U.S. nationals: Senior Engineer A (Groundwater Modeler)

Savannah River National Laboratory

Jackson, SC, USA 🇺🇸



Job Description

SRNS is looking to hire a Groundwater Modeler for flow and fate and transport groundwater modeling. This position is within the Facilities & Systems Engineering Organization for the Environmental Compliance & Area Completion Project (EC&ACP) Group.

Responsibilities include:
• Function as subject matter expert (SME) for groundwater flow and fate and transport modeling in the EC&ACP Engineering group
• Function as a technical point of contact for our subcontracted groundwater flow and fate and transport modeling services contract
• Direct and participate in the geologic, hydrologic, and geochemical aspects of environmental characterization and remediation.
• Interpret and integrate geologic, hydrologic and geochemical data and information to develop conceptual models of complex unconsolidated hydrogeologic systems, and assess their impacts on the fate and transport of contaminants and remediation of hazardous waste sites.
• Conduct vadose zone modeling to determine potential contaminated source area impacts to groundwater.
• Conduct or oversee groundwater flow and fate and transport modeling to evaluate remedial alternatives and support remedy selection.
• Provide modeling leadership and participate in the geologic, hydrologic, and geochemical aspects of environmental characterization and remediation as a team member.
• Prepare/review groundwater modeling and effectiveness monitoring reports.
• Contribute to the preparation of work plans related to investigation and remediation activities
• Observe and provide technical input during execution of field characterization and remediation.
• Prepare and/or review technical reports
• Review historical groundwater modeling reports and supporting data and develop recommendations for additional investigation and modeling
• Work closely with geographic information system experts to develop visually compelling and informative graphics
• Work within quality/budget/schedule expectations and scope-specific assignments
• Have a safety-oriented behavior with a demonstrated commitment to safe work practices

Experience should include:
• Knowledge of the design and implementation of groundwater flow and fate and transport models (such as GMS) for simulating complex hydrogeologic systems and contaminant transport.
• Knowledge of the design and implementation of vadose zone models (such as SESOIL) for simulating source zone to groundwater impacts. complex hydrogeologic systems.
• Knowledge of hydraulic parameters affecting hazardous waste characterization and remediation under various subsurface flow regimes, and aquifer testing and analysis techniques.
• Knowledge of the geochemical characteristics of common classes of environmental contaminants (e.g., chlorinated solvents, metals, PCBs, radionuclides) and contaminant fate and transport mechanisms
• Experience with depositional environments, sedimentary facies, geomorphology, and their impacts on hydrology and aquifer characteristics.
• Experience developing hydrogeological conceptual site models
• Experience with various remediation systems (e.g., biodegradation, in situ oxidation, geochemical transformation) and how they would be modeled to evaluate future contaminant fate and transport impacts.
• Familiarity with mapping and visualization software, databases, and environmental geostatistical analyses.
• Presentation at technical conferences and publication in technical journals.
• Knowledge of environmental cleanup laws (e.g., RCRA, CERCLA) and related regulations.
• Ability to manage/work multiple projects with different customers.
• Ability to produce well written reports.
• Interpersonal and communication skills in diplomatic interactions with others, including people having a wide variety of backgrounds, and ability to work constructively as part of a team.

Define scope of technical programs and develop effective and efficient solutions to challenges which involve unique or controversial problems. Routinely use systems and meet all requirements with little supervisory guidance. Assist in teaching newer professionals and guiding their efforts.

Incorporate conventional engineering or scientific practices and a variety of complex features such as complicated technical requirements, application of new or special materials or processes and difficult coordination or oversight requirements into problem solving and program planning where only general objectives are stated.

Coordinate various phases of the activity and perform development work in assigned field.

Define specific problems based on general problem information from management and customers.

Plan technical effort and coordinate activities with those of other divisions, departments and sections in focuses areas to solve problems.

