Development Of The Nile Equatorial Lakes Investment Program (nel-ip) Proposal

The World Bank
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Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
Senior (10+ Years)
Degree Required: 
Advanced Degree (Master's or JD)


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.


The Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary ActionProgram (NELSAP) is one of the two investment programs under the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI); the other being the Eastern Nile Subsidiary Action Program (ENSAP) also known as Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO). The NELSAP mandate is to facilitate identification, preparation, resource mobilization and implementation supervision of “Cooperativeand Consultative Nile Projects&r dquo;, and to build regional capacity for country implementation of trans-boundary investment projects. NELSAP therefore adds incremental support to national initiatives and focuses on two pre-investment areas of: (i) power development and trade; and (ii) natural resources management and development.

Since its establishment, and guided by its two NEL Strategic Plans (2006-11 and 2012-1 6), NELSAP has prepared a number of cooperative / consultative projects at various levels of preparation and implementation. The NEL Strategic Plan (2012–16) was endorsed by the Nile Equatorial Lakes Council of Ministers (NELCOM) in January 2012 and aims at enhancing NELSAP’s regional impact and in an effective and efficient manner. The cumulative finance for pre-investment programs is estimated at USD 90 million (excluding country contributions),whereas mobilized resources for investments amounts to the tune of US$ 930 Million.

NELSAP therefore wishes to establish a NEL basin-wide Investment Program (NEL-IP), which will advance major studies and implement investment projects that have impacts on improving the integrities of the basin water and land resources, improving livelihoods of the basin population, contributing to economic growth and reversing environmental degradation. The overall goal of the NELI-IP is “to optimize and implement a NEL sub-basin water, energy and food security program that wil l boost NEL member countries’ economic growths,improve rural livelihoods and reduce poverty levels and safeguard the Nile River ecosystems”.

Under this NEL-IP, NELSAP will work closely with Member Countries to structure a basin-wide investment program that has buy-in from the sector Ministries of Finance, Planning, Water, Irrigation, Energy, Natural Resources , Health, and Trade among others. The Programwill also find ways of collaborating with other regional organizations (EAC, LVBC, IGA D, ICPAC, RCMRD, COMEMSA, SAPs and EAPP)including private sector during planning and implementation of its activities.


The objective of the consultancy assignment is to develop the NEL-IP Project Proposal. Accordingly, this Project Proposal Formulation will be prepared to a level of detail to enable the targeted development partners like the World Bank Group and the AfDB among others conduct an appraisal of the project.


Detailed description of tasks to be undertaken by the Consultant is provided in the TORs published in the NELSAP website ( )


The assignment is estimated to take up to a maximum of seven (7) man-months spread over 12 (twelvlendar months. The Consultant will be required to produce (i) an inception report by the end of one month after contract signature, (ii) a report on the proposed investment plan for discussion with stakeholders, to be produced within 8 months of the assignment after contract signature, (iii) a draft final report and draft project formulation report for review by NELSAP CU,Partner States and Development Partners by the end of month 5 after contract signature, and a final report by the end of month 8 after contract signature. The draft final report should include a fully developed feasibility study and description of the project proposal in the format that will be agreed on in the inception phase. The final report will incorporate comments of the NBI/NELSAP, Partner States and potential development Partners.


The assignment will require an estimated individual consulting services of seven (7)man-months. The Consultant will have the following expertise;

  • An experienced consultant with proven expertise of over 15 years in the water, energy, fisheries, agriculture and environmental management and climate change sectors, and related training and capacity building activities;
  • Must possess a Master’s  degree in either of the following areas economics, project management, business administration, engineering or water and environmental resources management;
  • Must possess proven knowledge in project formulation and project finance;
  • Shall be well versed on ESIAs, cost estimations, and technical assessments for water, sanitation, solid waste, drainage environmental management projects and specific environmental issues in the NEL region or Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Shall be knowledgeable in climate change and its impacts and well versed in vulnerability Impact Assessments, and GCMs;
  • He or she must demonstrate expertise in project formulation and possess skills in community-based approaches to the formulation and implementation of water, sanitation and environmental management programmes, gender mainstreaming issues, as well as to the assessment of training and capacity building needs for community based organizations and local NGOs.
  • She/He needs to have extensive experience in town planning, projectplanning etc.
  • He must possess demonstrable knowledge and extensive experience in project appraisal techniques including knowledge on tools and methodologies used by developmental partners for analysis of financial viability and sustainability and need to have expertise in institutional development with extensive knowledge in institutional development; and be in a position to carry out extensive data analysis in particular that relates to multi-sector integrated projects;
  • Previous similar assignment on Regional Project/program development. 


The Consultant will be selected as individual consultant in line with World Bank procurement guidelines.

Interested Consultants are invited to submit resumes and relevant supporting documents by e-mail addressed to: The NELSAP Procurement Specialist;

email: .

The deadline for receiving the CVs is April16, 2019 at 23:59 local time.

Further information regarding this assignment can be obtained through the following link consultancies or by sending an email to  (NELSAP ProgramOfficer-WRD) copy to .