Mapping Environmental Organizations

Association for Community Awareness (ASCOA)



Description of assignment title: Mapping Environmental Organizations

Assignment country: United Kingdom

Expected start date: Invalid Date

Sustainable Development Goal: 11. Sustainable cities and communities

For how many hours per week will the volunteer be required?: 6 – 10

Host entity: Association for Community Awareness (ASCOA)

Type: Online

Duration: 8 weeks

Number of assignments: 25


Mission and objectives

Since 3rd November, 2011, ASCOA has been dedicated to improving the awareness of the local community on HIV/AIDS and its related stigma, promoting peace building in the society, fostering environmental protection and the fight against climate change, supporting children, and empowering women and girls in order to improve their socio-economic participation and boost their wellbeing. We envision a world free of HIV/AIDS, where people are neither stigmatized nor discriminated upon due to their HIV status; a world where women are empowered and children are protected; a world where peace reigns and people live in an environment free of pollution and global warming.


ASCOA seeks to protect, preserve and improve the environment for the benefit of mankind through:

  • the establishment of an international network of active environmental organizations and specialists
  • the awareness raising of waste negative effects on the environment
  • the promotion of good waste management practices
  • the contribution to the advancement of research in waste management.

Task description

The volunteer will need to search for potential organizations that can join ASCOA’s environmental network (GWCN) and communicate with them in order to register them as members.

Such members could be NGOs, Educational Institutions or Private Companies working in the Environmental field or Clean (Renewable) Energy sector.

There is need for 25 volunteers for the following regions:

  • Central Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Central Asia
  • Central America
  • Oceania

In each of these regions, the assigned volunteer will work over 8 weeks on bringing in 10 to 15 organizational members.


Required experience

The candidate has to have: • a success track record of developing strong relationship with member organizations and/or prospects/stakeholders • strong interpersonal skills • excellent written and verbal communication.


English, Level: Working knowledge, Desirable

Other information

Inclusivity statement

United Nations Volunteers is an equal opportunity programme that welcomes applications from qualified professionals. We are committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, care protected characteristics. As part of their adherence to the values of UNV, all UN Volunteers commit themselves to combat any form of discrimination, and to promoting respect for human rights and individual dignity, without distinction of a person’s race, sex, gender identity, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, age, language, social origin or other status.