Bangladesh nationals: Senior Hydraulic Structure Design Engineer / Team Leader

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Expertise: water resources engineering, Hydraulic Structure Design Engineer
Expertise Group: Engineering

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: water resources engineering, Hydraulic Structure Design Engineer

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

A transaction technical assistance (TA) is preparing the proposed Climate and Disaster Resilient Small-
Scale Water Resources Management Project (CDRSSWRMP, the project). The TA is administered by the Asian
Development Bank (ADB) and financed by ADB’s Technical Assistance Special Fund and the Netherlands Trust
Fund under the Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF-NET). The project will improve agricultural
productivity and profitability through effective, participatory, and sustainable small-scale water
resources (SSWR) management in the selected project locations. The project will cover 42 districts and
four of the six hotspots of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, namely: (i) the Barind and drought prone
areas; (ii) the coastal zone; (iii) the Haor and flash flood areas; and (iv) the river systems and
estuaries. The project will invest in 150 new subprojects and a minimum of 230 performance enhancement
subprojects, as well as the emergency reconstruction and modernization of the Bakkhali rubber dam (BRD).
The interventions will focus on (i) flood and drought management; (ii) drainage improvement; and (iii)
existing irrigation systems modernization. They will benefit 335,000 households (HH), including improved
livelihood of 30,000 women of poor/smallholder and 45,000 functionally landless HHs, over a total of
220,000 hectares (ha). The executing agency is the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED).

The project has three outputs:
(i) Output 1: Participatory subproject development and management improved. This output will (i)
establish 150 new inclusive WMCAs; (ii) support existing WMCAs of approximately 230 existing subprojects
to implement performance enhancement works with refresher training for improved management, and O&M;
(iii) form and support about 500 inclusive (women and youth) subcommittees managing O&M, agriculture,
and fisheries development, and 100 women-only subcommittees managing women’s development; and (iv)
strengthen the IWRMU of LGED.
(ii) Output 2: Small-scale water resources infrastructure with climate and disaster resilient features
developed or enhanced. This output will (i) develop 150 new climate, and disaster resilient subprojects
benefitting approximately 86,000 ha; (ii) enhance approximately 230 existing WMCAs’ infrastructure with
climate and disaster resilient features to improve systems performance benefitting about 130,000 ha;
(iii) provide emergency reconstruction and modernization of the BRD; and (iv) improve rural connectivity
within and to the subprojects by upgrading about 110 km of on-farm and village roads together with
ancillary culverts and small single span bridges as appropriate.
(iii) Output 3: Upazila- and WMCA-level agribusinesses enhanced, and vulnerables’ livelihood supported.
It will increase the income of WMCAs and support the sustainability of WMCAs and improve livelihoods of
vulnerable people, women, disabled people, and landless by enhancing their economic and social
development opportunities through agricultural and fisheries businesses. The following activities will
be financed: (i) formation of WMCA subcommittees for agriculture, fisheries development, and women’s
income generation and empowerment; (ii) training for WMCA main and subcommittee members for good
agriculture or aquaculture practices, climate smart natural resource management, business plan
preparation, accessing financial services, and grain storages and marketing; (iii) facilitation of
meetings between producers and buyers, and development of market analysis and standards for 10 selected
crops, (iv) in line with approved business plans, provision of facilities, machinery and equipment for
crop post-harvest management, for fishpond development, cage aquaculture, and floodplain fisheries, and
for enterprises managed by women; and (v) modern market facilities with cold storages for fruit,
vegetables, fish and meat at the Upazila level, as well as improved local/ roadside markets.

An internationally-led project preparation consulting services (PPCS) team is working closely with the
project Focal Person of LGED to prepare the feasibility study of each of the 30 new subprojects, 50
performance enhancement subprojects, and the emergency reconstruction and modernization of the Bakkhali
rubber dam.

The technical feasibility of the project has been confirmed through the TA. The project includes: (i)
several climate and disaster resilience measures; (ii) a range of technical and other innovations for
more productive agriculture and higher labor, energy, and water efficiencies; and (iii) synergies with
other projects.

