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Following a recent Machinery of Government (MOG) change, that came into effect from 1 July 2022, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) was established. The terms and conditions of employment applicable to DCCEEW employees have not yet been finalised. Further information will be made available to candidates as soon as this information is known.  Who we are
In partnership with internal and external stakeholders, Compliance & Enforcement Division monitor and assess risk to enhance compliance through effective regulatory intervention, ranging from education to enforcement which will ultimately safeguard our economy, trade, environment and agriculture.

The Office of Water Compliance supports the Inspector-General of Water Compliance, which is an independent statutory role. The Inspector-General of Water Compliance will aim to improve trust and transparency in implementing the Commonwealth’s Basin water reform agenda, deliver greater consistency and harmonisation of water regulation across the Basin, and strengthen Basin Plan compliance and enforcement.

The Audit and Investigations team conducts investigation and audits consistent with the Annual Work Plan of the Inspector-General.

The Job
Under limited direction, the Senior Investigator supports and assists the Director, Audit and Investigation, to undertake work that is very complex and sensitive, operates under broad direction and exercises a considerable degree of independence. The Senior Investigator will utilise existing networks and knowledge to design and implement audits and investigations within the Murray Darling Basin and will assist in the establishment of these within the Office. This role does not duplicate the role of frontline investigations undertaken by Basin State agencies. The investigative activities within this role enforce Basin Plan compliance such as the Basin Plan Water Trading Rules and also act as an investigator of last resort in relation to water theft. The audit aspect of this role takes a risk-based approach to auditing the systems of water management agencies to ensure their effectiveness.

Duties of the role include but are not limited to:
• providing support to the Inspector-General of Water Compliance
• handling and investigating allegations, against the Murray Darling Basin Plan 2012 and Water Act 2007
• working with and liaising across Commonwealth and State agencies on matters relating to the IGWC
• assisting in managing business of government activities including providing briefs of evidence and internal decision-making briefs
• endorsing and encouraging best practice record keeping in accordance with the Office’s record keeping policy and information governance framework.

What we are looking for
Knowledge and experience
The successful applicant will have some or all of the following:
• detailed knowledge or experience of Government Investigations including the Australian Government Investigations Standards
• substantial experience providing advice on issues and working with internal and external stakeholders to facilitate the resolution of complex policy, program, regulatory or coordination matters
• superficial knowledge of Basin Plan 2012 and Water Act 2007 and related water management issues, or the demonstrated ability to acquire this knowledge
• experience working within geographically dispersed and/or regional team
• experience effectively coping with change, handling risk and uncertainty and making decisions based on evidence and data
• knowledge of relevant legislation and legislative frameworks, such as, the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.
• experience effectively coping with change, handling risk and uncertainty and making decisions based on evidence and data

Skills and capabilities
The successful applicant will have some or all the following:
• demonstrated ability to work in a high performing team producing high quality work within agreed timeframes
• ability to work within policies relevant to the Office (and where they differ from the broader department), including the implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and review of such policies
• willingness to champion internal compliance to safeguard organisational integrity while promoting and acting as a ‘sounding board’ on standards of ethical and corporate behaviour
• ability to provide high-level, strategic advice in governance, finance, administration and resource management issues, staff training, business planning and assurance of policies and procedures
• strong analytical, critical thinking, investigation and problem-solving skills and have experience in linking departmental strategies to operational outcomes.

For additional information, please read the Job Description below.

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Job Description