AIP Coordinator (Botswana)

Global Water Partnership (GWP)

Gaborone, Botswana 🇧🇼

REPORTS TO:                SDG Water Investments Specialist

LOCATION:                    Botswana 

DURATION:                   Until 30 June 2023

CONTRACT TYPE:        Long-term consultancy contract

DEADLINE:                    13 May 2022 – 00:00 (midnight) Pretoria


The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a multi-stakeholder platform and an action network, supported by a global secretariat that was established as an intergovernmental organization to support countries in their efforts to implement a more equitable and sustainable management of their water resources. The GWP network spans 13 regions with more 60 country water partnerships and over 3,000 institutional Partners in 180+ countries. More information:

The GWP overall program is implemented through a Global Secretariat, a Global Technical Committee and 13 Regional Water Partnerships (further decentralized into Country Water Partnerships)1. The GWP Africa Coordination Unit (CU) supports the implementation of the portfolio of projects across the five GWP African regions and is the focal point for GWP’s engagement with the broader pan-African agenda and responsible actors, including the African Union. The CU is hosted by the GWP Southern Africa Regional Secretariat located in Pretoria, South Africa. In addition, GWP Southern Africa hosts the GWP global theme on Climate resilience and is charged with providing global strategic leadership and coordination of implementation of the GWP strategy on climate. GWPSA has over 350 partners from across all SADC member states with 12 Country water Partnerships, including GWP Botswana.

GWP Botswana (GWP BW) was launched in October 2003 as a chapter of GWP-SA. The Partnership was established with a mission to promote collaboration and sustainable utilization and management of water resources in Botswana through exchange of knowledge, experience and the practice of IWRM. The partnership is managed by committee members comprising selected stakeholders including officials from DWA, the University of Botswana, Department of Gender, Ditswanelo, and Water Resources Consultants. The Lead ministry aligned to the BCWP, represented by the Department of Water Affairs. The Partnership’s secretariat is hosted by the Kalahari Conservation Society (KCS), and the Chair is from the University of Botswana (School of Environmental Science). GWP Botswana assists government in planning the sustainable and rational utilization, protection, conservation and management of environment and water resources based on community needs and priorities within the framework of national development policies and Vision 2016. Water Awareness Committees (inter-ministerial facilitated by DWA) targeting schools and general public, fundraised, and implemented demonstration projects in schools.


The Assembly of the African Union Heads of State and Government adopted the Continental Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP) as part of Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa – Priority Action Plan 2 (PIDA-PAP 2) during the 34th ordinary session of the African Union summit on 7 February 2021. 

The goal of the AIP is to transform the investment outlook for water security and sustainable sanitation for a prosperous, peaceful and equitable Africa. The objective is to enhance job creation through gender-sensitive investments in water security and climate-resilient development. 

Delivery of water investments in Africa is lagging the continent’s economic and social needs. The African Development Bank estimates that US$ 64 billion is required annually to meet the 2025 Africa water vision of water security for all; but the actual figure invested stands between US$10-US$19 billion per year. AIP aims to narrow the water investment gap by leveraging US$30 billion in climate-resilient water investments by 2030 and create 5 million jobs towards the African water vision and SDG 6 targets.

The AIP is implemented through three support programs:

  1. AIP Transboundary PIDA Water Investments
  2. AIP Water Climate Development and Gender Investment (AIP WACDEP-G)
  3. AIP SDG Water Investments


The Botswana AIP Programme Coordinator will be responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing the AIP programme portfolio in Botswana. The Programme Coordinator will work under the guidance of the GWPSA Senior Technical Advisor and GWP Botswana Coordinator and Chair. The AIP Programme Coordinator will be based at KCS which will be responsible for the overall project coordination. S/he will also be responsible for ensuring that the implementation of new and ongoing projects is aligned with the AIP programme portfolio in Botswana. In addition, AIP implementation leverages new and ongoing projects and programmes that are aligned with the overall goals and objectives of the AIP Botswana and GWP Botswana below. 

Specific Tasks

1. Coordinate implementation of the GCCA+ IWRM pilot project

GCCA+ Project

Global Water Partnership Southern Africa (GWPSA) is supporting the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat to implement the Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (GCCA+) programme in the SADC region. The GCCA+ programme aims to build capabilities of SADC Member States (MS) to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change, in support of the achievement of the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP), Africa Agenda 2063 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and the Paris Agreement. The programme will support Botswana to implement the Paris Agreement priorities.

