Executive Director

Big Hole River Foundation

Butte, MT, US




The Big Hole River Foundation (the Foundation) seeks an Executive Director who believes strongly in and shares the Foundation’s mission to conserve, enhance, and protect the free-flowing character of the Big Hole River, its unique culture, fish, and wildlife. The Executive Director has the primary responsibility for developing the programs and on-the-ground projects necessary to accomplish the Foundation’s mission and to ensure steady movement towards fulfillment of its vision.






The Executive Director is responsible for the Foundation’s achievement of its mission and financial objectives. This includes:

  • building and maintaining strong relationships with key constituencies, including the Big Hole Watershed Committee, recreationists, NGOs, ranchers and other landowners in the valley and with state and federal agencies
  • strategic identification and implementation of conservation programs and projects
  • fundraising
  • communication and outreach for the organization
  • recruitment and retention of outstanding staff and contractors
  • managing day-to-day operations of the Foundation



  1. Professional Conduct: Comply with established policies and practices of the Foundation. Maintain confidentiality of Foundation information. Accept direction and provide direction in a cooperative and positive manner.
  2. Personal Conduct: Engage in personal conduct that is honest, respectful, courteous, and dignified as well as legal, ethical, dependable, and reliable.
  3. Competency: develop and maintain skills, knowledge, and abilities required for adequate performance of assigned job duties.





I. Management and Leadership

  1. Develop long-term goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics to implement the directions laid out in the Foundation’s Strategic Plan and provide leadership in implementing those strategic directions.
  2. On an annual basis, prepare a two-year work plan laying out the specific on-the-ground projects that will be addressed and accomplished during the term of the plan, and how the projects support the strategic plan and mission. Provide monthly updates on these metrics.
  3. Provide direction to the Board of Directors in development of the Foundation’s organizational structure and governance procedures, communications and public relations, financial plans, and policies. Advise the Board of Directors, as requested, concerning the Foundation’s position on matters of public interest affecting the Big Hole River valley and its resources.
  4. Implement fundraising and development plans including government grants, foundations and individual donors. Maintain consistent communication with the Foundation’s members.
  5. Serve as the Foundation’s spokesperson to agencies, organizations, the public, and other key constituencies. Attend and participate in local, state and regional meetings and conferences on water resource conservation.
  6. Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments, trends, public opinions, etc., in or affecting the Big Hole River valley, and/or the Foundation and its standing in the community.
  7. Successfully manage projects, including personnel, budgets, contractors, and schedules, to meet or exceed project goals and project partners’ expectations.
  8. Prepare and/or support a contractor in developing educational and informational pamphlets, the Foundation’s newsletter and online and social media presence, and news releases on subjects of interest to the Foundation’s members and to the residents of the Big Hole River valley, and which raise the image of the Foundation.
  9. Remain current on environmental regulations and their application as they pertain to the Foundation’s programs and projects, as well as on procedures for both stream and wetland mitigation and construction practices.
  10. Each year, develop a two-year fundraising plan laying out the funds to be raised and the source of those funds, i.e., the specific grants that will be sought, the amount to be raised from donors giving less than $1000, the amount to be raised from donors giving larger amounts, by general categories, i.e., $1000-$5000, etc.

II. Financial Reporting & Management

  1. In conjunction with the Operations Manager, prepare the annual budget for the Foundation.
  2. With the Operations Manager present monthly reports on each active program and project, including projections.
  3. Monitor funds and investments to ensure that adequate funds are available to permit the Foundation to carry out its work.
  4. Ensure the Foundation’s financial reporting system provides timely and accurate information.
  5. Safeguard the Foundation’s assets from misuse and misappropriation.





I. Skills

  1. Ability to work in long-term collaborative relationships with multiple stake-holders
  2. Demonstrated success in building community consensus around controversial issues
  3. Ability to work on multiple complex tasks and to complete those tasks on schedule
  4. Ability to work under the supervision of a diverse Board of Directors while independently setting goals, work schedules, and identifying tasks to complete project objectives
  5. Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills (please provide a writing sample)
  6. Strong public speaking skills
  7. High attention to detail, responsive and organized

II. Desirable Skills

  1. Proficiency in use of GIS and Microsoft Office software
  2. Knowledge of stream and wetland restoration design and permitting
  3. Familiarity with the Big Hole River valley and ranching

III. Education


Applicants for this position should possess an advanced graduate degree (M.A., M.S., or equivalent) in a field relevant to stream management and restoration (e.g., fish and wildlife management, natural resource management, hydrology, environmental engineering, biology, environmental studies, etc.)


IV. Experience


Ten or more years of experience working in the fields of stream conservation restoration, or natural resource management; experience in project and/or contract administration, grant-writing and budgeting; and work-unit based leadership experience (e.g., oversight of contractors, project partners, etc.)