Environmental and Social Management Specialist (ESMS) (In any SADC Member State)

South African Development Community (SADC)


The SADC-GMI through the World Bank is implementing the Cooperation in International Water in Africa (CIWA) funded Sustainable Groundwater Management in SADC Member States phase 2 project (2021 – 2025) “The project”. Under Phase 1 (2015 – 2021), of the Sustainable Groundwater Management in SADC Member States project, funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Trust Fund Cooperation in International Waters in Africa (CIWA) through the World Bank, SADC-GMI implemented 13 small-scale/ pilot groundwater-related projects in 10 SADC Member States as part of the sub-grant scheme. These projects ranged from drilling production boreholes in underserved communities, equipping monitoring boreholes and equipping boreholes with solar pumps. Sub-grantees were required to fulfil the environmental and social safeguard requirements contained in the Operational Policies of the World Bank. The Operational Policies have since been replaced by the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) (World Bank, 2017) which will apply to phase 2 of the project.

Based anywhere in the SADC member states, The Southern African Development Community Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) seeks to appoint a


The overall responsibility of the Environmental and Social Management Specialist (ESMS) is to provide environmental and social management advice and support to the SADC-GMI and project stakeholders regarding the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater in SADC Member States project phase 2 in line with the provisions of the ESMF, ESCP, SEP, Grant Agreement, World Bank ESF and associated project agreements.

The ESMS, who will work within a diverse team of experts, will report directly to the SADC-GMI Executive Director, and serve as the focal point for all environmental and social management issues in the project involving all project stakeholders including the World Bank, sub-grantees, SADC Member States and the SADC-GMI Project Management Team.

The specific duties and responsibilities of the ESMS will include, but not limited to:

• Ensuring that sub-Grantees in the different SADC Member States screen each sub-grant project and its activities in line with the requirements of the ESMF and prepare and implement relevant environmental and social instruments in accordance with the project documents and the World Bank ESF;
• Prepare guidelines, tools and notes for use in the project based on relevant environmental and social policies, acts and regulations/ directives of the SADC Member States and relevant World Bank ESF and World Bank Group Environmental, Health and Safety guideline requirements ;
• Review and facilitate approval of the environmental and social screening of sub-projects and activities done by the sub-Grantees, and help to prepare sub-project ESMPs;
• Provide support in the supervision and monitoring of sub-projects in the SADC Member States for compliance with the applicable World Bank Policies/guidelines and E&S requirements on a regular basis, which may include, overseeing Environmental and Social analysis of elevated risk sub-grant projects, and recommending risk mitigation measures where necessary.
• Resolving Environmental and Social issues in case of non-compliance, and where needed, preparing a time-bound Environmental and Social action plans with specific follow-up procedures.
• Reporting Environmental and Social safeguards incidents to the Executive Director of the SADC-GMI and the World Bank in a timely manner
• Training of peers, sub-grantees and National Focal Groups on environmental and social awareness and management, as necessary.
• Prepare environmental and social information materials and help SADC-GMI in disseminating the information to the relevant stakeholders;
• Review sub-project and activity plans, designs, costs, and bid documents to ensure environmental and social factors and mitigations are incorporated, and subproject/activity documents and environmental documents are in harmony;
• Assist in the development of the Terms of reference for in-country ESS consultants for sub-grants projects.
• Participate in carrying out site supervisions during implementation of subprojects and activities, and provide feedback to the SADC-GMI Executive Director;
• Organise and participate in conducting evaluation of ESMP Compliance;
• Liaise with sub-Grantees and SADC Member State stakeholders in organizing local-level interaction programs on environmental screening and environmental awareness as well as organize national level consultations with major stakeholders as necessary;
• Take part in monthly progress meetings for sub-grants projects.
• Prepare and submit quarterly environmental and social implementation progress reports to the World Bank
• Preparation of close out reports for sub-grant projects
• Produce reports in a manner understood by non-technical people for effective disclosure, dissemination and reporting purposes;

Job Requirements: 

The ESMS must meet the following criteria:

• A minimum of a Masters’ Degree in Environmental Management, natural resources management
(e.g. land, water etc.), environmental engineering, development studies, or equivalent; with proven experience in Social Safeguards issues working with vulnerable groups in particular women, youths, persons with disabilities.

• A minimum of 8 years of post-qualification experience handling environmental and social safeguards programs of donor funded programmes
• Demonstrated 3 years’ experience managing and/or implementing training and capacity building programs;
• Proven knowledge in sustainable development financing and environmental and social risk management, preferably within the international development sector;
• Proficiency in the usage of computers and office software packages (word processing, spreadsheet etc.) and experience in handling of web-based data and information management systems;
• Proven organizational, problem solving and decision-making skills with the ability to build partnerships, work in multinational teams and deliver results.
• Ability to establish and maintain relationships with Senior Government and Non-Governmental stakeholders.
• Work experience in donor funded projects and other relevant institutions and experience of working and managing World Bank Environmental and Social risks will be an added advantage;
• Multi-country working experience on infrastructure, especially water (groundwater) projects in the SADC region involving the private and public sector institutions is a requirement;
• Must be a citizen of any one of the 16 SADC Member States
• Fluency and professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory. Ability to work in the other SADC official languages (French, Portuguese and Swahili) is desirable.

The successful Specialist will be offered a performance-based contract for a cumulative 450 person-days deployed over a period of 36 months (average of 150 person-days/year) with an option for extension, thereafter, depending on satisfactory performance and the availability of funding.

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Job Type: Freelance

Company Name: The Southern African Development Community Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI)

Company Location: African Countries