Call for Anti-fake news and misinformation volunteer

Water Science Policy (WSP)


Position Titles: Anti-fake news and misinformation volunteer

Term Length: 1-month trial, joint development of expectations thereafter

Start Date: ASAP

About Us: Water Science Policy (WSP)

Water Science Policy (WSP) was founded in 2020 by a graduate cohort of the University of Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment as an independent platform and think tank, delivering original multimedia and multilingual content around water to a global audience. Our platform offers a broad range of views about the most fundamental element of life at the intersection of the economy, climate, health, nature, and society. Since April 2021, WSP has been registered as a social enterprise in Germany.

We are driven by our insatiable passion and creativity, which is how Water Science Policy came about. Aside from the two co-founders, the diverse team comprises editors, writers, designers, web developers, translators, and communications specialists from around the world. We are also supported by external collaborators which include professional journalists, photographers and data scientists. We are all volunteers, fully relying on our networks and the drive to make water, environmental protection, and social justice stories freely accessible to a larger public.

We are a powerful and thriving example of how passion, tenacity and technology can unite like-minded people across continents and time zones. We strongly believe in open access to information to raise public awareness, propose solutions that can be replicated and inform more inclusive policies. We offer a global platform to communicate science and offer solutions through research, storytelling, insights, art, and data, so that everyone can understand why water and sanitation matter for their well-being, a healthy environment, and future generations.

Our contributors include water professionals, academics, students, interested citizens, journalists, and photographers. We voluntarily translate all our content in up to 15 languages, because water, sanitation and knowledge are fundamental to everyone’s well-being, but most of the related science and development work are communicated in English – opposed to 20% of the global population speaking or reading English.

We also offer different formats, including text, photography, video, and audio as well as custom-built platforms and websites. All this helps us bridge borders, ethnicities, education and language barriers to effectively engage with the public, policymakers, and organisations that share our core values of passion, professional- ism, inclusiveness, and universalism.

About the Position: Situation, Role Overview and Key Responsibilities

Water Science Policy is young and ambitious, and a dynamic project that is entirely youth-led.

We are looking for an addition to our marketing team that will help build the WSP brand, community engagement, chip into newsletters and help out on other tasks as per your preference. You will be working closely with the wider social media and web development team and regularly coordinate with other working groups.

Your main focus will be to engage audiences in other news bubbles. You think that Bill Gates controls the world and regularly invents viruses? You know that wastewater-based epidemiology to inform COViD-19 measures is fake and used to justify locking people down? Are you aware that COVID-19 generally is a lie? Believe that the government secretly adds substances to tap water to control the public and that mineral water companies are systemically plotting against minorities? No? Great!

Unfortunately, many people strongly believe in all of the above and your job will be to identify the main water-related conspiracies out there, infiltrate certain bubbles and share relevant science-backed WSP content in those circles and engage in civil discourse.

As WSP is still at the early stage of development this is a volunteer position. We expect 3-5 hours per week. Flexible hours are available, you decide when you want to work.

Key Responsibilities

What we are looking for: Requirements

  • Efficiently communicate and collaborate with the WSP team to align goals and manage SEO strategy.
  • An interest and/or background in Water, Sanitation etc
  • Patience and a thick skin for all kinds of weird ideas
  • The ability to communicate science in plain language and respond in respectful, educational, maybe at times ironic ways
  • The ability to argue online in a civil way in the name of science
  • Creative mindset and wit
  • Contribution to other marketing related assignments
  • Strong communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills.
  • Initiative, passion, and enthusiasm.
  • Dependable, well-organised, and able to work independently.

Additional Assets

  • Experience with writing, copy editing.
  • Experience working in an international team.
  • Experience or strong interest in water science (& policy), international climate and/or environmental issues.
  • Access to networks in their community and/or region, and/or has demonstrated skills building a network.


Water Science Policy is non-profit and is only able to cover basic operational costs for established team members. This is a part-time position on an entire voluntary basis. We expect between 3-5 hours per week.

Work Schedule: 3-5  hours/week, whenever and wherever you can accommodate it!

Location: This is a remote position; applicants must have access to a personal computer.


  • Involvement in a growing and dynamic network in the international water science community.
  • Opportunity for autonomy and creativity: freedom to help shape our growth as key members of the team.
  • Potential for extension and further involvement in the organisation in the future. Past translators for example are now undertaking projects as graphic designers, writers or social media focals – some of them are remunerated on a project basis.
  • Access to training opportunities in areas including media and communications, storytelling, and policy.

How to Apply

To apply to be a Volunteer Marketing Assistant, please send us your CV (max 2 pages) and a 150 word blurb (in the email body) to [email protected]. If you have any other questions about the position, contact us on the same email.