Nova SBE/BI/2022/11 - Research Fellowship - Project o MozambES – Payments for mangrove ecosystem services in Mozambique via EURAXESS

Nova School of Business and Economics

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Open Call for Research Fellowship

Nova SBE/BI/2022/11

A call for applications for a Research Fellowship is open at Nova School of Business and Economics (NOVA SBE) under the Project o MozambES – Payments for mangrove ecosystem services in Mozambique, funded by FCT, with the following conditions:

Main field: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Admission requirements:

  • To hold a master’s degree in Economics, Environmental Economics or similar
  • To be enrolled in a Ph.D. course
  • Research experience in environmental and natural resource economics, specifically in the valuation of ecosystem services through stated preferences methods
  • Working experience with GIS software (e.g. ArcGIS, QGIS) and STATA
  • Field experience in the context of African countries is strongly desirable
  • Oral and written proficiency of Portuguese and English

Work Plan:

Project Title: MozambES – Payments for mangrove ecosystem services in Mozambique

Brief Summary of the project: Sofala Province (SP) is especially vulnerable to extreme climatic events, holding the most productive mangrove ecosystems in Mozambique. This project aims to improve rural livelihoods by promoting sustainable management of urban/peri-urban mangrove ecosystems in Sofala Province. The project will firstly estimate the economic value of the mangrove Ecosystem Services in the study site, secondly a Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) scheme will be designed to target natural resource conservation/restoration while contributing to the socioeconomic development of local communities. Finally, we will implement the PES program. Multiple benefits are expected on the long term, not only on biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration, water quality, but also by protecting human lives and assets against storms.

Work Plan:

  • Conducting literature review on payment for ecosystem services
  • Survey design on economic valuation of ecosystem services to be implemented on the study site
  • Planning the implementation of the survey and supervision of data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Supporting the design and implementation of a payment for ecosystem services scheme
  • Preparing project deliverables – reports and scientific papers

Applicable Law and Regulations: Research Fellowship Holder Statute (“Estatuto do Bolseiro de Investigação Científica”), approved by Law n.º 40/2004, of 18th August, subsequently amended and republished by Decree-Law n.º 202/2012, of 27th August, updated in accordance with Decree-Law n.º 233/2012, of 29th October, Law n.º 12/2013, of 29th January, and with Decree-Law n.º 89/2013, of 9th July, updated in accordance with Decree-Law n.º 123/2019, of 28th August. Fellowship Regulations of Nova SBE, approved by FCT, I.P. by Dispatch of 16th April 2014 and Regulations for Studentships and Fellowships of the FCT, I.P. Fellowship Regulations of Nova SBE, approved by FCT, I.P. by Dispatch of 16th April 2014 and Regulations for Studentships and Fellowships of the FCT, I.P., approved by Regulation 950/2019, of 16th December.

Working place: The research will be conducted at NOVA SBE under the scientific supervision of the PI Professor Maria A. Cunha-e-Sá.

Duration of the Fellowship: The fellowship will have a duration of 28 months, with possibility of renewal for the length of the project, subject to review. The fellowship will be awarded on an exclusive basis, as stated in Regulations for Studentships and Fellowships of FCT, I.P.

Monthly allowance: The fellowship amounts to €1 144,64, according to the table of monthly stipends available in the Regulations for Studentships and Fellowships of FCT, I.P. (

Selection criteria:

The selection will be carried upon the evaluation of academic merit (40%), research experience (40%), and motivation letter (20%).

Selection Committee:

Maria A. Cunha-Sá – Chairman (Full Professor)

Renato Rosa – Effective member (Principal Investigator)

Carina Silva – Effective member (Junior Researcher)

Catarina Frazão Santos – Substitute member (Junior Researcher)

Luís Catela Nunes– Substitute member (Full Professor)

Formal notification of results: All candidates will be notified by email.

Application period: The call is open from July 20 to August 22 of 2022. (10 working days)

Application procedure: Applications must be submitted by email to [email protected], under the subject Nova SBE/BI/2022/11, and must include the following documents (mandatory):

  1. Motivation letter;
  2. Detailed Curriculum Vitae;
  3. Transcripts of diplomas or degrees with final grades and other documents demonstrating the candidate’s suitability for the required profile.
  4. For degrees obtained abroad applicants must submit the recognition of the academic degree and the converted final grade to the Portuguese grading scale (following the Decree-Law no 341/2007 of 12 October), or the recognition of foreign qualifications (following the Decree-Law no. 283/83, of 21 June).

