Ground Water Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Pakistan 🇵🇰

Expertise: Ground Water, Irrigation
Expertise Group: Agriculture/Rural Development

Consultant Source: International
TOR Keywords: Ground water, irrigation, drainage

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The consultant is recruited to enhance capacity among key government counterparts in the Agriculture,
Natural Resources and Rural Development Sector for strategic planning, institutional capacity, and
policymaking under Output 3 “Capacity Building and Advisory Support Provided” of the F-TRTA. Details of
F-TRTA can be found at

Scope of Work

The consultant will provide selected thematic analysis and policy advisory as outlined in detailed tasks
and/or expected output.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The consultant specialist tasks will include the following.
(i) Review, revise and/or prepare groundwater management plan, particularly groundwater monitoring,
review how current and likely future status of groundwater use is analyzed, and what possible measures
are recommended for promoting conjunctive management of surface water and groundwater resources for
sustained and efficient use of water resources.
(ii) suggestions for using marginal quality groundwater and suggest measures to control salt-water
intrusion into sweet acquirers.
(iii) in consultation with institutional development specialist, recommend institutional arrangements
for groundwater research, planning and development in irrigated and non-irrigated areas, and
coordination of irrigation and agriculture departments.

Contract inputs and/or time may be extended depending on assessments and other tasks needed by ADB and
the government.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The specialist should have a master’s degree in civil engineering or hydraulics or a related discipline
and have at least 15 years of groundwater resources management including conjunctive use in canal
irrigated agriculture systems. Regional or experience in Pakistan will be preferred.

Minimum General Experience: 15 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 15 Years





IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - MSc in Water and Sustainable Development