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Following a recent Machinery of Government (MOG) change, that came into effect from 1 July 2022, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) was established. The terms and conditions of employment applicable to DCCEEW employees have not yet been finalised. Further information will be made available to candidates as soon as this information is known.

Who we are
In partnership with internal and external stakeholders, Compliance & Enforcement Division monitor and assess risk to enhance compliance through effective regulatory intervention, ranging from education to enforcement which will ultimately safeguard our economy, trade, environment and agriculture.

The Office of Water Compliance supports the Inspector-General of Water Compliance, which is an independent statutory role. The Inspector-General of Water Compliance will aim to improve trust and transparency in implementing the Commonwealth’s Basin water reform agenda, deliver greater consistency and harmonisation of water regulation across the Basin, and strengthen Basin Plan compliance and enforcement.

The Governance team is responsible for the proper function of the greater office. It ensures that our staff are appropriately supported, provides guidance and oversight of all internal processes. It is a vital team to establishing the operational foundations and driving the planning and strategies of the Inspector General.

The Job
Duties will include:
• provision and coordination of foundational advice as to the proper function of Inspector-General with respect to its legislative obligations
• preparation of instructional material for staff regarding the performance of their regulatory roles
• designing and maintaining internal and external risk management systems
• providing high level reporting and analysis on the performance of the office
• coordination of Office’s strategic annual work plan and priorities processes
• coordination and oversight of internal and external correspondence
• business improvement with respect to performance , IT systems, internal audit and review
• provision of Secretariat Services Review and analysis of internal data
• effectively supporting the team by providing leadership, mentoring, and coaching to team members
• assisting the Director, Strategy and Governance with setting the strategic direction and forward work program for the section and contributing to the strategic direction of the broader office through, among other things
• leading the development of Memorandums of Understanding with other regulatory agencies
• supporting the development of a statement of intent
• managing and coordinating the provision of legal advice to the Office, including, but not limited to: seeking foundational advice to inform the establishment of the Office and ensure the Office, Inspector-General and Department’s legal obligations are complied with
• coordinating requests for matter-specific advice that arises during the course of supporting the Inspector-General
• developing and maintaining material on the valid performance of roles and responsibilities to be used to: educate staff on the functions, powers and responsibilities of the Office – to be included in induction material as relevant
• improving and maintaining internal understanding of functions, powers, responsibilities and processes within the Office Provide guidance, visibility and predictability for external parties on how the Office supports the Inspector-General perform functions or exercise powers
• aiding in the continuous improvement of the Office’s suite of governance tools and documentation, including the preparation of instructional and other guidance material and operational template documents
• assisting and guiding the IGWC Media and Communications Team with day to day governance requirements
• assisting and guiding media and communications performance reporting and controls; provide Regulatory Best Practice advice and guidance in relation to IGWC media and communications issues and/or policy development; and, assist with responses or input into IGWC media and communications enquiries/projects within the scope and remit of the IGWC Governance Team.

What we are looking for
Knowledge and experience
• Legal literacy – knowledge of legal design, legal policy, legislative development and constitutional context.
• Knowledge of Australian Government – whole of government policies, legislative frameworks and institutional architecture.

Skills and capabilities
• Communication skills – being able to communicate with influence, understanding the need for and using experience to tailor communication approach to audience.
• Change management – providing leadership through change processes, handling risk and uncertainty and making decisions based on evidence and data.
• Critical thinking skills – strong analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and translation of those into strategies for delivering operational outcomes.
• Championing an internal culture of compliance to safeguard organisational integrity while promoting and acting as a ‘sounding board’ on standards of ethical and corporate behaviour.
• Ability to provide high-level, strategic advice and reports in governance, finance, administration and resource management issues, staff training, business planning and assurance of policies and procedures.
• Ability to work unilaterally and as part of a team at a high pace and will little guidance.

For additional information, please read the Job Description below.

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Job Description