Consultant (Review IWMI GIS/RS and Data Management (GRandD) Unit)

Colombo, , LK


The use of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) tools is widespread across research programs of the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), and the Institute has a specific GIS, RS and Data Management (GRandD) unit at its headquarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

IWMI is seeking the services of a consultant to lead an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of GIS/RS and data management services provided for the Institute’s research programs. The consultant will:

  • review the GRandD unit, including its role, capability, and capacities for provision of services, as well as the demand from, and capabilities in, other research programs and regional offices;
  • review IWMI data management arrangements and plans to enable the transition to full compliance with the CGIAR open-access policies;
  • identify current and emerging state-of-the-art tools and techniques for GIS/RS applications and data management strategies that could be relevant for IWMI;
  • identify opportunities and business models for IWMI to provide these services to external clients; and
  • prepare a cost-effective business plan for GIS/RS and data management services for IWMI and related research programs, including clarifying the role and value of a central unit vis-a-vis the research programs and regional offices, and the required standards of service provision.

The consultant will be responsible for an IWMI-wide review of:

  • the current and projected needs for GIS, RS and data management services, including assessment of alternate mechanisms required for the cost-effective, responsive and timely delivery of these services to support research and development programs; and
  • opportunities to expand service provision to external clients and partners. The consultant will be based at IWMI’s headquarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with the availability of teleconferencing facilities to conduct discussions with the Institute’s regional offices.

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The consultant will have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the use of GIS/RS and data management tools in research and development settings, including 5 years in a management role. Familiarity with GIS/RS and data management applications in the areas of IWMI’s research program will be required. The consultant will report to the Deputy Director General (Research for Development).


The consultancy will be for a maximum of 8 weeks.

IWMI is an equal opportunity employer and emphasizes the importance of regional and gender diversity in identifying candidates for this position and its staff more generally.