Junior Program Analyst Consultant

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Rabat, , MA

The Morocco Junior Program Analyst shall support the Morocco county team in delivering 2016 key initiatives, including the development of the Morocco County Planning Framework (CPF) and National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) implementation roadmap in priority sectors.



Morocco: Junior Program Analyst Consultant



Advisory Support: Level E


Duty Station

Morocco, Rabat

Contract Length

Start Date

1 October 2016

End Date

31 December 2016


Full time

Contract Value

Daily Rate

USD $200 – USD $325

Days Estimated

65 days

Total Fees

Up to USD $21,125 (dependent on experience)

Specifics of Recruitment


Based in Seoul, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is an intergovernmental organization founded to support and promote a model of economic growth known as “green growth”, which targets key aspects of economic performance such a poverty reduction, job creation, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. GGGI works with countries around the world, building their capacity and working collaboratively on green growth policies that can impact the lives of millions. The organization partners with countries, multilateral institutions, government bodies, and private sector to help build economies that grow strongly and are more efficient and sustainable in the use of natural resources, less carbon intensive, and more resilient to climate change.

GGGI supports stakeholders through complementary and integrated workstreams – Green Growth Planning & Implementation and Knowledge Solutions – that deliver comprehensive products designed to assist in developing, financing, and mainstreaming green growth in national economic development plans.

GGGI’s Morocco Country Program 2016 focuses on improving the conditions for the implementation of Morocco’s National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS). GGGI’s goal is to develop a coherent program to strengthen the implementation of ongoing sectoral policies, particularly for water, waste, energy and agriculture. The collaboration between GGGI and the Government of Morocco (GoM) will support the Government’s existing strategies and plans for identifying gaps and designing action plans for priority sectors, which are in line with NSDS, a Green Investment Plan and INDC. The GoM’s Green Growth and Green Economy Initiative centers around three key objectives:

  • Ensure the sustainability of the economy’s natural resource base
  • Encourage a shift towards low-carbon growth and low-impact investments
  • Spur innovation and job creation through strategy implementation and investments in green sectors

Objectives/Purpose of the Assignment:

The Consultant shall support:

(1)     The development and delivery of the Morocco Country Planning Framework (CPF)—an exercise aiming at formulating planned in-country results aligning GGGI Strategic Plan,

(2)     Delivery of 2016 outputs which focus primarily on:

–         Developing capacity building mechanism and knowledge sharing frameworks that will support skills development for green growth policies and assist Morocco and MENA countries achieve green growth goals

–        Development of National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) Implementation Roadmap to strengthen ongoing priority sectors (Agriculture, Energy, Water and Waste)

Scope of Work:

The Consultant shall support the following:

  • CPF development: Support the development of the CPF by directly supporting the GGGI Country Team and the Morocco Senior Country Planning Framework (CPF) Consultant on important analysis and logistics. The CPF process is divided into 5 stages, which the consultant shall up support until drafting stage (stage 5) as follows:
  • Framing the discussion: support desktop research needs and methodological setup as requested by the Country Office and the Senior CPF Consultant.
  • CPF dissemination and preparatory meetings: work directly with government officials and other key stakeholders to arrange logistics for bilateral and group consultations; provide reports and notes of these consultations to relevant internal stakeholders.
  • Developing the draft priority options for GGGI: review and edit as necessary draft options, and work with HQ staff and management to refine and develop options.
  • Stakeholder Workshop: arrange for logistics for the stakeholder consultation and validation workshops.
  • Drafting CPF document:  Assist the drafting and editing of CPF document


  • Morocco Program 2016 Output delivery: The Consultant shall support Morocco program 2016 output delivery by directly supporting Morocco country team on the following:
  • Conduct analytical studies in priority sectors (Waste, Energy, Agriculture and Water)
  • Support the elaboration of sectoral NSDS implementation road map in priority sectors( Waste, Energy, Water, Agriculture and Water)
  • Assist in the implementation of capacity building activities and knowledge sharing programs

Output/Reporting Requirements/Deliverables:

  1. Outputs related to CPF development:
    • Framing the discussion: desktop research for situation analysis, including review of GGPA indicator data. Delivery of PPT files or other relevant briefs as requested by the Senior Consultant that can be used for government meetings and briefings and CPF working group updates. Translation of documents (French-English, English-French) may also be required.
    • CPF dissemination and preparatory meetings: Arrange meetings with key stakeholders and provide reports and notes of these consultations to in-country team, Senior CPF Consultant-Morocco and HQ team.
    • Developing the draft priority options for GGGI: review and edit draft options analysis, and work with HQ staff and management to refine and develop options. Translation of key information may also be required.
    • Stakeholder Workshop: arrange for logistics for the stakeholder consultation and validation workshops.
    • Drafting CPF document: Provide assistance to GGGI  internal review process and final review process by the Government.
  2. Outputs in support of Morocco program-2016 delivery-:

–          Produce stakeholder mapping document, presentation materials (PPT) and briefs based on data collected from existing government strategies, policies, regulations, development targets etc. relevant to the development of implementation roadmap in priority sectors (Water, Waste, Energy and Agriculture).

–          Coordinate meetings upon request and take meeting minutes to share with the team for follow-up actions to support the development of sectoral implementation road map

–          Review and revise relevant documents edited locally or received from stakeholders as requested by the country team. Provide editing support on implementation and detailed action plans for priority sectors.

–          Draft Executive Summary of studies, strategies and plans according to direction of country team to facilitate assessment process

–          Assist with logistics and materials preparation for workshop according to directions of the country team

–          Liaise with necessary internal and external stakeholder to support facilitate outputs validation and endorsement in a timely fashion.

–          Translate documents (French-English, English-French) as needed

All final deliverables must be in English, in accordance with GGGI’s formatting requirements, and submitted with complete sets of raw data, research materials, and interview notes. Preparation of the report and relevant documentation into French language is necessary for the purpose of communication with CPF counterparts.


  • A Master’s degree in economics, international relations, development, organizational management, economics/finance/business, or other related to green growth, or equivalent combination of relevant education and experience
  • 5-7 years of working experience, preferably in an international setting.
  • Demonstrated track record in completing analytical and technical reports (both qualitative and quantitative) at the country level preferably on topics related to green growth and sustainable development
  • Extensive experience in working with the government of Morocco, international organizations, development partners, and high-level authorities
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Morocco’s local development context specifically its economic, environmental and social policies, institutional and governance framework
  • Maintains wide networks with the public and private sector and has proven experience in mobilizing different development actors and stakeholders in consultative events such as workshops and high-level meetings
  • Relevant experience in research projects related to green growth and sustainable development in Morocco and MENA region
  • Excellent analytical skills, critical thinking ability, and data mining skills
  • Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills both in English and French
  • Strong communication, event, and diplomatic skills
  • Experience coordinating successful functions and events (workshops, meetings, etc.)
  • Experience working with government counterparts
  • Able to establish priorities in a time-sensitive environment, and meet deadlines with strong attention to details.
  • Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with key stakeholders including Government entities, other partners, with a good understanding of the Moroccan green growth context
  • Strategic thinker and solutions oriented person with good ability to multitask and work in a matrix environment
  • Excellent communication, presentation, writing and networking skills
  • Excellent information gathering, assessment and presentation skills