Extension Support Specialist II/ Restoration Hydrologist

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY, USA 🇺🇸

The Restoration Hydrologist will provide road-stream crossing modeling and outreach support to improve the effectiveness of mitigation and restoration efforts focused on, 1) improving aquatic species passage; 2) reducing or eliminating hydraulic constrictions; and 3) incorporating climate change science into road-stream crossing and floodplain management analyses.

The Restoration Hydrologist will be responsible for receiving and managing road-stream crossing data from partners and then returning modeling results in a format that can be used by local and municipal stakeholders. These data and derived products will be incorporated into road-stream crossing management plans and other planning initiatives to help local government with real world decision-making related to road infrastructure improvements. The position will also support hydraulic and hydrologic modeling and assessment needs identified through river restoration projects, such as dam removals. The position will require working effectively with regional watershed programs and partners, including regular communications and decision support for local partners.

Key responsibilities will include:
Data compilation, modelling, and analysis – Management of geospatial datasets; execution of Cornell Culvert Model (CCM) and other established hydraulic models (e.g. HEC-RAS).
Model development and stewardship – Improvement of the CCM and incorporation of stakeholder feedback; management of open source code repository of CCM.
Training and professional support – Communicating with, and training, floodplain, stormwater, and transportation professionals seeking to use the CCM or its results.
Support development of culvert management plans –Work with municipalities and local partners to identify and implement priority road-stream crossing improvements.
Representation and outreach – Coordinate and participate in stakeholder meetings to advance overall restoration goals.

This position, located in Ithaca, NY on Cornell’s campus, is a one-year termed appointment. Annual appointments are expected and will be conditional upon satisfactory performance and available funding.