In accordance with the article 12 of Regulamento de Bolsas de Investigação Científica of Nova SBE, the candidate can appeal from the decision with the Scientific Council of Nova SBE, Faculdade de Economia da UNL, within 10 working days.






FIRST: NOVA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS, Organizational Unit of the NOVA University of Lisbon, a Public Institution governed by Private Law, legal person no. 501559094, with Social Security Identification number 20007576569, with head office at Rua da Holanda n. º 1, 2775-405 Carcavelos, represented by Professor Daniel Abel Monteiro Palhares Traça, acting as Dean of this Organizational Unit, with powers for this act, hereinafter referred to as “First Party”,


SECOND: (NAME), bearer of citizen card no. (CC no.) and taxpayer no. (NIF), residing at (ADDRESS), hereinafter referred to as “Second Party”.


  1. The requirements for applying for the scholarship under the scope of the competition (REFERENCE) have been met, the process of evaluating the candidates and publishing the results has been completed, and the required documentation has been received,

This scholarship contract is entered into in good faith, and reciprocally accepted, under the Research Grant Holder Statute, (“Contract”), approved by Law 40/2004, of August 18, 2004 (“Statute”), which is governed by the following clauses:


1. The First Party undertakes to grant the Second Party a Research Scholarship (TYPE OF SCHOLARSHIP AND REFERENCE OF THE CALL FOR PROPOSALS), under the scope of the project ________(TYPOLOGY OF THE PROJECT)/R&D unit with the reference (REFERENCE) and with the (PROJECT TITLE), beginning on (START DATE), for the period of (DURATION).

2. The Second Party undertakes to carry out the attached work plan, the contents of which it declares to have full knowledge of and to accept unreservedly, as of the aforementioned starting date and on a scheme of exclusivity, pursuant to article 5 of the Statute.


The Research Scholarship Regulations of the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia I.P. (FCT) [Foundation for Science and Technology] are subsidiarily applicable to the Contract, of which the Second Party declares to be aware.


The Second Party shall carry out the work at (HOST INSTITUTION), which acts as a host institution, with Faculty (NAME OF GUIDE) as scientific advisor.


  1. The amount of the monthly maintenance allowance granted to the Second Party is (AMOUNT) €.
  2. The Second Party also benefits from a personal accident insurance policy for the duration of the scholarship, the conditions of which he declares to have read and to accept without reservation.


The First Party may cancel the scholarship and the Second Party may be required to refund all or part of the amounts it has received in the following cases:

  1. serious and repeated failure to comply with the duties of the Second Party contained in the Statute and the FCT Research Scholarship Regulations for reasons that can be imputable to him/her;
  2. negative evaluation of the performance of the Second Party made by the advisor or by the host entity under the terms foreseen in FCT Research Scholarship Regulations;
  3. the provision of false statements by the Second Party on matters relevant to the granting and renewal of the scholarship or the assessment of its development.


Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous clause, the Contract automatically terminates:

  1. upon the completion of the activity plan;
  2. upon the expiration of the term for which the scholarship is awarded;
  3. by repeated non-compliance by any of the Parties;
  4. by revocation by mutual agreement;
  5. by the establishment of a legal-employment relationship with the host entity.


1. The rights and duties of the Parties are those arising from the provisions of the Statute.

2. The Scholarship Holder declares to have taken note of the Statute and the applicable Regulation(s) and undertakes to comply with their provisions.


1. The Second Party undertakes, during the term of this Contract and after its termination, to maintain strict confidentiality, and to not offer, reveal, disclose, use or discuss, directly or through an intermediary, any files, folders, archives, documents, data, matters and information, and/or items that have been entrusted to him/her, or that he/she has gained knowledge of during the performance of his/her activities, namely those that pertain to the organization, work methods and processes of the First Party or its partners, students and users, or concerning the organization, activity or business, prices, identity or transactions of any customers and suppliers, services provided and any other commercial and/or technical or financial data; and he/she is not allowed to make copies, disclose or communicate them to third parties.

2. The duty of confidentiality covers the reproduction of information on any type of digital media, or others, with the exception of that which is strictly necessary for the performance of the functions under the Contract.

3. In the event of termination of the Contract for any reason, the Second Party must immediately return to the First Party all original copies of folders, correspondence, files, memos and other documents and information in his/her possession.


