Local recruitment: Senior Management Analyst (Senior Emergency Management Specialist)

Valley Water

San Jose, CA, USA 🇺🇸

Senior Management Analyst (Senior Emergency Management Specialist)

Valley Water

Salary: $10,204.13 – $13,067.60 Monthly

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Number: 01493-E

Location: CA, CA

Department: Chief Operating Officer – IT and Administrative Services

Closing: 7/8/2022 11:59 PM Pacific


NOTE Regarding Salary: A 3% COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) will apply as of 6-27-22
Office of Emergency Services Unit (Position Code 0832)
COVID-19 vaccination requirement:
*To protect our most valuable assets, our employees, as well as the communities we serve, Valley Water requires all newly hired Valley Water personnel to be fully vaccinated (for COVID -19) or to be formally excused from the requirement through the **reasonable accommodation process (for details, see bottom of job posting).
Valley Water Telework Program: Eligibility for telework will depend on the type of work performed, operational needs, and the ability for the employee to perform the essential functions of their job duties while teleworking. Employment with Valley Water requires employees to live within 150 miles of their primary physical work location located in San Jose, California by their start date.
This position is eligible for a hybrid telework schedule, typically working 40% remote and 60% onsite.
Overview:The Senior Emergency Management Specialist [Classification: Senior Management Analyst (SMA)] within the Office of Emergency Services will be responsible for an array of projects and/or programs that require a historical and diverse set of work experiences and skills to ensure the achievement of organizational, divisional, and business unit goals. This SMA is tasked with: development, implementation, and the maintenance of comprehensive emergency management plans; recommending strategies, policies, procedures, and actions that will help govern and improve project/program capabilities; consulting with Valley Water and external agency stakeholders to determine the needs and issues in the event of natural, human-caused, or technological disasters and other critical incidents.

Implement and/or oversee the development of training exercises, and evaluations of emergency management plans to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal requirements; conduct analysis and prepare reports regarding potential hazards and risks; may prepare and analyze damage assessments following natural or technological disasters and critical incidents; lead and/or oversee the development of After Action Reports (AAR) and Improvement Plans; lead the follow-up of AAR items to ensure completion.

Provide and/or oversee technical expertise regarding training design, methods, and techniques; coordinate planning and program development for internal and external emergency management partner training; also oversee the design, implementation, and delivery of training sessions. Facilitate, coordinate, and/or participate in county, state, and federal emergency response, and recovery activities; develop, implement, and oversee exercise processes to assess the Valley Water’s ability to respond to disasters; coordinate communication and engagement with the general public and outside emergency officials and partners; may coordinate services to the public during incidents.

Act as liaison with other emergency management agency partners; assist with and/or conduct special projects and studies; interact
effectively with various organizations, partners, and populations during sensitive and high intensity situations for extended periods of time in order to reach emergency management outcomes and goals.

Participate in the OES On Call Program, and maintain OES On Call Program structure documentation. SMA will also fulfill EOC Coordinator responsibilities.

Prepare and apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grants and apply for other external funding opportunities; work closely with the internal Valley Water Grants Program business unit to fully maximize opportunities.

In addition to the above duties, the senior management analyst level will: oversee and manage a variety of complex projects including consultants who will be assisting with deployment of project/program activities; plan, prioritize, assign, and check work progress to ensure completion within timelines; provide direction in technical areas, evaluate the effectiveness of emergency management policies, practices, programs, and functions and make revisions to achieve desired outcomes; monitor and assess quality assurance of program services and activities; take initiative and exercise leadership in achieving consensus among stakeholders on varied and complex issues.