Climate change poses a number of risks to the SADC region such as increased frequency of floods, cyclones, and droughts. Most of the impacts of climate change are felt through its effect on water security. However, enough attention has not been given to water security as a means of building climate resilience and green economy. It is only recently that water issues are being discussed in global climate change platforms and included in National Determined Contribution (NDC).

Botswana is one of the countries that is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Both the revised NDC and the National Adaptation Programmes of Actions (NPA) shows that Water, Energy and Agriculture sectors are a priority for climate investments. There is a need for affordable, renewable energy that can be used for water supply and food production.

Due to Botswana being vulnerable to the effects of climate change, it is important to provide support that will assist Botswana to adapt to the impact of climate change through climate resilient Integrated Resources Management (IWRM) interventions. As a result, GWPSA and SADC secretariat through the GCCA+ programme is supporting Botswana to implement a climate IWRM pilot project in the Metsimotlhabe River Basin.  The AIP Programme Coordinator will support this process.

The proposed action will strengthen the climate resilience of local communities in the Metsimotlhabe River Basin, Botswana through the pilot implementation of climate-resilient Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) intervention solutions. Pilot interventions will be upscaled through this project by supporting the mobilisation of climate finance in each country through the development of a Green Climate Fund (GCF) Concept Note and Project Preparation Facility (PPF) request.

The projects aim is to contribute towards two specific objectives (1) to design and implement pilot projects on adaptation by Member States and (2) Strengthen the capacity of SADC Member States to undertake regional and national adaptation and mitigation actions.

The AIP Programme Coordinator is expected to play a key role through providing the following technical support:

  • Provide overall project coordination and oversight at the catchment level under the supervision of the GWP Botswana Coordinator and Chair
  • Establish and maintain a close working relationship with the Regional Water Partnership, GWPSA, the Botswana Water Partnership and the Regional Coordinator for GCCA+ IWRM Project
  • Provide support towards the design, implementation, and management of the IWRM interventions.
  • Guide the undertaking of capacity needs assessment for Botswana’s Metsimotlhabe catchment
  • Ensure stakeholder engagement, gender and social inclusion integration to ensure equality and inclusivity, community mobilization, creating an understanding of the IWRM and climate resilience interface.
  • Prepare detail program work plan, budget, and capacity building plan for IWRM interventions in Botswana
  • Prepare monthly program implementation progress updates and submit to the RWP, GWPSA and GWP Botswana
  • Prepare quarterly and annual narrative and financial reports and submit to the RWP, GWP BW, GWPSA, Regional Coordinator who is in charge of overall reporting and submission SADC
  • Coordinate program evaluation and audit when requested by the RWP, GWP BW, GWPSA, and Global Programme Specialist
  • Coordinate procurement and audits
  • Ensure knowledge management, capacity development through the AIP project,
  • Establish Monitoring & Evaluation and progress tracking instruments for the project

2. Coordinate the implementation of AIP related projects in Botswana

In addition to coordinating GCCA+ IWRM implementation, the programme coordinator will also support implementation of the following on-going and new regional projects and ensure their synergy with the broader AIP goals and objectives:

  • SDG 6.5.1 Support Programme-support implementation of IWRM and capacity development
  • Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Support development of Readiness Programmes in Botswana to enhance capacity to access climate finance, knowledge management and pipeline development for GCF investment projects.
  • Intra -ACP Global Climate Change Alliance+ in Southern Africa- The project’s objective is to increase the capabilities of SADC Member States to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change.
  • SADC WEF Youth Innovation Network (SAYWIN) was launched at the 2019 SADC Energy and Water Minister’s meeting. The project aims to catalyse and advocate for job creation through youth entrepreneurship and empowerment in the implement of the SDGs A Youth Coordinator, based in Gaborone has been appointed to support the youth activities.
  • SADC WEF Regional Dialogues Project through coordination of the National Dialogue and investment proposal development in Botswana

3. Botswana AIP Country Programme Development

  • Lead the development of the AIP Botswana Country Program
  • Develop an AIP detailed program work plan, budget, and resource mobilisation plan for AIP
  • Identify national opportunities for AIP programme development
  • Lead the development of concept notes and proposals for resource mobilisation to ensure full operationalisation of the AIP Botswana
  • Manage the AIP Botswana portfolio and project staff appointed to support the implementation
  • Coordinate administrative, logistics and financial support to AIP Botswana programme activities.

