Integrated Water Management Evaluation - Water Policy and Operations Evaluation Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is conducting an evaluation of ADB’s 2001 Water Policy and Program covering 2010–2020. The evaluation will assess and inform the ADB Board of Directors and Management on the relevance and influence of 2001 water policy on ADB’s engagement in the water sector and on the performance of ADB’s support for the water sector in developing member countries (DMCs). It will identify lessons based on successes and failures and provide guidance for ADB’s future engagement in the sector. To support the evaluation, IED will engage the services of an international water policy and operations evaluation specialist who has robust experience in evaluating processes and operations of international financing institutions (IFIs) including the Asian Development Bank and who will provide overall and higher-level expert advice on the evaluation and help structure the report and identify key messages.

Scope of Work

The Water Policy and Operations Specialist will facilitate the preparation of a robust evaluation report. Successful candidate will be engaged intermittently from February 2022 to October 2022. He/She will work together with IED and a team of consultants specifically recruited to undertake the evaluation and will report to the team leader directly or remotely through video-and tele-conferencing technology (Skype, MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc.).

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The consultant’s contribution is expected in the following: • Collaborate with team in preparing the outline and overall storyline of the report. • Based on the assessment of water policy and program (sovereign and nonsovereign), staff survey, analysis of adequacy of organizational structure and staff resources to deliver water operations, identify the key messages, issues, lessons, and good practices that can better guide ADB’s water policy framework and portfolio of water operations moving forward. • Support the team in addressing issues that may be raised at various levels, including IED Management, interdepartmental review, ADB Management, and DEC. • Perform any other tasks as may be reasonably expected by the evaluation Team Leader and IESP Director.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The candidate should have (i) strong international qualitative policy research experience and experience in undertaking complex corporate evaluations; (ii) at least 10 years of demonstrable experience in organizational development and governance; (ii) familiarity with ADB, international financing institutions and other multilateral organization frameworks, business processes and work cultures, and related policy frameworks; (iii) a PhD or Master’s degree in development policy, development planning/management, economic development or related fields; and (v) have advanced written and oral communication proficiency.





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