TA Technical Coordinator

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Philippines 🇵🇭

Expertise: coastal protection, coastal ecosystems, coastal resilience, environment, water
Expertise Group: Biological Sciences & Ecology

Consultant Source: International
TOR Keywords: coastal resilience, coastal protection, coastal ecosystems

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

Coastal cities, communities, and island nations in Asia and the Pacific are highly exposed to climate
and disaster related shocks and stresses. Of the top 10 cities in population exposure to extreme natural
hazards worldwide, nine are in Asia, a region with more than 460 million people living in low-elevation
coastal zones and which experiences average daily losses of $200 million from disasters caused by
geophysical and hydrometeorological hazards. The degradation of coastal ecosystems and increased
recurrence and severity of natural hazards are increasing the risk to coastal communities. Within these
communities, poor and marginalized groups, who often live in the most exposed areas along coasts and are
most dependent on local natural resources, are the most affected. When an event damages an already
stressed ecosystem, this further threatens food security and incomes, prolonging the period of post-
disaster recovery.

While traditional approaches in infrastructural development involve constructed and artificial “grey”
structures (based on cement as construction material), nature-based solutions encompass natural, green,
and integrated infrastructure. Nature-based solutions can increase the resilience of coastal communities
while unfolding multiple economic, societal, gender responsive, and climate change mitigation co-

ADB is supporting member countries in developing coastal resilience programs by i) developing strategic
plans, policies, and programs to build coastal resilience; ii) supporting Nature-based and integrated
coastal resilience investments and iii) improving knowledge, regional cooperation, and financing for
building coastal resilience.

An international national consultant with relevant technical experience in coastal resilience projects
and nature-based solutions will be engaged to support the TA project officer in the implementation and
closing of the TA.

Scope of Work

The Environment Thematic Group, through the KSTA 54212-001, will engage a Coastal Resilience TA
Coordinator as part of the overall support to enhance coordination among the ADB, Developing Member
Countries (DMCs) the consultants, partners and other donors, and other organizations as needed, and to
ensure the quality and timeliness of expected deliverable under the TA.

With particular reference to COVID-19, any need for international and national travel shall be assessed
by ADB and Consultant using ADB’s advice at the time of travel. Subject to ADB’s approval, the
Consultant may use remote video technology meetings to replace face to face meetings as considered

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The TA Coordinator Specialist will be engaged to provide technical support in the implementation and
closing of the KSTA 54212-001, including:

  1. Provision of overall coordination among ADB team, other donors, consultants, firms, DMCs,
    universities, and other key resource persons.
  2. Prepare/develop a web-based project management tool based on an ADB-approved platform (e.g.
    SharePoint, MS Planner).
  3. Provision of technical guidance, e.g. by assisting in fine-tuning the methodology of consultants’
    surveys and assessments.
  4. Review and revision of consultant reports and deliverables to ensure that these adhere to high
    quality standards.
  5. Assist in the preparation of knowledge events and products as deemed necessary by the Project Officer.
  6. Report and advice early the ADB project officer on potential issues related to the successful
    implementation of the TA.
  7. If needed, and allowed by travel restrictions, participate in field missions to evaluate the status
    of ongoing activities and/or to participate in international workshops or conferences.
  8. Carry out any other tasks as may be assigned by the Chief ETG and TA team leader.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

A master’s degree relevant to environmental sciences, civil engineering (specialized in water, coastal,
environment, planning or related fields) is preferred, or other specialization with education and
experience in a field relevant to coastal protection and coastal ecosystems. He/she should have at least
7 years of experience in project coordination and implementation of coastal resilience projects
involving nature-based solutions, and should have demonstrated relevant experience related to the role
of nature-based solutions, resilience to climate change, co‐benefits of natural solutions. The candidate
should have a good understanding of climate change and coastal communities’ issues, and international
agreements and conventions; and with experience in undertaking projects in developing countries,
particularly with the support of Multilateral Financial Institutions. Strong inter-personal skills and
computer literacy are required. The candidate should have excellent oral and written English skills;
ability to demonstrate strategic thinking and suitability to deliver the objectives and purpose of the
assignment; and to be able to undertake the scope of work mentioned above applying high standards.
Previous experience with ADB or other international finance organizations’ procedures is highly

Minimum General Experience: 7 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 7 Years