Key Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Project Management: Safe Clean Water (SCW) Project F2 Emergency Response Planning: Oversee, review, and manage the overall project responsibilities for the product (e.g., emergency response procedures) and services (engagement with internal and external stakeholders) provided by the consultant to meet requirements that are the key performance indicators and the overall direction from the narrative in the F2 project for SCW.
• OES On Call Program Lead: Maintain OES On Call Program documentation and guidance. As a participant, ensure you have the most current contact list(s); Ensure your equipment (e.g. Cell phone, iPad, etc.) is charged and ready for use; Gain briefing from the outgoing On Call person; ensure mobile go-bag is ready to go; Ensure sign-in ability to all pertinent platforms (e.g. DENS, CalCOP, etc.); Be familiar and accountable for all the On-Call Operations and Demobilization activities per the OES On Call Responsibilities Checklist.
• Training and Exercise: Maintain Training and Exercise Plan and Schedule, lead development of internal exercises in alignment with Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program guidelines.
• Emergency Operating Center (EOC) Coordinator: Fulfill assigned role in EOC during activation. Facilitate the overall functioning of the EOC; Assist and advise the EOC Director and EOC Staff; Provide information and guidance related to EOC functions; and be prepared to assume any role in the EOC.
• General administrative duties, and other duties as assigned

Ideal Candidate’s Background Includes:
Applicants whose experience and background best match the ideal experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and education are considered ideal candidates for the position. To determine the top candidates, each applicant will be assessed based on the ideal candidate criteria as listed below.

Ideal Experience:
Five (5) years of experience performing administrative, operational, management of complex issues related to Emergency Services.

Ideal Skills and Abilities:

• Principles of budget preparation, analysis, forecasting and control.
• Methods and techniques used to analyze business processes and recommend solutions for existing problems.
• Methods and techniques used to collect and analyze data and prepare reports based on findings.
• Methods and techniques used to gather qualitative and quantitative information and package the information for presentation to executive management, the board, committees, employees and external partners and agencies.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality with tasks at hand and handle sensitive materials.

Ideal Knowledge:

• Theories, principles, and practices of public administration as applied to assigned unit or division.
• Government agency programs such as, but not limited to, finance, budgeting, procurement, human resources, government relations, legal, water utility and watershed operations and management, and/or other related programs.
• Methods and techniques used to analyze business processes and recommend solutions techniques used to collect and analyze data and prepare reports based on findings.
• Methods and techniques used to collect and analyze data and prepare reports based on findings.

Ideal Training and Education:
Equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in public administration, political science, business administration or a related field.

Directly related experience may be substituted for the college requirement on the basis of one and one-half years of experience for one year of education to a maximum of four years.

Required License or Certificate

Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid California driver’s license. Individuals who do not meet the driver’s license requirement due to a disability will be considered for a reasonable accommodation on a case-by-case basis. To review the Classification Specification, please click http://apps2.valleywater.org/About_Us/_Jobs/Salary_and_classification/_Spec_PDFs/Senior Management Analyst – 5-2019.pdf https://get.adobe.com/reader/

Selection Process

(1) The selection process may include one or more of the following: application review, application assessment, performance exercise, written exercise and/or interview.
(2) The Employment Application, Qualifying Information Questions and/or Supplemental Questions will be evaluated based on the ideal candidate criteria listed above. Resumes are highly recommended.

NOTE: Position and start date is subject to availability of funds. Valley Water retains the right to repost this position as deemed necessary.
Consideration may be given to existing applicant pools within the same classification.
COVID-19 vaccination requirement:
* Fully vaccinated means (1) it has been at least two weeks since a person has completed the entire recommended series of a COVID-19 vaccine, and (2) the person has provided proof of vaccination in a form consistent with the requirements for verification of vaccine status in the State of California’s July 26, 2021 Public Health Officer Order.
**Limited Exemptions to Vaccination Requirement
An individual who has been provided a job offer may request a reasonable accommodation to the vaccination requirement if they:
1. Have a contraindication recognized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or by the vaccine’s manufacturer to every approved COVID-19 vaccine. A contraindication means a condition that makes vaccination inadvisable;
2. Have a disability and are requesting an exception as a reasonable accommodation based upon this disability; or,
3. Object to COVID-19 vaccination based on their sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance.
Valley Water’s Equal Opportunity Non-Discrimination Policy is available for review upon request.

Valley Water will make reasonable efforts in the examination process to accommodate persons with disabilities. Please advise Human Resources in advance of any special needs by calling 1-408-630-2260.

Please be aware that once submitted all application materials become the property of Valley Water and will not be returned. Human Resources staff are not authorized to make copies of application materials for applicants.

To apply, please visit https://apptrkr.com/3180130


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