Senior Water Resources Engineer/Team Leader

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
10+ Years


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is supporting the Government of Sri Lanka to prepare the Integrated Water Productivity Improvement Project. This project will improve water management within selected river basins and irrigation subprojects with the following outputs and interventions:

  • Output 1 (resource management systems improved) will (i) strengthen river basin coordination and management by undertaking river basin mapping and modeling, and preparing river basin management plans; (ii) increase hydrological and meteorological data collection, and strengthen the national hydrology archive; and (iii) provide modern asset management tools and procedures.
  • Output 2 (irrigation infrastructure modernized) will (i) implement irrigation modernization works; (ii) expand irrigation systems where there is adequate water availability; and (iii) increase overall water storage capacity.
  • Output 3 (modern crop production and marketing promoted) will assist farmers with modern best practices for improving on-farm water management and increasing their crop productivity by (i) implementing training programs for farmers (including women farmers) and government staff on improved water management and crop production; (ii) establishing new demonstration farms; and (iii) strengthening farmer organizations.

These interventions will result in the following outcome: water productivity in irrigated lands of selected river basins increased.

A transaction technical assistance (TRTA) of $1,200,000 will support the project preparation. The objectives of the TRTA are to:

  • assist the Government of Sri Lanka to select priority river basins and subprojects to be covered under the project;
  • develop river basin management plans in four sample river basins with the support of the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) GIS database, mapping and hydrologic modelling team;
  • identify representatives sample subprojects and prepare subproject prefeasibility and feasibility studies of sample subprojects representing at least 30% of the works;
  • assess the irrigation and agriculture sectors policy and institutional frameworks, identify gaps associated with achieving the project objectives and improvement recommendations;
  • modernize the irrigation system design criteria to address farmers evolving needs and resilience to climate change;
  • prepare draft loan documents for ADB Board consideration;
  • prepare consulting packages for the remaining subproject feasibility studies, detailed designs, construction supervision, project implementation support, farmers agriculture support services and institutional strengthening; and
  • support recruitment planning and the eventual management of the consultants to be engaged under the planned Project Readiness Financing (the “PRF Consultants” or “PRFC”).

Scope of Work

The international consultant will serve as the team leader for a team of consultants consisting of six international consultants [junior engineer (hydraulic design and water resources), irrigation planning and design engineer, economist, social and gender specialist, irrigated agriculture specialist and institutions specialist)] and four national consultants (environmental specialist, social and gender specialist, economist and financial management specialist) to deliver the objectives of the TRTA. He/she will also serve as a water resource engineer for the TRTA.

The team leader will manage under his/her contract the team budget for (i) vehicles, (ii) reports and communication; and (iii) miscellaneous administration and support costs.

The team leader will also recruit under his/her contract and manage (i) the subconsultant that will perform the topographical surveys and (ii) the local support staff that will perform structures condition assessment and preliminary designs (approximately five support staff for 2 months but more can be mobilized if required). The consultant may request an advance payment to support all these costs.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

As team leader, the specialist will work with the team and be responsible for, among others:

  • Overall management of the TRTA team;
  • Managing relationships with the government and ADB;
  • Conducting quality control of outputs from the TRTA team members;
  • Advising on overall sequencing of the investment project;
  • Preparing various documents required for loan processing;
  • Compiling inception, interim and final reports;
  • Facilitating and supporting ADB missions;
  • Overall management of team expenses for vehicles, reports and communication, miscellaneous administration and support costs (office consumables and equipment as required);
  • Recruiting and managing the subconsultant for topographical surveys; and
  • Recruiting and managing the support staff that will perform structures condition assessment and preliminary designs.

As a Water Resources Engineer, the main task of the expert, among others, will include:

  • Review IWMI river basin GIS mapping and hydrologic modelling;
  • Assess water management/allocation scenarios in four sample river basins with IWMI technical support;
  • Prepare IWRM river basin planning framework and river basin management plan of four river basins through multi-stakeholder consultation to (a) identify necessary system improvements, (b) explore options to involve farmers in the construction and rehabilitation of system facilities (including control structures, canals and development of tertiary and on-farm distribution systems);
  • Review a long list of subprojects provided by the irrigation department regional offices and provincial offices, and prepare a typology of subproject;
  • Finalize strategies/criteria for subproject selection and prepare a list of sample subproject to be appraised under the TRTA and a long list of potential subprojects to be appraised during the project implementation;
  • Plan, procure and provide general oversight of required studies and surveys, as well as preliminary design activities for the sample subprojects;
  • Provide state of the art inputs on all necessary associated designs and specifications;
  • Prepare the terms of reference, cost estimate, shortlisting criteria for PRFC package for further subproject appraisal, detailed design of works, construction supervision of works and project implementation support;
  • Support and oversee the preparation of feasibilities for sample subprojects representing 30% of the civil works;
  • Review deliverables of the PRFC for the first year (detailed design for 30% of the works);
  • Support the institution specialist with sector policy, institutional and legal gap analysis and identification of improvements; and,
  • Undertake needs assessment and proposal development for rain and flow monitoring stations in all project selected river basins. Assess hydrology data management, archive systems, propose and cost a modernization approach. Support institution specialist in identifying possible reorganization and capacity building requirement of the hydrology division.

Output/Reporting Requirements:

The duration of the services will be 7.5 person-months over a period of 2.5 years based in Sri Lanka. Collectively, under the direction of the Team Leader, the team will: (i) prepare the TRTA inception, interim, draft and final reports and associated technical reports; (ii) draft the report and recommendation of the President (RRP) and related linked documents (LDs) in ADB format; and (iii) assist the government in the preparation of social and environmental safeguard documents. The list of deliverables and submission timeframe are presented in Table 1 and Table 2. The draft technical deliverables and briefing reports will be issued to the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Economic affairs, Livestock, Irrigation, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development and ADB as required.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

  • Preferably a master’s degree in water resources engineering (or equivalent);
  • Fifteen (15) years of work experience in the relevant field and in similar projects with canal and tank systems, experience in river basin planning and IWRM approaches and preferably experience of leading ADB project preparation teams;
  • Regional or Country experience;
  • Strong analytical skills, written English skills and computer skills;
  • Ability to carry out consultations effectively, excellent communication skills and ability to coordinate a team.