Post-doctoral position (LABCom Hydr.IA project) via EURAXESS

IMT Mines Ales

Alès, France 🇫🇷


The position to be filled is part of the reinforcement of the human resources assigned to the Hydr.IA LabCom project, financed by the ANR (French National Research Agency). The LabCom Hydr.IA aims to develop hydrological forecasting solutions by Machine Learning (AI) ex-nihilo or from existing solutions.

As has been observed in other fields, such as aeronautics (Feyel, 2020), the use of AI has few advantages when other physical or conceptual methods already work well. Beyond the technical and scientific obstacles to be overcome in order to create a model by statistical learning (machine learning), it therefore seems inefficient to make a model learn a function that is already well known and validated. Transposed to the field of flood forecasting, this will consist, when conceptual or physically based models exist in simulation, in bringing them to forecasting, within the limit of the response time of the basin. In this case, the AI will complement the physical models to correct their outputs and allow a better forecast. The research objective of this position is to contribute to the removal of these obstacles, in particular through two objectives: :

  • To fill in missing data in real time or gaps in the databases. To do this, the person recruited will be able to focus on the choice of model limiting the type of noise considered (state noise – output noise), or find other alternatives (data assimilation, etc.).
  • Complete the simulated value by the physical-based model. To do this, we will try to define a term representing the evolution of the basin in the few future time steps included in the response time of the basin considered.

The candidate will be recruited by IMT Mines Alès and based mainly at the HSM site in Alès.

More Information

Selection process

  • Administrative requirements for application

The position offered is a 14-month fixed-term contract, a public law contract under the management framework of the Institut Mines Télécom – profession P – post-doctoral student – category II.

Salary: from €30,644 gross per annum depending on experience.

  • How to apply

On the basis of a CV and a covering letter.

To be sent exclusively to :

  • Recruitment process

Closing date for applications: 15/05/2022

Indicative target date for the jury: beginning of June

Provisional starting date: 01/07/2022

  • Personnes à contacter
  • On the content of the post

Anne JOHANNET, Director of the CREER

Email : [email protected] ; +33(0)4 66 78 53 49

  • On administrative aspects :

Géraldine BRUNELHead of the Human Resources Management Department

Email : [email protected] ; +33(0)4 66 78 50 66

Offer Requirements


This position is open to candidates who meet the administrative requirements for access to the professions of engineer and/or post-doctoral fellow at the Institut Mines-Télécom.

The candidate will have a PhD in hydrology and/or hydrogeology and will have skills in statistical modelling and environmental data processing.

Knowledge and experience in the following areas will be an advantage:

  • Simulation / forecasting of flows by artificial intelligence,
  • – Simulation/prediction of processes or other physical variables using machine learning
  • – Good knowledge of physics-based or conceptual modelling.

The candidate will be autonomous in the execution of the project and the production of deliverables (writing of reports, oral presentations, publications…) and will demonstrate autonomy, initiative, rigour and curiosity.