Assistant Professor: Remote Sensing Application to Natural Resources Management

 (via ResearchGate)
Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
Marrakesh, Morocco
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University/Academia/Research/Think tank
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Entry Level (0-2 Years)
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Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Job description

The Remote Sensing Center at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is hiring an Assistant Professor specialized in the area of multi-sensor remote sensing to support natural resources management, namely application to water, soil and agriculture. Candidates should combine independence, ambition and team work in the front line of research fields with a strong focus on innovation in both academic and applied research, in close collaboration with international academic and institutional partners.

The position is open to individuals with a PhD degree from a recognized university and with substantial expertise in the target fields. Previous high impact research and teaching expertise will be well appreciated. Good oral and writing communication skills in French and English represent a significant benefit.

Key duties:

Successful candidates are expected to have the capacity to:

  • Teach graduate students in the target fields of the recruitment.
  • Combine land surface models and remote sensing data for agricultural resource management
  • Develop ambitious interdisciplinary research projects using multi-sensor remote sensing
  • Use different communication and disseminations tools (peer-reviewed publications, large public dissemination …).
  • Pursue permanent trainings in order to improve up-to-date capacities.
  • Supervise Master-students, PhDs and Post-doc.

About compensation package:

  • Best in class salaries
  • 30% annual bonus on gross salary.
  • Research budget allowance to professor
  • Best in class :
    • IP sharing policy (33% for professor)
    • MOOCs policy (60% for professor)
    • Consulting policy (100% for professor when teaching time is completed)
  • Complete benefits including housing, tuition fees, life & medical insurance, retirement, maternity leave and sabbatical.

Desired skills and experience

General Criteria

  • PhD in the target disciplines with a minimum of 2 years academic experiences in highly recognized Universities.
  • Leadership potential and collaboration.
  • Demonstrate understanding of operational requirements for a successful research project (such as satellite/UAV data acquisitions and processing).
  • Ability to generate new ideas, links, and to build upon existing models to develop novel approaches in natural resources monitoring (for water, soil and plant).
  • Demonstrate knowledge in radiative and transfer surface models to invert biophysical parameters using multi-scale, multi-spectral and multi-sensor satellite/UAV-based data.
  • Experience in planning, operating and implementing field campaigns using ground and UAV measurements.

Specific Criteria for Assistant Professor

  • Quality of scientific achievements and impact of publications normalized by career stage.
  • Number of publications in peer-reviewed journals > 10.
  • Contribution and presentations in national and international conferences (> 5)
  • Co-supervision of Master students or PhD (> 3).
  • Teaching experience (justify of at least 50 h teaching experience).

Research skills

  • Surface biophysical properties inversion
  • Multi-spectral/multi-resolution remote sensing analysis
  • Land surface and hydrological and/or hydro-ecological modelling
  • Modern programming languages (Python, IDL, Matlab, C++, etc)

Teaching skills

  • Land Surface modelling
  • Remote sensing (radiative transfer /inversion / assimilation)
  • Geographic information System