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Background on ACTED

Since 1993, as an international non-governmental organization, ACTED has been committed to immediate humanitarian relief to support those in urgent need and protect people’s dignity, while co-creating longer term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential.

ACTED endeavors to respond to humanitarian crises and build resilience; promote inclusive and sustainable growth; co-construct effective governance and support the building of civil society worldwide by investing in people and their potential.

We go the last kilometer: ACTED’s mission is to save lives and support people in meeting their needs in hard to reach areas. ACTED develops and implements programs that target the most vulnerable amongst populations that have suffered from conflict, natural disaster, or socio-economic hardship. ACTED’s approach looks beyond the immediate emergency towards opportunities for longer term livelihoods reconstruction and sustainable development.

With a budget of 164 million EUR in 2014, ACTED is active in 35 countries and implements more than 450 projects a year reaching over 8 million beneficiaries with 400 international staff and 4,300 national staff.

Our teams in the field implement some 340 projects in 34 countries covering the following sectors emergency relief, food security, access to health, education and training, economic development, microfinance, advocacy, institutional support, and regional dialogue, cultural promotion.

Based on considerable experience addressing the needs and situations of vulnerable communities, ACTED contributes to the international agenda towards reaching the Millennium Development Goals, through a wide range of partnerships, innovative initiatives, and campaigns.

For more information, please visit our website at www.acted.org

Country profile

Capital Office : Amman

Country Profile

National Staff: 333 (August 2016)

International Staff: 50 (August 2016)

Areas: Amman, Northern Jordan (Mafraq), Za’atari Refugee Camp, Azraq

On-going Programs: 9

Budget: $28.5M (est. 2016

ACTED Jordan provides emergency humanitarian assistance as well as longer term development programs reaching over 150,000 direct beneficiaries in Jordan in 2016. ACTED’s operations are spread across Amman as the Country Office, and three area offices:

– From its office in Marfaq, ACTED provides support to vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees of Northern Jordan including household rehabilitations, emergency assistance (cash, vouchers and in-kind), as well as water/sanitation infrastructure. ACTED is also working to develop sustainable livelihood programmes.

– In Za’atari King Abdulla and Cyber City refugee camps, ACTED provides water supply, solid waste management, hygiene promotion, community mobilization, repair and maintenance and has completed the initial phase of the Za’atari water network for over 80,000 refugees.

– In Azraq (including Azraq refugee camp), ACTED provides water supply, solid waste, desludging and food assistance for approximately 35,000 refugees.

ACTED also partners with REACH, who provides information management support to working groups and sectors nationally.

The Amman office is also ACTED’s Regional Coordination Office for the MENA region. Through it, ACTED supports civil society development through a regional program across Jordan, Palestinian Territories, Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. In addition, the Regional Coordination Office provides support to the MENA region, including operations in Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Yemen, as well as those mentioned earlier, supporting ACTED’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis across the region.

Position profile

The WASH Technical Coordinator provides technical and strategic advice on the WASH activities in ACTED Jordan. He/she promotes the harmonisation of WASH activities in ACTED Jordan, supports project development with WASH-specific inputs, identifies best practices and lessons learned, and ensures external representation of ACTED in relevant sectors.

The WASH Technical Coordinator provides advice, guidance and support to the WASH activities conducted by ACTED in Jordan. They presently include water supply, solid waste management, wastewater management, repair and maintenance of WASH infrastructure and water network construction in refugee camps (Zaatari, Azraq); and water supply, wastewater management, small scale infrastructure rehabilitations / construction / maintenance, or the like in host communities.

The position is under the direct responsibility of the Deputy Country Director Programs, and liaises internally with area coordinators, program/project managers, other technical coordinators, program development, Assessment Monitoring and Evaluation unit, and the Finance Logitiscs Administration and Transparency departments. He/she cooperates with Programmes department, Project Development department and with Coordination to ensure WASH activities by ACTED Jordan are consistently planned and implemented. He/she reviews WASH programmes strategies and implementation, identifies strengths and weaknesses and provides strategic and technical advice accordingly. He/she leads the design of the WASH component in new projects. The WASH Technical Coordinator participates in WASH sector meetings, working groups, and other external meetings when technical advice is required.


1. Provide relevant technical expertise and advice to ongoing programmes, in collaboration with the Area Coordinators, Project Managers, and other staff as appropriate

• Provide technical inputs and advice on quality standards to be met in project implementation;

• Receive technical information and analyse associated opportunities and risks;

• Advise on technical modalities and strategies of intervention as per objective;

• Identify and collaborate with relevant technical authorities and partners;

• Analyse technical aspects of the projects in terms of added-value and project impact;

• Propose solutions to problems encountered;

• Identify areas for improvement in the projects, and advise accordingly;

• Advise on contracts and contract negotiations with FLAT where necessary;

• Advise on technical evaluation exercises during and following implementation.

2. Harmonise WASH activities in ACTED Jordan

• Support Coordination and Programmes to ensure WASH activities follow consistent procedures and standards throughout the different projects in the country;

• Fosters communication among the WASH programme managers of the various projects and locations;

• Conduct background research about national and international guidelines and standards to be followed in WASH activities;

• Support technical working group meetings with ACTED staff on specific topics;

• Advice on and develop basic benchmarks and tools to be used in WASH activities.

3. Provide support in the development of WASH projects, linking with Area Coordinators and Programme staff where required

• Participate in project development processes and advice on new strategies and activities;

• Lead the development of the WASH components including BoQs and strategies of new project proposal;

• Review the technical aspect of project implementation and propose improvement in case of amendments or new projects;

• Assess the activities undertaken and advise on efficient use of resources in further phases of the projects.

4. Identify Best Practices and Lessons Learned in WASH programmes

• Identify lessons learned and best practices based on past and present projects;

• Share lesson learned with internal and external partners;

• Share such information to the Country Director, Deputy Country Director – Programmes and Area Coordinator, and to all departments concerned;

• Monitor and evaluate the implementation of improved processes and practices.

5. Ensure external representation of ACTED in relevant sectors

• Participate in technical and sectoral meetings and working groups involving NGOs and UN Agencies and all other inter-governmental institutions and pass relevant information to the relevant ACTED departments – in collaboration with the Project Development department;

• Contribute to the creation of reports, ensuring the quality and accuracy of technical information provided as well as the confidentiality of internal information as required.

Additional support may be required (a) regionally for sharing of practices, strategies and lessons for similar programs, and (b) for filling gaps and supporting management if required (e.g. staff absence or leave).


– Degree in civil engineering, water engineering, WASH, or related courses;

– At least 5 years of experience in project implementation, preferably in an international context;

– At least 3 years of experience in water supply, water quality, sanitation, WASH infrastructure construction, and related fields;

– Experience in humanitarian and refugee camp situations preferred.

– Fluent English skills required

– Arabic language preferred.


– Salary defined by the ACTED salary grid; educational level, expertise, hardship, security, and performance are considered for pay bonus

– Additional monthly living allowance

– Free food and lodging provided at the organisation’s guesthouse/or housing allowance (depending on contract length and country of assignment)

– Transportation costs covered, including additional return ticket + luggage allowance

– Provision of medical, life, and repatriation insurance + retirement package

Submission of applications

Please send, in English, your cover letter, CV, and three references to [email protected]


For more information, visit us at http://www.acted.org

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