgeting, planning, implementation, communication, monitoring & evaluation, and reporting. Operational and office management will also be addressed to facilitate more effective project implementation. Project timeframes, including external party visits, will be monitored and coordinated.

The WASH Manager will lead Kimbe office staff in the delivery of the WPSMIP project, including both technical and finance/administrative staff. This will involve updating and introducing new management techniques and mentoring existing staff for their successful handover and continuation. The WASH Manager will play an important role in the management of Live & Learn PNG, especially as it pertains to the WASH Project, and will work closely with the local management.

The WASH Manager will work closely with the WASH Program Management team (Melbourne & Sydney) to manage the implementation of the WASH Project in Kimbe. Inputs from partner organisations the International Water Centre (IWC), and International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) will be coordinated and effectively incorporated into the project.


The WPSMIP project works in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Fiji, and in PNG includes parts of Kimbe (West New Britain Province), Kavieng (New Ireland Province) and Daru (Western Province). It is delivered by a consortium of Live & Learn Australia (Lead), International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) and International Water Centre (IWC), working alongside in-country locally registered offices of Live & Learn.

In Papua New Guinea the program works with informal, urban settlements and schools in Kimbe, Kavieng and Daru. The core strategy of the program is to enable local, community-based sanitation and hygiene entrepreneurism to create sustainable sanitation and hygiene services. This will be achieved by empowering local communities to establish and sustain sanitation enterprises and by creating an enabling environment in which these enterprises can operate and thrive.

Based on lessons learned from market analysis and pilot activities, sanitation marketing approaches will be adapted to suit the local context and market situation. The key mechanism for advancement and innovation will be through mobilising multiple change agents and creating partnerships between these. While the engagement focuses on public health outcomes, our approach for triggering and sustaining demand will also include a focus on the sanitation safety of women. Violence against women in Papua New Guinea is of significant concern and communities are aware of the links between violence and lack of appropriate sanitation.

The project also addresses sanitation and hygiene in schools, working with change agents including school administration, teachers, and WASH committees to identify and address bottlenecks in the achievement of acceptable WASH outcomes. In Kimbe a pilot of this approach has been quite successful in one school, which will be continued, monitored, and replicated to 2 additional schools.


The WASH Manager is required to undertake the following tasks and activities:

WASH Project Management

  1. Oversee the planning, budgeting, financial management, human resource management and other activities to ensure the WPSMIP project in Kimbe is well-organized and resourced to achieve its objectives within the specified timeframes.

  2. Manage a team of technical and finance/admin staff to work together to achieve WPSMIP project objectives within specified timeframes, including delegating activities and balancing competing priorities.

  3. Be responsible for progress and performance of WASH teams in Live & Learn’s Kimbe office.

  4. Plan and arrange monitoring & evaluation, knowledge & learning, and reporting of the implementation of the WPSMIP project in Kimbe, based on the project MEARL plan.

  5. Ensure reports and deliverables for the project are completed in an accurate and timely manner.

  6. Coordinate with the WASH program management, to ensure the project is on track with expectations and timelines, and to arrange for remedial action if required.

  7. Provide monthly reports and timesheets, a monthly individual work plan, and quarterly project work plan and budgets. Arrange for accurate monthly finance acquittals and invoicing.

  8. Take responsibility for approving and reviewing project finances submitted by the team in line with Live & Learn financial processes, to ensure the WASH team have the resources required in time, and are operating within approved budgets. Communicate in advance with Finance staff, Country Manager and Program Manager where budget adjustments may be required.

  9. Communicate regularly with all key managers and partners within the project, including in organizing and participating in regular project teleconferences.

  10. Coordinating trips by staff, partners, and other stakeholders to Kimbe, including allocating human resources and incorporating into work plans.

  11. Systematise project management processes, and mentor staff in preparation for handover at the completion of this contract.

WASH Performance Management

  1. Monitor the performance of staff and identify areas requiring improvement, including conducting performance appraisals and probation reviews.

  2. Oversee professional development and capacity building within the WASH team and identify needs and opportunities for improvement.

  3. Communicate effectively with staff to ensure a good understanding of issues and to identify areas that need support or improvement, and help develop solutions with other relevant managers.

  4. Identify limitations in the WASH and administration teams, and arrange with the Program Manager, Technical Manager, and partners, methods to overcome these.

  5. Facilitate Knowledge and Learning between offices, partners, and other CS-WASH grantees.

  6. Review monitoring and evaluation outcomes, including feedback on reports, and prepared required responses.

  7. Prepare regular reports to program management as required.

  8. Provide close assistance to the WASH Program Manager and Technical Manager, and undertake other tasks as required to achieve the project’s objectives. Includes taking initiative and a leading role, while keeping the WASH Program Manager informed.

  9. Ensure all activities and procedures are carried out in accordance with the relevant local laws, Live & Learn Good Practice Manual, Live & Learn Financial Policies and Procedures, Project Management Guidelines, and ACFID Code of Conduct.

Office Management

  1. Establish a weekly staff meeting process, to a) coordinate staff activities and objectives and improve cooperation; b) develop office teamwork and morale; c) support opportunities for professional development through in-house presentations.

  2. Review communications, utilities, vehicle, and other supporting aspects of office operations. Propose and take action on making improvements to address bottlenecks.

  3. Facilitate communications between Kimbe office and Program Management, ensuring timely and quality responses.

  4. Monitor staff attendance and introduce systems to ensure a fair and transparent accounting for staff time.

  5. Review Conflict of Interest Management Plans, and lead the implementation of mitigation actions.

  6. Develop processes and procedures for staff to improve effectiveness and accountability, and train and mentor staff in their implementation.

  7. Ensure the on-time completion and submission of organisational budgets, funding requests and invoices, finance reports and acquittals.

General Requirements

  1. Facilitate and promote information sharing with partners and communities.

  2. Develop and maintain positive and responsive professional relationships internally and externally.

  3. Contribute to development and thinking around effective models for sanitation marketing and sustainable development.

  4. Oversee and take action as required on the development and preparation of funding proposals for short and long term consultancies, projects and operations, conditional to approval from WASH Program Manager.

Live & Learn are an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to the well-being and safety of all children, and employees are required to agree and abide by our Child Protection Policies, our Good Practice Manual, and follow our Code of Conduct.

We are committed to the wellbeing and safety of all children, and employees are required to agree and abide by our Child Protection and Fraud Control Policies, Good Practice Manual, and follow our Code of Conduct.


  • Experience in the implementation of development or humanitarian projects;
  • 2-year experience of Project Management in the WASH sector;
  • Knowledge of the Pacific context;
  • Proven experience in managing a team;
  • Finance and Admin skills;
  • Ability to work and live in remote areas;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Excellent intercultural skills.
How to apply:

To apply for this role please send your CV and a cover letter addressing the selection criteria above (max. 3 pages) to [email protected] using the subject line: WASH Manager, by 11pm, 12th October 2016.

Please note that late applicants will not be considered.

For enquiries regarding this position email: [email protected] or phone 03 9650 1291.