In order to facilitate the performance of activities related to the administration and management by the First Party, the Second Party expressly authorizes the First Party to use the following personal data obtained under the contractual relationship for processing and handling:

a) Identification data: name, date of birth, birthplace, parents, gender, nationality, address and telephone number, academic qualifications, ID, taxpayer no, and SS no;

b) Family status: marital status, name of spouse, children or dependents, and other information that may influence the awarding of salary supplements;

c) Regarding professional activity: working hours and place of work, internal identification number, admission date, seniority, professional category, seniority in the category, level/salary scale, nature of the Contract;

d) Salary elements: base salary, other fixed or variable payments, allowances, vacations, attendance and absenteeism, leaves, other elements related to the attribution of salary supplements;

e) Other data: degree of disability of the person concerned or of a family member, temporary incapacity resulting from an accident at work or occupational disease, place of payment, bank account number, and identification of the institution.

2. By this Contract, the Second Party expressly authorizes the First Party to communicate and/or transfer its personal data to the entities referred to in the following paragraph, for the following purposes:

a) Calculation and payment of salaries, additional benefits, other allowances and gratuities;

b) Calculation, withholding at source and operations related to discounts on compensation;

c) Conducting non-nominative statistical operations related to the processing of salaries within the processing entity.

3. The entities referred to in the previous paragraph are the following:

i. IGFSS – Instituto de Gestão Financeira da Segurança Social e Direção Geral dos Impostos;

ii. Banking and Insurance Institutions;

iii. INE – Instituto Nacional de Estatística;

iv. Any entity that has been assigned salary processing duties and/or other duties related to personnel management, as well as other entities that have not been mentioned but have the legal right to process the data in question.

4. The Second Party expressly states that prior to signing the Contract it has been informed by the First Party of its right to object to the collection and processing of data, as well as the ways of correcting, verifying and/or deleting them that are available to it.


Any alteration to be made to the Contract during its execution shall be subject to prior agreement between the Parties, in written form.


  1. The Contract enters into force on the date it is signed by both parties.
  2. The scholarship awarded under the terms set forth in the FIRST CLAUSE of the Contract may be renewed for additional periods of (DURATION), up to the maximum amount of months and/or value approved under the funding project, pursuant to the terms set forth in article 15 of the FCT Scholarship Regulations.
  3. The awarding of the academic degree (or diploma) during the term of the Contract does not affect its effects, and the scholarship referred to in the previous number may be renewed at a later date, as long as it is intended for activities that are indispensable for the completion of the project (PROJECT NAME).
  4. The specific definition of the activities referred to in the previous number is the responsibility of the First Party, in consultation with the Second Party and the Scientific Advisor, which must be included in the agreement to be signed, as set forth in the previous clause.


It is agreed between the Parties that, should the need arise, and to settle all questions arising from the present contract, the Cascais District Court shall have jurisdiction, with the express renunciation of any other.

Carcavelos, (DATE)




– (NAME) –


No âmbito da bolsa de investigação (TIPO DE BOLSA) do projeto (NOME PROJETO) desenvolvida por mim, venho, de acordo com o artigo 23.º do Regulamento de Bolsas de Investigação Científica da NOVA SBE, Faculdade de Economia da UNL, apresentar o Relatório Final do Bolseiro.

1 – Breve resumo do plano de trabalhos (brief description of the work done)

2 – Resultados alcançados (brief description of the results achieved)

3 – Análise crítica do trabalho desenvolvido (critical comments on the project’s outcome)

NOVA SBE, Faculdade de Economia da UNL, (DATA)

O Bolseiro

– NOME –

                                                                                                                                                                                        DRAFT FINAL REPORT – SUPERVISOR

No âmbito da bolsa de (TIPO DE BOLSA) do projeto (NOME PROJETO) desenvolvida pelo bolseiro (NOME BOLSEIRO), venho, de acordo com o artigo 23.º do Regulamento de Bolsas de Investigação Científica da NOVA SBE, Faculdade de Economia da UNL, apresentar o Relatório Final e o Parecer Científico.

1 – Breve resumo do plano de trabalhos (brief description of the work done)

2 – Resultados alcançados (brief description of the results achieved)

3 – Análise crítica do trabalho desenvolvido (critical comments on the project’s outcome)

NOVA SBE, Faculdade de Economia da UNL, (DATA)

O Orientador

– NOME –