Team Leader in Lusaka Sanitation Project

GFA Consulting Group

Lusaka, Zambia 🇿🇲

Project Description:

The proposed Technical Assistance (TA) package aims (i) at the reduction of climate-harmful emissions from faecal sludge management (FSM) and (ii) at the reduction of the negative impacts of climate change on waste water management. The measures shall contribute to effective implementation of the comprehensive investments foreseen by Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC), under the Lusaka Sanitation Project (LSP).
The target group of the Lusaka Sanitation Programme is the population of Lusaka of approx. 2,3 Million. They shall benefit from the investments and service improvements through capacity development measures for public actors and private service providers, aimed at increased access to sanitation.
The TA-package shall complement the investment programme implemented with contribution of several donors (AfDB, EIB, WB, KfW). It shall enable the sector actors like LWSC, Lusaka City Council and the private sector through capacity development measures and regional technology exchange (ZA, TZ, Burkina Faso) to develop efficient and sustainable management of faecal sludge, climate-friendly transformation of “sludge to energy” and the potential use of sludge for peri-urban agriculture (fertilizer).
By introduction of decentralized faecal sludge management in peri-urban areas the share of sludge that is made use of for energy production and agriculture can be substantially increased, since up to 70 % of the target areas, by now, and about 50 %, at past project stage, are not connected to a centralised sewerage system.
Services for emptying of household toilets and operation of decentralized sludge treatment facilities must be secured and adapted to probable impacts of climate change, for example heavy rain events (danger of flooding of toilets and sludge treatment facilities provoking health hazards like cholera). This shall be affected through a well-functioning sludge management system with active involvement of the private sector (e.g. sludge collection trucks and decentralized treatment and transfer stations).
LWSC, as the responsible project holder of implementation of LSP, is therefore requesting TA contributions to the LSP.

Job Description:


  • Coordinate the development of an overall and harmonised concept, guidelines and operational manuals for on-site sanitation and faecal sludge management
  • Coordinate the support to LWSC in coordination of actors and quality control for capacity development measures within the overall investment programme (LS



  • University degree in an appropriate field

Country / Regional experience:

  • Work experience in eastern/southern Africa, preferably in Zambia


  • Proficiency in English language is a requirement 
  • Good knowledge of German language is a strong asset 


  • At least 10 years of relevant practical work experience in the field of capacity development in the sanitation sector, gained in international organisations, and/or funding agencies;
  • Good knowledge of administrative procedures and experience in programme/project implementation, monitoring and evaluation; 
  • Experience with German Financial Cooperation would be a strong asset.


Contact Person:Theda Matthiesen
Contact:[email protected]