National Facilitator for South Asia Regional Learning Event

International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Colombo, , LK


The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Fund II (CS WASH Fund/the Fund), an Australian aid initiative funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), seeks applications from an individual to serve as a National Facilitator for the South Asia Regional Learning Event (RLE) to support the Knowledge and Learning Manager (KALM) and Topic Expert in conducting the event. In particular, s/he will advise on cultural and contextual issues, and act as Master of Ceremonies (MC) and Facilitator for particular sessions.

The National Facilitator will:

  • work as part of a co-facilitation team and report to KALM;
  • participate in briefing sessions with KALM and the Topic Expert to discuss the overall facilitation plan;
  • be part of the facilitation team comprising KALM and Topic Expe rt to jointly agree facilitation approaches to be used during the South Asia RLE. In particular, advise co-facilitator s of relevant contextual information that is important for the smooth running of the event;
  • produce a Facilitation Plan which will include a detailed approach and notes on sessions for which the National Facilitator will be mainly responsible. This plan should not exceed 10 pages;
  • become familiar with the CS WASH Fund and relevant projects within South Asia;
  • attend and contribute to facilitation on all 4 days of the event on November 8-11, 2016;
  • attend a three-hour, face-to-face briefing meeting at the event venue in Kandy with the entire event organizing team on November 7, 2016 (Monday);
  • facilitate and/or act as MC for the following sessions within the South Asia RLE program (subject to change after consultation with KALM and Topic Expert):
    • MC for the morning sessions on Day 1.
    • Facilitator for breakout groups on Day 2.
    • Facilitate energizers during and between sessions on the 4 days ;
  • take notes as a rapporteur for sessions as required; and
  • review the final synthesis report and provide comments as required.

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The National Facilitator should have:

  • participatory facilitation experience with small and large international groups in South Asia, particularly Sri Lanka;
  • demonstrated ability to be an effective team member and employ adult education and training techniques; and
  • familiarity with WASH and its planning and regulatory context in Sri Lanka.


Duration of the consultancy will be 10 days during the period October to November 2016.

IWMI is an equal opportunity employer and emphasizes the importance of regional and gender diversity in identifying candidates for this position and its staff more generally.