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Location: Papua New Guinea
Work Type : Consultancy

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Purpose of the Assignment

The consultant is expected to develop the detailed project document for UNICEF to implement the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) priorities on WASH in schools, WASH in health care facilities and WASH in rural communities in Papua New Guinea. It is envisaged that the deliverables will include:

  1. Snapshot or sectoral analysis report on WASH in PNG and a draft strategy note for the including theory of change to inform the UNICEF Country Programme Document 
  2. UNICEF WASH detailed submission project document for 11th EDF for PNG specifically for the following results.
  • Universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water, access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation in selected schools, health centres and rural communities in 6 districts.
  • Support sustained communication and nationwide campaign on sanitation and hygiene toward promoting ‘new’ improved social norm on WASH.
  • Universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water, access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all in selected schools and health centers in 1 Provincial and 5 District towns[1]

 3. Using EU funded Project in the six district as a service delivery model; propose strategic implementation strategies and implementation modalities with feedback mechanism among local/subnational/national service provider and users/beneficiaries for achieving national WASH policy target on WASH in schools, WASH in Health care facilities and WASH in rural communities covering areas of sector coordination/leadership, budgeting/financing/expenditure, service delivery arrangement, partnership, appropriate technology option, capacity development, monitoring/learning and accountability framework. 

4.Regular technical support to the WASH Policy Coordination platform or the WASH PMU to ensure that the deliverables that is envisaged in EDF and under UNICEF is regularly linked and incorporated in the overall national efforts and strategic implementation plan

One Provincial and 6 District town centres are the towns in which Water PNG implements Water supply project through the 11th EDF.

Assignment Tasks

During the field work in PNG, consultant should undertake the following tasks

  1. Consultation with the UNICEF and counterpart consultant from the European Union delegation.
  2. Consultation with the Department of National Planning and Monitoring and National Authorizing Office (NAO)
  3. Consultation and collaboration with WASH PMU under DNPM
  4. Consultations with National Department of Health and National Department of Education on WASH in schools, ECCD centers, Health facilities, Rural Sanitation and Hygiene and Household water quality and water safety plan.
  5. Consultations with other relevant government agencies such as Department of Treasury, Department of Finance, Mineral Resources Authority, Environment Authority, Department of local government, Department of Public Works, National Disaster Center and Department of Implementation and Rural Development, District Development Authority, Water PNG, Eda Ranu. Local level government, school Board of Management, Provincial Health Authority to understand decentralization of services, budgeting, funding and expenditure structure and mechanism, public financial management and procurement.
  6. Participatory consultation/ focus group discussion, semi structured interview or in-depth interview with teachers, school children, men, women including vulnerable/marginalized group, children with disabilities, church pastors, tribal/clan chief, youth group etc especially in the 6 target districts and towns for implementation of WASH programme through the 11th EDF funding window.
  7. Consultation and collaboration with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, other donors/development partners to ensure complementarities with the development of the planned support to WASH programme
  8. Review of the enabling environment in areas of coordination mechanisms and their adequacy, WASH policies, strategies, and guidelines in the WASH sector including schools and health facilities and their adequacy, Management information system etc.
  9. Review of planned and existing sector coordination mechanisms and their adequacy at both national and sub-national level;
  10. Consultation with other sector partners, Universities, private sector, national and international NGOs and CSOs, as necessary.
  11. Briefing and de-briefing session will have to be conducted with relevant stakeholders as necessary.
  12. All reports from Inception, tools and protocols and protocols will have to be reviewed and approved by the relevant agencies.

Expected Deliverables

The consultant is expected to produce:

 Inception Deliverables

  1. Detailed methodology and work plan
  2. Final Inception report

Interim Deliverables

  1. Consultation/mission report

Final Deliverables

  1. WASH sector assessment / snapshot report and a 2 pager strategy note to inform the UNICEF Country programme document and the WASH sector in Papua New Guinea. The WASH sector assessment reports should include both the development and humanitarian contexts and include all areas on enabling environment:
  • Review of WASH policies, strategies, and guidelines in the WASH sector and their adequacy,
  • Review of WASH sector leadership, management coordination mechanisms and their adequacy for rural WASH, WASH in health care facilities and rural WASH.
  • Analysis of WASH planning, budgeting, financing and expenditure on WASH in Papua New Guinea.
  • Existence/nonexistence and adequacy and inadequacy of service delivery mechanism on WASH service delivery in Papua New Guinea
  • Stakeholder mapping and capacity assessment of the capacity of key WASH actors in the country,
  • Review of WASH sector monitoring, learning, knowledge management and knowledge exchange mechanism in the country
  • Adequacy of accountability framework, regulatory mechanism, enforcement and compliance and prevalence of platform to demand/provide services

2.  Detailed costed 11th EDF project submission document with detailed implementation modality, log frame and clearly articulated theory of change, indicators, baseline and target on WASH in schools, WASH in Health care facilities and WASH in rural communities in six districts; national sanitation and hygiene campaign and implementation of WASH in schools and WASH in Health care facilities in six district towns and including a risk assessment.

3. A draft project to scalable programme implementation strategy, modality and strategies on WASH in schools, WASH in Health care facilities and WASH in in rural communities linked with 11th EDF project submission document.

Deliverables in 11th EDF are regularly linked and incorporated in the overall national efforts and strategic implementation plan

Qualifications of Successful Candidate


  • Post graduate degree in water and sanitation, or another relevant field and at least 10 years of work experience relevant to the assignment

Years of relevant experience

  • Knowledge and proven experience in designing of contribution and budget support operations
  • Experience in WASH strategy design including development of Log frames, Theory of Change
  • Experience in design of integrated WASH program implementation and management and knowledge of WASH -related technical guidelines, standards, and performance management frameworks; monitoring and evaluation,
  • Familiar with EU project cycle management and design of action document/detailed project document for submission to EDF
  • Experience with working with multi-donor environment.
  • Good verbal and written communication abilities.
  • Appreciation for diversity and capacity gaps; ability to work in multi-cultural, international staff (UN, EU) and with Pacific government staff
  • Ability in working independently and experience in being directly accountable to senior-level decision makers
  • Previous experience of working with UNICEF and EU is an asset
  • Knowledge of the political, economic and social contexts of Papua New Guinea is an asset.

Competencies of Successful Candidate

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Closing Date 12 Oct 2016 West Pacific Standard Time