Assistant Professor in Water use in agricultural system in changing climate contexte via ResearchGate

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

Ben Guerir, Morocco 🇲🇦

Job description

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
International Water Research Institute (IWRI)

Position Announcement : Assistant professor
Job Title: Assistant Professor in Water use in agricultural system in a changing climate contexte
We expect the candidates to have some expertise in at least one of the areas of specialization in IWRI Education and Research: Agronomy -Hydrology – Climate Change – Soil Science – Environmental science – Sustainability – Modeling – Remote sensing – GIS – Data Science – Machine Learning

Job description:

The International Water Research Institute (IWRI) at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University invites applications for faculty positions specializing in Crops and water Systems.
This is a broadly defined position in crops and water systems. However, we particularly welcome applicants with a background in agronomic science and engineering and/or hyrdoecology . We seek candidates with skills and expertise in one or more of the following fields or related subjects that will complement IWRI’s research and teaching programs:
* The water-climate-food nexus for sustainable development, with an emphasis on climate change adaptation and mitigation, and challenges related to agriculture and irrigation in semi-arid and arid environments.
* Crops & water systems resilience to climate change impacts.
* Sustainable food & hydrologic systems in climate-smart territories, including under uncertain future.
* Experience in simulating and assessing environmental responses at multiple scales to plan sufficient resource management strategies.
* Experience with field measurements/activities.
* Familiarity with agriculture and water issues in Morocco and/or Africa is an advantage.
* Hydrological Modelling using remote sensing and ground data, designing and/or using physically based and numerical models for the same purposes.
* Artificial intelligence applications to the related subject. For instance, the ability to use GeoAI tools and high-performance computing), big data visualization, Machine Learning including deep learning capabilities in remotely sensed data and sensor networks.

The position is open to applicants who hold an Engineering graduate/MS degree and PhD in the subject discipline: agronomy, environmental or earth science, hydrology, climatology, relevant applications of Big Data and geospatial approaches, or any closely related fields. Preference will be given to those with good research and teaching experience. Good communication skills, both verbal and writing are important. Fluency in French and English is preferred.

Key duties:

Successful candidates are expected to:
* Have the desire and ability to teach courses at the undergraduate level related to the candidate’s areas of research interest.
* Perform multidisciplinary research and seeking funding for research programs.
* Publish the results in peer-reviewed international journals.
* Pursue scholarly and professional activities that will keep him/her at the leading edge of his/her field.
* Contribute to the University and the department’s activitiesDesired skills and experienceCriteria of the candidate:   

* PhD in the subject discipline
* At least 2-5 years of experience in the subject discipline
* Relevant experience in the subject discipline, such as postdoctoral researcher or in the private sector.
* Demonstrated understanding of operational requirements for a successful research project and managing resources.
* Proven ability to identify and fulfil the academic writing requirements for target publications.
* Ability to generate new ideas, and to build upon existing ideas to generate good concepts and solutions.
* Willingness to work independently and collaborate with a diversified team by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach
* Demonstrated teaching and supervising skills.About the employerAbout UM6P:

Located at the heart of the future Green City of Benguerir, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), a higher education institution with an international standard, is established to serve Morocco and the African continent. Its vision is honed around research and innovation at the service of education and development. This unique nascent university, with its state-of-the-art campus and infrastructure, has woven a sound academic and research network, and its recruitment process is seeking high-quality academics and professionals to boost its quality-oriented research environment in the metropolitan area of Marrakech. 

About IWRI:

UM6P-IWRI International Water Research Institute is the newest institute located in Morocco, provisionally in Rabat but the main infrastructures are planned in Mazagan and Laâyoune. The institute is dedicated to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education and research around water and climate.
The objectives are to conduct cutting-edge research where local themes are connected to global issues of water and climate, with a focus on:
* Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
* Development of water-related technologies (irrigation, water supply and sanitation, desalination, demineralisation, treatment and recycling for water reuse)
* Water-Energy-Food-Health-Education Nexus
* Water in and for Soil, Droughts and desertification
* Water-Related Hazards 
* Floods (“Hydrometeorological” hazard)
* Ground Instability
* Water Pollution
* Air-Water-Ocean interactions 
* Climate change
* Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies
* Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM)
* Water information, knowledge and decision systems
* Forecasting and Warning Systems
* Environmental Considerations and Sustainable development

Areas of Research

  • Earth Geosciences
  • Climate Modeling
  • Physical Geography