Postdoc (f/m/diverse) Molecular Water Science

Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪


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For high end synchrotron radiation applications, the 3rd generation source PETRA III is available since 2009 as one of the most brilliant hard X-ray sources worldwide. The Free-Electron Laser FLASH provides XUV and soft
X-ray radiation complementing the European XFEL.

The new “Centre for Molecular Water Science” (CMWS) shall bring together key experts from different areas of water-related sciences aiming to achieve a detailed molecular understanding of water. This includes the dynamic processes in water and at water interfaces which are highly relevant for chemistry, biology, earth and the environment as well as for technology. The scope of the centre will range from studies of the fundamental properties of water (in the gas phase, the liquid, supercooled liquid and/or amorphous ice state) to its role in real-time chemical dynamics (solvation) and biochemical- and biological reactions (physiologically bound water). lt will also cover water in geo- and astrophysical processes and in nanoscience and technology (corrosion, heterogeneous catalysis).

The position

Your tasks include:

  • Coordination of the CMWS Office: lnteraction with CMWS partners, organization of workshops, distribution of information, set up and maintenance of CMWS website, others (50%)
  • Active participation in a water related research program in one of the CMWS research areas (50%)
  • Planning, preparing and conducting experiments, processing and interpretation of data
  • Presenting the results at international conferences and workshops
  • Publication of results in internationally reviewed journals
  • PhD in physics or chemistry is required
  • Proven record in water related sciences
  • Experience in (X-ray or neutron based) experimental work
  • lnterest and experience in coordination and outreach tasks for the CMWS office
  • Proven communication skills and experience with outreach activities (webpages)
  • Excellent research and communication skills in English

For further information please contact Mr. Gerhard Gruebel +49-40-8998-2484 and Mrs. Melanie Schnell +49-8998-6240.

The position is limited to 3 years.

Salary and benefits are commensurate with those of public service organisations in Germany. Classification is based upon qualifications and assigned duties. Handicapped persons will be given preference to other equally qualified applicants. DESY operates flexible work schemes. DESY is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and encourages applications from women. Vacant positions at DESY are in general open to part-time-work. During each application procedure DESY will assess whether the post can be filled with part-time employees.

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