Turkmenistan nationals: Water Sector Financing Consultant

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Turkmenistan 🇹🇲

Expertise: Water Sector Expert
Expertise Group: Finance and Investment

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: water infrastructure financing

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The CAREC Institute (CI) is engaging the services of National Consultant – Water Sector Financing in
Turkmenistan (individual), with expertise and experience in the water sector, water infrastructure
financing, water economics, law, and management.

Rationale and Purpose of the Assignment:

Water is arguably one of the most constrained and valuable resources in Central Asia sustaining the
bedrock of its socioeconomic development. The infrastructure needs of this government-dominated water
sector has long been ignored since the Soviet era. The water sector has had a relatively low profile
compared to other sectors such as energy, transport, telecommunications, etc., which has limited
investment flows. It also has been the least reformed one, keeping Soviet time-planning and management
approaches until the mid-2000s. Limited funding for operating and maintaining infrastructure undermined
the efforts to make changes in the water systems. In the early 2000s, the countries started to exercise
Integrated Water Management with the support of international partners . However, those reforms did not provide expected outcomes.

Most of the economic and financial regulations in the water sector are outdated, which were developed
during the last decade of the Soviet Union. The current financial system of the water sector is lacking
efficiency and effectiveness indicators. Moreover, investment environment in the water sector is not
supportive of private funding. The high competition for public funds led to deficiency in financing of
water sector needs in Central Asian countries. Therefore, malfunctioning of the infrastructure due to
both aging and delayed operation and maintenance became regular at all levels of the water systems in
the region. The situation especially dire on local and basin level in Central Asia. These all make it
imperative to set up sustainable financing mechanisms for the water sector.

Sustainable financing can be unlocked through close collaboration of governments with their partners in
development finance institutions for better mobilizing private sector financing at scale. To put this
challenge into perspective and bring potential solutions into sight, this research project will explore
the water sector in Central Asia via three-pronged strategy by building on the findings of the Water
Pillar scoping study. First, governance and capability gaps hindering private sector investment will be
revealed. Second, real-world case examples will be identified and explored how they can be replicated
and recalibrated in Central Asia. Third, building on the previous point, a series of multi-stakeholder
water dialogue meetings will be organized with the participation of relevant sector representatives,
regional and international partners to discuss the ways to unlock and scale up private financing for the
water sector. All in all, the project attempts to find ways how to bring the water sector and water
infrastructure into the group of collateral investible assets.

Therefore, the CAREC Institute proposes a research project on the analysis of water infrastructure
financing and potential for increased private sector’s role. This contributes to the function -1 of the
CAREC Water Pillar- investment support for water infrastructure. The project team will keep close
contact and engagement with ADB CAREC Water Pillar team in all activities, including planning,
implementing and results sharing.

Scope of Work

The national consultant will work closely and under direct guidance of CAREC Institute’s project lead
and will provide expertise and necessary resources to deliver the following tasks:

  1. Assessment of water sector financing in Turkmenistan
    • Review annual budget allocation for water sector financing
    • Review water service (drinking water, hot water, irrigation water, water pumping, water reservation,
    water infrastructure maintenance etc.) providing mechanisms/ systems and price formation for services.
    • Analyze sectoral and sub-sectoral financing priorities of the country
    • Identify water sector financing gaps
    • Assess private capital participation in the water sector financing
  2. Review of legal, organizational and governance provisions of water sector financing in Turkmenistan
    • Review existing key water policies, legal instruments, considering how they currently support
    financing for the water sector
    • Analyze water sector and sub sectoral legal instruments for investments
    • Identify legal gaps in water sector financing
    • Assess private capital participation in water sector financing from legal perspective

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

National consultant will assist the CAREC Institute project lead in producing expected project outputs
(report, policy papers/briefs, presentation) by preparing:

  1. Draft national report on water sector financing in Turkmenistan: current state and potential for
    developing the role of the private sector
  2. Final national report on water sector financing in Turkmenistan: current state and potential for
    developing the role of the private sector
  3. Review of current water infrastructure in Turkmenistan: needs assessment and development plans

Minimum Qualification Requirements

  • MSc /PHD degree (preferably) in a relevant field (Water Finance, Investment, Water Law and Policy,
    Water (Environmental) Governance, Public Policy, Water Resources Management, Management).
  • At least 5 years research experience in water sector financing and/or governance analysis;
  • Demonstrated (research) experience in and understanding of water sector financing, governance, water
    (environmental) law and management;
  • Solid understanding of public, private and hybrid models of financing governance for the water
  • Strong analytical skills with demonstrated research experience in water management topics;
  • Publication record related to areas of water resources management and financing.
  • Working experience in the respective country’s government and/or international organizations such as
    the UN, World Bank or ADB would be a distinct advantage.
  • Working experience in Central Asia in water and environmental financing related issues would be a
    strong advantage.

Minimum General Experience: 7 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 7 Years