Green Cities Analyst

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Seoul, , KR

The Investment and Policy Solutions Division (IPSD), based at GGGI’s Seoul headquarters works with programs in countries and on (global) projects, by:

  • Providing technical and financial know-how through advice to country programs in the areas of energy, green cities, land-use, and water
  • Working with GGGI’s Green Growth Planning and Implementation Division (GGP&I) on the development of service offerings (in GGGI’s four thematic areas mentioned above) and related methodologies (delivery approaches)
  • Converting experience gained through country activities and engagement in international networks into elements of South-South cooperation programs, sub-regional knowledge sharing programs and national level capacity building activities
  • Developing global level tools such as the Green Growth Potential Assessment methodology and flagship products (such as the planned Green Growth Performance Measurement Tool)
  • Contributing to the preparation of corporate communication material
  • Managing GGGI’s involvement in knowledge management networks such as the Green Growth Knowledge Platform or other international platforms as appropriate

IPSD expects to expand capacity and an intellectual base by hiring technical resource persons for each thematic area, particularly on policy analysis and development of market-based methods for promoting green growth in those areas.


GGGI’s IPSD is hiring a Green Cities Analyst who is passionate about building an extraordinary organization that continues to drive innovation in accelerating green growth in the public and private sector. The Green Cities Analyst will work to support GGGI partner countries in planning and implementing green growth policies related to various aspects of cities and generating bankable green city projects.

“GGGI is in the process of a grade realignment exercise.  Implementation of the grade realignment may result in a change in the grade and title of this position.”


The Green Cities Analyst will be part of IPSD’s Green Cities team and work with the team members and GGP&I country teams to provide technical support on green city analysis and development, which includes conducting required assessments, reviewing/drafting analytical papers, preparing documents on best practices and experiences, participating in knowledge sharing programs, and refining and solidifying GGGI’s service offerings related to the green cities thematic area. The individual shall support the team in engaging with colleagues within GGGI and government officials in developing countries to expand meaningful application of up-to-date green growth knowledge and tools. The individual shall also be expected to assist in the development of a partnership with private sectors to ensure environmentally sustainable and inclusive practices and catalyze investment for sustainable green city development.


The individual shall support relevant projects and activities on green cities across GGGI country operations by, among others, engaging with in-house and external experts/organizations to translate the thematic strategy into innovative service offerings and in-country initiatives.


The general roles and responsibilities of the Green Cities Analyst include:

  • Support the Green Cities Lead and other staff in the Green Cities team in the planning and execution of green city projects at the country and global levels
  • Support the development and dissemination of flagship/core knowledge products in the green cities thematic area
  • Support the synthesis, codification, and dissemination of experiences gained through country activities and engagement in international networks into elements of South-South cooperation programs, sub-regional knowledge sharing programs, and national level capacity building activities
  • Assist in the provision of on-demand analytical and operational support to in-country activities
  • Support the development of implementable products and solutions; for example, development scheme, tailored policy tools, business model, and so on
  • Perform data gathering, background research, and analysis on green cities and relevant sub-sectors of focus as needed
  • Understand GGGI project cycles and support the coordination of all projects in the thematic portfolio with respect to their design, execution, and closure
  • Facilitate effective communication and cooperation across thematic areas and with country teams to enhance GGGI’s delivery


GGGI needs a person who can bring more than knowledge and passion to the role: someone who has the grit and resilience to do this work, someone who is proactive, dynamic and able to work together with minimal supervision. The successful candidate is a skillful team member with an ability to interact within and beyond GGGI, a thoughtful communicator, a deep thinker, and a diplomatic change agent who understands the dynamics and tensions in this kind of diverse, global landscape. The individual should be:

  • Ready to anticipate and provide necessary support to the team leader and those who need support
  • Able to handle complex multi-stakeholder relationships
  • Keen on maintaining a high degree of professional integrity
  • Be willing to travel internationally and curious about new environments and new countries
  • Able to effectively communicate, listen to others, and create and promote an environment for open communication
  • Able to work effectively with other teams of a high degree of cultural/professional diversity


  • Education: An advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) in urban planning, development, or engineering, environmental economics or policy, international business, or other related disciplines related to green city development, green growth, and sustainable development
  • Work Experience: 3-5 years of professional experience in the above fields with public or private sector organizations
  • Specific knowledge/experience required includes, but not limited to, general understanding of urban planning, development, or engineering, technical understanding of specific policies and measures relevant to green city development, governance and regulatory frameworks in developing and emerging countries, and global trends in the thematic area
  • Experience in data analysis, research, and application of quantitative/qualitative assessment
  • Overall understanding of the concept of green growth in the context of developing countries is a plus.
  • Understanding of financing mechanisms for green city projects and experience in market assessments and cost/benefits analysis are a plus.
  • Experience in implementing city-based projects by delivering agreed outputs on time and managing relationship with stakeholders is a plus.
  • Experience in developing countries context, preferably on policy consultation and project development, is a plus.
  • Fluent in English is a must. Knowledge of other relevant languages is an asset.