Consultant: Remote Sensing/GIS Expert via LinkedIn

Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR)

Pune, Maharashtra, India 🇮🇳


At Watershed Organisation Trust ( we are building mobile first, technology assisted solutions at the intersection of multiple domains including but not limited to Agriculture, Water Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Health, Nutrition, and Sanitation among others with a special emphasis on vulnerable communities, farmers, and women.

This is a limited duration project contract to develop a highly efficient and accurate model for estimating soil moisture, crop type, stress and soil & leaf nutrient status at farm level. The model should be highly efficient computationally to work at scale across India. It is especially challenging because we have to make it work at farm level and farm sizes in India are quite small, often models from developed countries don’t work quite well. You will work with cross functional team members including agriculture engineers and software engineers during model building and deployment of the solution.

If you are curious to learn and put your creative problem solving hat to solve big tech problems at scale, please reach out.

Milestones / Responsibilities

● Literature review of related remote sensing research within or outside Agriculture domain specifically with soil moisture estimation, crop type and stress estimation, soil & plan NPL estimation.

● Source public datasets for above tasks and use it to build, train and validate AI/ML models.

● Develop API of a working model including all exceptions, failover process

● Develop model maintenance guidelines and model upgrade pipeline

● Develop end-to-end automation pipeline

● Assist in developing & integrating pipeline for human validation from time to time

● Code and document as per industry standards and processes.

● Collaborate with domain experts and product team to deliver final solution

Required Qualifications :

● Master degree or PhD in geo-informatics or equivalent industry experience, with a focus on remote sensing and GIS, and at least one of the following disciplines: Multi Spectral & SAR data processing, soil moisture estimation, crop type estimation, crop stress estimation, soil & plant NPK estimation

● Deep knowledge in GIS database management and processing; and the thematic analysis of satellite imagery

● Working experience in various proprietary and open-source GIS software, such as ArcGIS, SNAP, ERDAS Imagine, QGIS, and PostgreSQL/PostGIS

● Basic understanding of Deep learning – Transfer learning concepts

● Highly proficient in Python programming and GIS data processing packages

Experience Required : minimum 3 years in industry or related research experience in optical & SAR satellite image processing

Compensation: This is a project based contractual position. You will be compensated based on delivery of agreed upon milestones. You can work remotely.