Consultant for Evaluation of Earth Journalism Network’s Organizational Grants

Earth Journalism Network

The Earth Journalism Network (EJN) is seeking a short-term M&E consultant to conduct an independent evaluation of our organizational grant-making under the Human Dimensions of Climate Change Project.


Despite bearing the least responsibility for the conditions accelerating climate change, vulnerable and under-represented populations—in particular women, youth, and indigenous communities—often have the most at stake. Their voices are rarely heard, in either local media or internationally. Their stories, however, could make a significant difference in policy decisions related to climate change.

As part of the Human Dimensions of Climate Change (HD Climate) project, EJN has awarded small grants to local organizations, to help meet the growing demand for actionable knowledge on climate change issues. The project’s grants program has focused on supporting three distinct grant types–

  • The Earth Journalism Grants Fund to support the creation, growth, and capacity of journalism organizations focused on reporting on the human dimensions of climate change. 
  • The Climate Educators Fund to support the development of a global network dedicated to teaching and inspiring a new generation of young and aspiring journalists and communicators about the human dimensions of climate change. 
  • The Climate Communications Innovation Fund to support the development, adaptation, and introduction of novel story telling methods focused on the human dimensions of climate change.

The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the outcomes and impacts of our grantee’s work.

Consultant Scope of Work

The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the outcomes and impacts of our grantee’s work. In consultation with the EJN team, the consultant will:

  • Review grantee project descriptions (14 in total) and develop three online surveys aimed at the participants of each grantee’s project, one for each organizational grant type listed above
  • Conduct the online surveys with the participants of each grantee’s project in order to measure the impact of our grantees’ activities
  • Conduct phone interviews with select respondents (as needed) to gather additional information
  • Collect and analyze survey and interview results
  • Compose a report summarizing and analyzing findings

The report should be delivered no later than 28 February 2017

Application Guidelines

Interested parties should apply via our website here. Applications should include the below documentation. Deadline:  October 14, 2016

  • A 2 page max statement of interest, highlighting your approach for the evaluation as well as describing your relevant experience
  • CV
  • Evidence of evaluation work (links to evaluation reports or PDF attachments)
  • A short cost justification including your salary history and/or daily rate for your last 3 consultancies

We anticipate around 10 full working days will be needed to conduct this evaluation. The total value of the contract will not exceed $3,500. If the job is satisfactorily carried out, we do anticipate there may be similar work available in the future.