4. Programme Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation

  • Prepare and submit to GWP BW and GWPSA-ACU monthly AIP Programme implementation progress updates.
  • Prepare quarterly reports covering IWRM activities in Botswana and submit them to GWPSA-ACU, GWP BW and the AIP SDG Water investments Specialist in charge of overall reporting and submission to the donor.
  • Prepare and submit to GWPSA-ACU and GWP BW annual narrative and financial reports on the AIP Botswana Programme.
  • Coordinate IWRM programme evaluation and audit at the country level.
  • Work closely with the Finance and Administration Unit of GWPSA-ACU and GWP BW.

5. Knowledge management and communication

  • Develop and implement a communication and outreach strategy for the AIP Botswana and IWRM Programme in cooperation with GWPSA-ACU, GWP BW, the SDG Water investments Specialist and the GWP communications team.
  • Capture key programme outputs/outcomes and lessons generated from the processes and activities at the country level.
  • Facilitate sharing of lessons among the national and regional stakeholders.
  • Coordinate and share content and key outcomes with communications team in Pretoria.
  • Contribute to knowledge sharing across IWRM countries.

6. Support institutional strengthening of GWP Botswana

  • Support processes and activities to strengthen GWP Botswana, including partners networking
  • Support GWP Botswana knowledge management and information sharing
  • Ensure that the relevant stakeholders in Botswana are engaged in GWP programs
  • Participate in GWPSA-ACU Programme coordination meetings
  • Support coordination and implementation of the in-country GWPSA activities
  • Assist with requests that may come from GWPSA-ACU.


The Programme Coordinator will:

  • Work under the supervision of the GWP BW Coordinator on operational and day to day activities and GWP BW Chair who will mainly be overseeing strategic direction of the project
  • Report and be accountable to the GWP Botswana Chair, GWPSA Senior Technical Advisor
  • Work closely with the GWPSA Finance and Administration, and Knowledge Management and Communications Teams
  • Maintain good working relationships with other staff at GWP Botswana and GWPSA-ACU
  • Perform other prioritised duties as agreed upon with GWPSA Executive Secretary and GWP Botswana Chair


Interested candidates for the Botswana AIP Programme Coordinator position are required to have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Minimum qualification master’s degree in project management, international development, water resources management, climate change, environmental protection, social development, sociology, gender, or related area.
  • Understand water resources management and governance, stakeholder engagement, climate change, development (SDGs), gender and related issues.
  • Understand the institutional and policy environments around water security, climate resilience building and gender equality in the country.
  • Experience working within multi-stakeholder platforms and supporting change processes.
  • At least five years of relevant experience in the above areas focused on policy analysis, stakeholder engagement and project management. Experience working in Botswana and/or different countries in the SADC region.
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills and very good organisational and task management skills demonstrated teamwork skills and the ability to work independently
  • Demonstrated ability in project management, including workplan development, tracking, budgeting, and reporting.
  • Experience collaborating and or working with government institutions and agencies preferred.
  • An understanding of Botswana’s context related to climate resilience and water security
  • Experience in developing and executing a knowledge Management and Communications Strategy
  • Demonstrated understanding of Botswana’s national and regional context of development, climate change impacts, climate vulnerability, natural resources management, development (SDGs) and related issues.
  • Strong research and analytical skills, spreadsheet, spatial data base management skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in multi-cultural environment
  • Excellent writing and communication skills in English.


  • Interested applicants should submit a one-page motivation letter that addresses GWP BW/ GWPSA’s requirements stated above, a curriculum vitae, and contact information of three professional referees who may be contacted if you are shortlisted for the position
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted within 4-6 weeks after the application deadline.
  • Applications are accepted in English only and through the online application system and not via email: 
  • Women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Questions can be directed to [email protected]
  • Deadline: 9 May 2022 – 00:00 (midnight) Pretoria