Post-doctoral position in geology and geochemistry H/F

Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM)

Orléans, France 🇫🇷

Description du poste


F08 Géochimie – Ingénieur·e

Intitulé du poste

Post-doctoral position in geology and geochemistry H/F



Temps de travail

Temps complet

Durée du contrat

18 mois

Description de la mission

National geological service, the BRGM is the benchmark public establishment in earth science
applications for managing soil and subsoil resources and risks ( Its action is oriented
towards scientific research, support for public policies and international cooperation.
Within the water process and analyses department (DEPA) and in collaboration with georesources
department (DGR), you will participate in research activities to study the geochemical characteristics
of quartz in alluvial systems.

The BRGM Research Fellow will have to carry out the optical and spectral analyses in CL, so as to carry
out the color map (classification) of each type of quartz taken on site. He/she will also be in charge of
the LA-ICP-MS analyses and their processing and interpretation. Finally, she/he will have to compile all
the CL, (EPMA), LA-ICP-MS and LIBS information (provided by a project partner) in order to establish
an “identity card” of the different types of quartz in the areas concerned. This identity card will be
completed by ESR and OSL response to a (chemical) quartz type. In a second time, the post-doctoral
student will realized similar “identity card” on quartz from current and fossil sediments.


The quartz-project, funded by ANR aim to discriminate the quartz grains within an alluvial system,
using their luminescence (OSL technic) and electron spin resonance (ESR technic) properties together
with their composition in trace element, to determine their source origin and better understand the
variations of their characteristics within the sediment in braided rivers. Such an understanding of
alluvial systems would help to evaluate the external forcing, the variation over time of the alluvial
dynamics and to estimate the volumes of sediments transported from a “source to sink” (S2S)
approach. Moreover, the comprehension of the quartz grains mobilization and transport may be useful
in the identification of preferential concentrations of some primary mineral resources (placer, lithium
salaars, jadar,…). The project is divided in Tree steps. The first will be focus to create an “identity card”
for all the identified Type of rock collected in the studded source area.
In this context, BRGM offer a post-doctoral position to realize a geochemical characterisation of
quartz from the QUARTZ project.


Education level: PhD

Skills and qualities required:
• Solid skills in geology (mineralogy, geochemistry)
• Solid skills in petrographic and geochemical characterization techniques
• Attraction for laboratory analysis technics (optical microscopy, electron probe, SEM, mass
spectrometry, etc.)
• Adaptability
• Autonomy
• Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team (chemist, geological engineers, etc.)
• Fluency in oral and written English

Spécificité du poste

Position duration: 18 months
The position is based at (Orléans) (45, France) from 01/09/2022.
Cover letter and CV should be sent before 30/04/2022.

Localisation du poste

France, Centre-Val de Loire, Loiret (45)

Ville: Orléans