Consultancy: Provide training courses of NbS and guide the pilot of NbS programme in China as per IUCN’s NbS Standard

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

China 🇨🇳


Purpose: Working with IUCN to provide training courses of NbS and guide the pilot of NbS programme in China as per IUCN’s NbS Standard

Duration of contract: 10 April 2022 – 30 September 2022 (short duration)

Last date for EOI: 30 March 2022

Background Information:

IUCN China is defining its strategy to advance NbS for synergizing China’s ecosystem restoration with carbon neutrality target. IUCN will organize a series of seminars in China for government departments and agencies, research institutes, IUCN members and the partners, to discuss the needs, challenges, and potential priorities related to the biodiversity and climate crisis and inter-connection in China.

Specific Objectives:

To organize training workshops of NbS Global Standard, either online or onsite, engaging in self-assessment workshops with project partners and provide valuable recommendations. To assist the establishment of NbS Asia Hub, coordinating between IUCN China Office and the partners. To identify further needs and strategies to promote NbS in China, in relation to existing practices and trend.

To provide logistical support for IUCN and other consultants in undertaking technical activities, such as consolidating documents and information, tracking progress and development and maintaining needed documentation. To organize the logistics and arrangements of field visits, local consultations workshops, technical working sessions, national consultation workshop, project meetings, project appraisal meeting etc.


Based on the above objectives, the scope of work for this call includes the following:

1. Promoting NbS Global Standard, including:

  • Organize NbS training workshops for IUCN members and partners
  • Engage in NbS Global Standard self-assessment workshops
  • Produce research outcomes
  • Writing relevant articles for communication

2. Assisting the establishment of NbS Asian Hub:

  • Take part in relevant activities and work

3. Logistical and process documents, including:

  • Field visit plans and reports
  • Consultation workshops plans and reports
  • Meetings plans and reports

3. Expected Deliverables and tentative timeframe

 DeliverablesTentative timeframe
1Two training sessions on NbS for climate organized, with at least 100 people trained.15 September, 2022
2At least one field climate-oriented project integrating NbS in its planning and design.30 September, 2022
3One policy study developed to promote the application of NbS in China.30 September, 2022

The tasks, deliverables and timelines presented above have been prepared in accordance with the current project work plan and logframe. Tasks, deliverables and timeframes may be adjusted in accordance with updated project workplan.

Desired experience and qualification

The consultancy is open to individuals with the following expertise:

1. Three (3) years of experience in environmental management, ecology, and other related fields of expertise.

2. Excellent analytical skills and proven record of similar research project.

3. Demonstrated experience of working in collaboration with government agencies, international and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs)

4. Proven knowledge of international conventions including CBD and UNFCCC

5. Excellent English language proficiency

Send the expression of interest to following:

To: Mr. Fangyi YANG, Senior Programme Officer, IUCN China Email: [email protected] CC: Mr. Yan ZHANG, Country Coordinator, IUCN China Email: [email protected]

Annex 1: Format for the Expression of interest

Consultant Data

Country of Nationality 
Address of consultant  
E-mail of consultant  
Required skills and experience (Max 500 words). Provide information demonstrating your ability, skills and experience to undertake the advertised assignment in an efficient manner to deliver the TOR. Mention the framework that you will apply for the policy analysis                  
Please provide summary of your relevant qualifications and attach your Curriculum Vitae (CV)    
Proposed budget and details expenditure, such as number of days, daily rates etc.