Ensure compliance with technical requirements of assigned work, proper utilization and training of personnel operating under one’s technical guidance, and compliance with approved schedules and staffing estimates.

Ensures appropriate technical performance of the end product developed and designed to resolve the original problem.

Determine scheduling and staffing requirements for assigned tasks, in collaboration with management.

Demonstrate cost and schedule consciousness through timely completion of assigned tasks and projects.

Communicate results and objectives verbally and in manuscript form to customers, colleagues and management.

Enhance expertise in field through participation in local technical societies.

Demonstrate creative ability through medium of patent disclosures, problem solving, engineering reports, technical papers and articles.

Clearance Required to Perform Job?


Salary Range (annual)

$88,224 – $139,918


Salary offers are commensurate with candidate’s experience and applicable education in comparison to incumbents.

Basic Education Qualifications

Bachelor degree in applicable science or engineering discipline

Other Required Qualifications

Required Degree/Discipline: Geology, Civil or Environmental Engineering, Mathematics

Must be able to obtain and maintain a security clearance, if required.

Preferred Qualifications

Master or PhD degree in Geology, Civil or Environmental Engineering, Mathematics

Professional Geologist License or Professional Engineering License

Experience interpreting geologic, hydrogeologic and analytical data to develop and use conceptual hydrogeologic and predictive computer models

Experience in vadose zone groundwater modeling (analytical and numerical), including model design, construction, calibration, and sensitivity analysis

Experience with radioisotope geochemistry and modeling

Preferred Software Experience: ArcGIS and industry standard software packages, such as Surfer, gINT, and AQTESOLV®

OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER Certification and current 8-hour refresher

Familiarity with inverse modeling using PEST and pilot point parameterization

Has mastered technical field, is recognized as internal expert, has depth of knowledge to tackle any problem in field.

Competency #1

Deliver Results

Competency Description #1

Understand job responsibilities and be accountable for results.
Meet goals and strive for customer satisfaction and corporate success.
Make sound workplace and business decisions.
Keep commitments and promises.
Plan work in a responsible manner, balancing company goals vs. schedule, budget, safety and resources.
Elevate issues early to avoid surprises.

Competency #2

Model Excellence

Competency Description #2

Behave in a professional manner demonstrating integrity, ethics, and a high standard of values.
Deliver your work with pride and ownership.
Respect others’ knowledge, skills, and experiences.
Seek to appropriately identify and resolve challenges.
Work to make the organization, company, and mission more successful.
Apply Continuous Improvement processes to work scopes to improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.
Strive to exceed expectations in task completion.
Embrace the company’s culture of service, excellence, and stewardship.
Take personal responsibility to care for equipment and resources.
Adhere to conduct of operations principles.

Competency #3

Build Relationships

Competency Description #3

Build and maintain good working relationships with everyone.
Maintain a customer-focused attitude and strive to satisfy the customer.
Communicate in a clear, respectful manner with everyone. Publicly recognize others for a job well done.
Provide open and timely feedback regarding meeting and delivering commitments.

Competency #4

Shape the Future

Competency Description #4

Adapt and perform consistently under changing requirements and dynamic work situations.
Take initiative to offer or try a new approach to make the team and the company more successful.
Foster business success by offering and supporting different perspectives.
Continuously improve in job performance.
Take on stretch or rotational assignments to support company initiatives and achieve self development.

Competency #5

Energize & Recognize Team

Competency Description #5

Work with team members to ensure team, department, and divisional goals are met.Communicate in a clear, respectful manner with team and management.Collaborate and share with other team members to promote knowledge transfer.Mentor, guide, and provide assistance to newer employees.Promote teamwork and support other members of the organization.Ask for help and support when needed.Recognize colleagues for their achievements.


SRNS is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status. SRNS is also committed to making our workplace accessible to individuals with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodations, upon request, for individuals to participate in the application and hiring process. To request such an accommodation, you may contact us by phone at 803-952-8207, or by e-mail at [email protected]

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