Climate Change Adaptation Consultant

United Nations World Food Programme

Rome, , IT


Climate change exacerbates the risks of hunger and under nutrition, and will disproportionally impact the most vulnerable people, especially women and children: by 2050, hunger and child malnutrition rates are both projected to increase by up to 20 percent due to climate change. In this context, WFP is working with governments, communities, and other partners to help the most food insecure people build resilience and adapt to climate change.

The Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Programmes Unit (OSZIR) manages a range of activities from carrying out climate analyses to better understand the impact of climate risk and climate change on food security and nutrition, to helping governments implement adaptation projects on the ground, developing innovative climate risk management and adaptation tools, and engaging in global climate policy discussions. 

The role of the Climate Change Adaptation Consultant is to develop technical guidance for WFP and partner staff to implement a range of climate activities in countries, and provide support where needed, from the angle of food security, risk reduction and resilience building. The Consultant would also support OSZIR in preparations for WFP’s engagement in the upcoming UNFCCC climate negotiations in Marrakech.

Terms of Reference

The consultant will support the unit in the following areas under WFP’s C-ADAPT initiative: 

  • Provide programmatic guidance and support to WFP’s global activities on climate change adaptation, and which may involve engagement with other units, regional bureaus and country offices:
  • Develop appropriate guidance (and potentially training) materials on a range of climate change adaptation content, from analysis to implementation and policy. This may also involve reviewing WFP case studies, best practices and guidance to feed into this guidance.
  • Provide inputs into other climate change adaptation guidance content being developed within and outside the unit.
  • If required, provide timely feedback and support to country offices in their development of climate change adaptation funding proposals and project document design.
  • Provide policy support to WFP’s engagement in the UNFCCC climate negotiations in Marrakech, and which may involve engagement with other organisations and stakeholders:
  • Prepare policy documents, briefs, talking points and other relevant documents to support WFP’s presence in Marrakech delegation, and assist in communication activities around the even if required.
  • Similarly assist WFP with other climate events during the period of this consultancy.
  • Support in following outcomes from the UNFCCC negotiation process, focusing on climate finance, loss and damage, agriculture and food security, and provide technical feed into such processes if needed.
  • Support OSZIR in any other ad hoc requirements as they arise.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills

An advanced degree in an area related to environmental studies, with a strong component on climate change is mandatory. Additional qualifications required include:

  • A minimum work experience of 3-5 years in an area related to climate change at policy, fundraising or implementation level.  For candidates with limited experience, OSZIR could consider an internship or volunteer role (to be stated in the application to the position, if this applies).
  • A post graduate degree (Masters or PhD) in a climate change or environment related area.
  • Strong knowledge of climate change, food security, and other related policy and programmatic areas.
  • Excellent English writing skills, with demonstrated ability to present information and ideas and to communicate effectively.
  • Experience in establishing contacts and liaising with partner organisations/companies.
  • Experience with fundraising.
  • Ability to work in a team.  
  • Previous work experience in an international or large organisation is considered an asset.

OSZIR is also looking for a candidate with to cover similar activities within a disaster risk reduction profile, and would welcome CVs from candidates with a similar experience and knowledge in DRR.

Contact Kathryn Milliken if interested: [email protected]