Water Supply and Sewerage Planning and Operations Engineer (Majuro)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Marshall Islands 🇲🇭

Expertise: Water Supply and Wastewater Operations
Expertise Group: Engineering

Consultant Source: International
TOR Keywords: municipal water supply and sewarage

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to strengthen Majuro Water and Sewer Company (MWSC) technical
capacity to effectively execute the MWSC 20-Year Strategic Plan noting current or pipelined multilateral
and bilateral strategies and programs (JICA, ADB, US, etc.) and to sustainably deliver water supply and
sewerage services. MWSC envisages long term inputs from the Water Supply and Sewerage Planning and
Operations Engineer. ADB will finance the services of a Water Supply and Sewerage Planning and
Operations Engineer as described below through TA 6877-REG: Building Capacity in the Urban Sector
through Differentiated Approaches.

Scope of Work

The Water Supply and Sewerage Planning and Operations Engineer will provide technical direction for MWSC
Asset Management System development and aligned to corporate goals and strategic context of the capital
investment project register. The Water Supply and Sewerage Planning and Operations Engineer will report
to MWSC’s Operations Manager, and work alongside them to provide skills transfer to MWSC operations
personnel through on-the-job training in asset planning, operations and asset management.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

Specific tasks and responsibilities of the Water Supply and Sewerage Planning and Operations Engineer
will include:

(i) Provide day-to-day assistance and technical advice to the MWSC Operations Manager and MWSC’s
operations personnel in relation to MWSC’s water supply and sewerage systems, including water and
wastewater treatment plants, water supply and wastewater network components, and customer connections.

(ii) Provide technical support to operations teams for minor works projects.

(iii) Assist MWSC in raising corporate awareness of the 20-Year Strategic Plan and associated capital
investment project register.

(iv) Lead development of MWSC Asset Management (AM) System which may include:
(a) assisting MWSC in raising corporate understanding of the benefits of AM in the context of
defining customer groups, level of service requirements for each group, and demand forecasting for each
(b) facilitating the documentation of MWSC’s AM Policy and AM Objectives aligned with corporate
goals and strategic context within the 20-Year Strategic Plan
(c) updating the MWSC Asset Register Record inclusive of asset location, type, cost, age, expected
life, condition data, and performance
(d) identifying the most critical assets within the Asset Register Record and assembling work
packages for scheduled inspection of each critical asset
(e) leading development and evaluation of operational data from the Asset Register Record for
business performance monitoring and assessment and future asset planning.

(v) Assist MWSC to update and refine its capital improvement project (CIP) register which may include:
(a) assisting the General Manager and Operations Manager in obtaining funding for the CIP
(b) preparing documentation for technical and other support consultancies for implementation of the
(c) Providing in-country support to consultants working with MWSC from offshore to prepare
feasibility studies and due diligence for selected investments. The support may include facilitating
data gathering and capture, consultation with stakeholders, and other tasks as required for the
preparation of the feasibility studies and due diligence.

(vi) Support Operations Manager in preparation of reports on business performance and recommended
updates to the CIP register.

(vii) Represent MWSC as program manager for implementation of the CIP, including overseeing support
consultants and ensuring the various works are carried out in accordance with the required standards,
budgets and timelines

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The Water Supply and Sewerage Planning and Operations Engineer will have a degree in Civil, Mechanical
or Environmental Engineering plus a minimum of 7 years water utility experience.

The Water Supply and Sewerage Planning and Operations Engineer must have demonstrated experience and
knowledge in the following areas:
a. water supply and sewerage system operations and management;
b. contract management of water supply and sewerage projects,
c. planning and design of water supply and sewerage schemes,
d. quality assurance and quality control systems,
e. environmental requirements for civil infrastructure development,
f. electronic project scheduling; and
g. health and safety in the workplace.
h. Analytical and problem-solving skills and capability to work independently without continuous peer

Experience obtained in the Marshall Islands or a Pacific developing nation is essential for this

Minimum General Experience: 7 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 7 Years