Associate Director (Resilience Strategy Delivery)

100 Resilient Cities (Rockefeller Foundation)

New York, NY, US


100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) is a new organisation dedicated to helping cities around the world be better prepared for, and quickly rebound from, 21st century shocks and stresses. Over the next few years, 100RC will continue working work with 100 member cities from around the globe for whom it plans to provide four kinds of value: 1) Financial and other support for putting in place a new city resilience leader, a Chief Resilience Officer; 2) Support for development of a robust resilience strategy; 3) Management of a peer-to-peer network of member cities who can learn from and help each other; and 4) Connections to solutions, service providers, and other partners who can help cities implement resilience strategies. 100RC seeks to increase awareness of the importance of resilience thinking, to catalyse a new community of urban resilience practitioners, and to spur the growth of a robust ecosystem of resilience-focused solutions and solution providers.


The Associate Director for Strategy Delivery will be a key member of our new In-House Strategy Delivery Unit. This recently-created team will focus on providing technical support to cities that are generating their resilience strategies. This knowledge will help our organisation to better understand the expertise and technical guidance required to generate and implement resilience strategies and actions.

In this context the Associate Director for Strategy Delivery will guide and support a portfolio of cities through the process of creating a resilience strategy, which includes: organising and delivering in-city consultations and data gathering; summarising and exploring collaboratively key resilience challenges for the city; advising CROs on identifying innovative actions to address their resilience challenges; and co-ordinating the creation of a strategy document. In addition, s/he will contribute to the development of a long term approach to delivering strategic support to cities. She will also help the new Strategy Delivery Unit to develop relationships with external partners to improve our organisation’s overall performance and impact.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Direct Delivery of 100RC’s Strategy Development Process

  • Guide and coordinate the delivery of a resilience strategy in a number of cities according to the methods proposed in the 100RC Strategy Manual
  • Act as the Unit’s representative for day-to-day technical engagement with cities (municipal officials including mayors, city managers, and other senior leaders) and 100RC Relationship Managers
  • Provide technical leadership on methodologies (e.g. data gathering, consultation, strategy writing) associated with the 100RC Strategy Process to both internal and external audiences
  • Coordinate (and/or support CROs with) the organisation of multi-stakeholder consultation and dissemination activities in circa three cities, including major workshops, data gathering and facilitated discussions (e.g. working groups, focus group, and 1-1 meetings)
  • Explore and articulate methodological enhancements to maximise the opportunities for innovation and integration of best practice within the 100RC strategy process
  • Support analytical assessment and evaluation of data; synthesize and help stakeholders interpret data; help to organize complex information into decision-making tools
  • Accelerate resilience learning of the city’s Chief Resilience Officer by helping to transfer strategy-development, facilitation, and analytical skills
  • Drive the delivery of a high-quality city strategy, ensuring the appropriate delivery of: project management (oversight of key deadlines and milestones, production of outputs); logistics management; technical support/services (production of content for documents, quality assurance of products) and CRO capacity-building where required/agreed with the Relationship Managers and CROs

Development of the Unit and Capacity Building

  • Provide input for the refinement of the operational model for directly delivering 100RC’s strategy development process to member cities, contributing to the identification of models, roles, responsibilities and resources
  • Engage with external SPs exploring new ideas and potential improvements in order to enhance the 100RC Strategy Process
  • Deliver internal technical and content support to other teams in 100RC with emphasis on resilience, strategic planning, governance and policy


The ideal candidate will possess the following:


  • Masters degree with focus in strategic planning, urban policy, sustainability, international development, and/or city planning
  • Authentic connection to urban resilience, with relevant experience in the subject matter or related issues such as disaster preparedness, climate change adaptation, vulnerable populations, mobility, etc.
  • Minimum of 8-10 years related working experience; consulting and/or public sector experience is highly desirable


  • Experience of capacity building, innovation and foresight in the built environment, and facilitation is highly regarded
  • Experience working for/advising urban or municipal functions such as strategic planning, urban development, or participatory planning is highly beneficial
  • Experience engaging with actors and organisations across sectors (public, private, non-profit); strong political acumen and influencing skills for working with senior government officials including Mayors and Ministers
  • Strong professional representation of 100RC, interpersonal relationship abilities, intercultural knowledge and appreciation, and strategic partnership building skills


  • Innate ability to support the development of a new team by adapting/optimising/improving strategic planning methods and innovative approaches to urban planning in an agile fashion
  • Strong ability to drive progress, shape vision, promote innovation, and display ownership under dynamic conditions
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English; fluency in Spanish  is desirable
  • Interest and ability in communicating visually complex information
  • Demonstrable ability to analyse complex data rigorously through quantitative or qualitative analytical methods
  • Ability to support career development of others and team development/growth

New York City, US, with 50% travel


Salary and benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

Equal Opportunity Employer
100 Resilient Cities is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity and to compliance with all federal, state, and local laws concerning employment discrimination, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. To this end, 100 Resilient Cities ensures equal opportunity to all employees and applicants regardless of race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, national origin or ancestry, citizenship, lawful alien status, physical, mental, and medical disability, veteran status or liability for service in the United States Armed Forces.