The objective of this assignment is to support LGED to undertake the detailed design of 30 new
subprojects, 50 performance enhancement subprojects, and the emergency reconstruction and modernization
of the Bakkhali rubber dam, hence enabling LGED to be timely tender out the respective civil works
packages. This assignment contributes to enhance the overall project readiness before ADB Board
consideration for approval of the project.

Scope of Work

ADB will recruit one Senior Hydraulic Structure Design Engineer/Team Leader and three Hydraulic
Structure Design Engineers who will work together and closely with LGED and the PPCS team to support
preparation of the detailed designs of 30 new subprojects, 50 performance enhancement subprojects, and
the emergency reconstruction and modernization of the Bakkhali rubber dam. Also, AutoCAD staff will be
recruited separately under the PPCS team to prepare the detailed design drawings.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The Senior Hydraulic Structure Design Engineer/Team Leader will perform and deliver, but not limited to,
the following tasks and outputs:
(i) Lead the team of Hydraulic Structure Design Engineers to be recruited by ADB to support LGED with
timely delivery of high quality detailed designs, including coordinating the tasks of the team,
providing them with technical guidance as appropriate, and reporting regularly progress and issues (if
any) to the project Focal Person in LGED and the ADB Mission Leader.
(ii) Ensure high quality of all detailed designs: together with the Hydraulic Structure Design
Engineers, they will support preparing detailed designs to ensure full compliance with LGED’s design
standards for hydraulic structures (regulators, sluices, water retention structures, rubber dam, etc.),
bar bending schedule, cost effectiveness, innovation and environmental impacts, including (a) ease of
sustainable operations and maintenance, (b) cumulative impacts of subprojects on flows and river levels,
(c) provision for migratory fish at structures as required and advised by PPCS/LGED focal person, (d)
minimization of land and asset acquisition, and (e) tree preservation.
(iii) Undertake, when appropriate, a site visit to finalize location of structures further to the
feasibility study and the draft bill of quantities (BoQ) (both documents will be provided by the Focal
Person of LGED for each subproject);
(iv) Prepare detailed quantities and cost estimates for the BoQs for each subproject assigned, with
separate quantities and document for works to be carried out by contactors and by beneficiary labor
contracting societies (LCS) (all other parts of the bidding documents will be prepared by LGED and the
PPCS team);
(v) Review all draft detailed designs prepared by the team members prior to their submission to the
project focal person in LGED for approval;
(vi) Participate in design discussion meetings with the local people/ stakeholders to present the
designs for their comments, as required by the project Focal Person in LGED;
(vii) Provide ADB Mission Leader (with a copy to LGED) every 2 weeks with a short progress report (2
pages maximum) of the assignment, including work completed and planned, potential issues and
recommendations, and any other relevant information related to the assignment;
(viii) Perform other tasks as may be requested by the ADB Mission Leader from time to time.

It is expected that the Senior Hydraulic Structure Design Engineer/Team Leader spends (i) 30% of his/her
time leading and supervising the Hydraulic Structure Design Engineers engaged by ADB, including
technical reviews of all their draft outputs and (ii) 70% supporting LGED in the preparation of the
detailed designs assigned to him/her by ADB Mission Leader.

It is expected that the Senior Hydraulic Structure Design Engineer provides comments on each draft
detailed design within 3 working days of their complete submission by any member of the of the Hydraulic
Structure Design Engineer engaged by ADB.

LGED will provide comments on, or approval of, each detailed design within 7 days of their submission by
the Senior Hydraulic Structure Design Engineer/Team Leader.

With particular reference to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), any need for international and/or national
travel shall be assessed by ADB and the
Consultant using ADB’s advice at the time of travel. Subject to ADB’s approval, the Consultant may use
remote video technology meetings to replace
face to face meetings as considered necessary.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in civil or water resources engineering from a recognized institution. A Master’s
degree in either topic is preferred.
• 15 years of relevant professional experience in the water engineering sector, including 12 years of
specific experience as Hydraulic Structure Design Engineer.
• Preference will be given to engineers with hands-on experience in the design of rubber dams.

Minimum General Experience: 15 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 12 Years