Research Associate

AMP Insights

Tucson, AZ or Beaverton, OR, , US

About AMP Insights

AMP Insights is a consulting firm working with clients on some of the most vexing water and natural resources management issues in unique, creative and energizing ways. While AMP Insights is a new organization, its principals have many years of experience in consulting and related fields.

Our Vision: Insight comes from inquiry, humility, collaboration and dedication to questioning what we know. We embrace the notion that no problem can be solved using the same thinking that created it. That’s why our vision is to work with a diverse array of clients to find new insights to help address some of our
world’s toughest natural resource challenges. Our work is focused on the rivers and waters that sustain life in all its forms and the landscapes and communities that shape and are shaped by water and nature. Whether they are corporations, non-profits, foundations, state or federal agencies, local governments or individuals, we are lucky to work with clients who share our vision that innovation and the search for true insights are the way forward.

Our Approach: The complex and shared nature of water and natural resources demands an interdisciplinary approach. We embrace this complexity and work with our clients to navigate toward their goals using our combined expertise in economics, law and policy, ecology, hydrology, organizational strategy, modeling, data analysis and communication. And we love to get our feet wet – moving fluidly from weaving together ideas at the 30,000-foot level to robust modeling and analysis, to working with the intricacies of projects on the ground.

Position Description

AMP Insights is seeking a sharp and enthusiastic Research Associate to join our team and contribute to innovative water projects in the western US. The Associate will work on a variety of consulting assignments, supporting the team with data analysis, research, modeling and writing. It is expected that the Associate should grow in skills, knowledge and capacity as he/she is mentored by the principals and other senior staff, eventually assuming higher levels of responsibility within the company. AMP Insights therefore seeks a Research Associate who is equally capable and comfortable engaging directly with clients, partners and stakeholders as delving into desk-based research, analysis and writing.

Responsibilities: The position will involve a range of responsibilities, including but not limited to the following research and analysis tasks:

  • Literature review and data acquisition on basin planning, water markets, land use, water use, etc. for communities, basins and states in the western US
  • Preparation, QA/QC, cleaning, and manipulation of hydrologic, water right, water use, land use, farm and economic data for further analysis
  • Analysis of data sets including statistical and regression analysis
  • Preparation of simple/complex spreadsheet models for use in building scenarios and evaluating performance and/or alternatives
  • GIS mapping and analysis (depending on the applicant)
  • Report writing to convey results of research and analysis
  • Strong communication skills, including presentation experience and working with teams, are required

As the Associate grows into the position, involvement in meetings and fieldwork is expected.
The work environment is fast-paced and variable, so the Associate must also be:

  • Able to work with the full spectrum of stakeholders in the water arena
  • Creative and curious in their work
  • Able to work on a variety of projects while meeting tight deadlines
  • Adaptable to changing circumstances
  • Able to take instructions and complete tasks independently


AMP Inights is looking for excellence in analytical skills (reading, writing and arithmetic), a background and understanding of water in the western US and fluency with the MS Office suite and related data analysis packages. Most likely this will have been gained by completion of a multi-disciplinary masters program and two to four years of prior work experience. Basic fluency with GIS and/or data/database programming packages is desirable, but not required.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified applicants should send their application via email to [email protected] The application should include a resume and cover letter. The cover letter should be no longer than two pages and should succinctly explain/express the applicant’s motivations for seeking the position, education and experience with respect to water in the West, and expectations for the position. Preference for location may also be noted if of importance to the applicant.

There is no application deadline. As long as this position is posted on we encourage interested parties to apply. Applications will be reviewed periodically as received until a candidate is hired. For the first round of reviews, applications should be submitted by September 15. Due to volume and time constraints, applicants will receive only a confirmation that their application has been received. Further contact will only occur for those selected for interviews. AMP is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity or expresion, sexual orientation, race, disability, nationality, or any other status protected by applicable national, federal, state, or local law.

Salary will be commensurate with the applicant’s expertise and experience.