Regional recruitment: Strengthening WASH Practices and Hygiene Behavioral Change in the Pacific

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Expertise: WASH, Public Health, Community engagement
Expertise Group: Project Management/ Institutional Development

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: WASH, Public Health, Community engagement

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The regional knowledge and support technical assistance (TA) will strengthen the capacity of Pacific
developing member countries (PDMCs) to prevent disease transmission through enhanced water, sanitation,
and hygiene (WASH) practices and a strengthened associated enabling environment. The interventions will
directly address the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic by: (i) improving WASH practices through
behavioral change campaigns in households, communities, schools, markets, health care facilities,
transport hubs, and other public areas; and (ii) strengthening the capacity of WASH service providers
and other stakeholders so that WASH improvements are sustained.

ADB is at different stages of recruiting national consultants in several PDMCs, who will form the in-
country WASH Project Implementation Unit (PIU) for the TA. The position currently advertised is for the
WASH and behavior change expert (PIU head) in Solomon Islands. The Consultant will be supported by an
ADB country focal, international consultants (WASH expert, utility advisor, communication specialist,
and a gender expert); and other national consultants on a needs basis.

The water utility or WASH cluster is expected to be the TA local project coordination unit (PCU) for day-
to-day, in-country activities. The PIU’s role will be to: (i) facilitate engagement with the PCU in
relation to the TA activities; (ii) support ADB and the international consultants engaged under the TA
with coordination and information gathering; and (iii) design and implement country-specific WASH action
plans and campaigns.

Scope of Work

The Consultant is expected to coordinate in-country TA activities, facilitating discussions with key
counterparts and liaising with local community networks and media organizations on the planning and
implementation of activities under the TA.

Three main areas of support have been identified for the Solomon Islands. These are related to (i) a
national hygiene promotion campaign, (ii) support to Solomon Water on WASH promotion and behavior change
in a selected informal settlement(s), and (iii) strengthening Solomon Water, Ministry of Health and
Medical Service and Honiara City Council’s capacity for effective WASH programs. The Consultant will
work with the government WASH cluster and water utility to confirm and undertake detailed planning for
all activities and to confirm the populations and public areas to be targeted. The Consultant will then,
in coordination with the ADB TA team, design a localized WASH plan and/or campaign with consideration of
lessons learned from previous programs, communication campaigns, local culture, social norms, gender,
the needs of vulnerable groups, demand and strategic directions. The detailed WASH activity proposal
will be reviewed and endorsed by the key counterparts.
The Consultant will then lead the implementation of the WASH campaign and activities in-country, under
the supervision of the ADB TA team and the international WASH advisor, Utility advisor and other
regional consultants, and in close coordination with key counterparts in-country. The expert is also
expected to participate regularly in ADB team meetings and webinars related to the TA implementation and
recommend actions that can help to scale up interventions and ensure sustainability of interventions.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The PIU head will prepare monthly reports for submission to the international WASH advisor and ADB,
which will capture:
(i) minutes of meeting with key stakeholders;
(ii) data from any baseline WASH surveys;
(iii) details of WASH plans and campaign activities (and propose adjustments, if any);
(iv) monitoring of indicators including but not limited to those captured in the TA design & monitoring
framework (DMF);
(v) records of any purchase and distribution of goods (e.g. PPEs, promotional materials) and services (e.
g. photographers, graphic designers, etc) through the TA;
(vi) records of installation of materials by the WASH service provider/water utility (e.g. handwashing
stations, water supply fixtures, etc.);
(vii) reports of any training and capacity building programs conducted, and
(viii) key challenges faced and recommended solution(s).

This work builds on a previous consultancy. This assignment is for 130 days intermittently over 11
months (May 2022 – March 2023) and may be renewed subject to satisfactory performance and depending on
the activities proposed in-country under the TA.

Specific WASH activities to be further developed for potential implementation include:

a) Pursue stakeholder discussions with key stakeholders including Solomon Water, Ministry of Health,
Honiara City Council and others for the targeting, design and support of project activities in mass
hygiene promotion campaigns and installation of handwashing stations or WASH facilities to support
hygiene behavior change in informal settlements and other priority activities;
b) Assist with local procurement of goods and services to support the implementation of TA project
c) Prepare criteria assessment and WASH activity proposal on the development and roll-out a national
urban mass WASH promotional campaign in conjunction with Solomon Water targeting communities in Honiara
and selected provincial capitals;
d) Identify new opportunities and formats to build on and extend mass WASH promotional campaign (i.e.
jingle, z-card) in communities, schools and on mass media (e.g. social media, radio, etc.);
e) Support the scoping of work, recruitment and implementation of community-level hygiene behavior
change campaigns for targeted informal settlements in Honiara, with messaging aligning to Solomon Water
community WASH sanitation and hygiene campaigns;
f) Prepare scope of works for resource persons and/or NGO to undertake community-level hygiene promotion
as required;
g) Promote occupational health and safety of sanitation workers and gender mainstreaming in utility
operations and WASH service delivery;
h) Work to strengthen WASH groups/associations or local networks to mainstream WASH behavior change
communication campaigns in target informal communities;
i) Liaise closely with Solomon Water and identify and notify ADB TA team of any needs, requests or
concerns raised;
j) Support the selection process and implementation oversight of resource persons and/or NGO to
implement community WASH outreach activities; and
k) Provide country-level oversight of TA program and activities, including coordination with key
government institutions, development partners and other sector stakeholders.

With particular reference to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), any need for international and/or national
travel shall be assessed by ADB and the Consultant using ADB’s advice at the time of travel. Subject to
ADB’s approval, the Consultant may use remote video technology meetings to replace face to face meetings
as considered necessary.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The consultant will have an educational background in WASH, public health or a related discipline, and
experience related to the delivery of community-based projects or local implementation of national
development programs or projects.

If the selected expert is an academic, s/he has to notify the University that s/he is undertaking a paid
consultancy with the ADB.

Minimum General Experience: 5 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 5 Years