Marshal Islands nationals: Evaluation Associate

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Marshall Islands 🇲🇭

Expertise: evaluation / coordination / general administration
Expertise Group: Project Management/ Institutional Development

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: evaluation, coordination, general administration

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is undertaking a sector-
wide evaluation to assess the performance of ADB’s support for water operations and policies in its
developing member countries (DMCs) during 2011–2020. The evaluation aims to provide an independent
evidence-based review of the ADB 2001 Water Policy and evaluation of the water operations that ADB has
supported under its water policy from 2011 to 2020. It will identify lessons and make suggestions as
inputs to future water operations and possible updates to the water policy. Findings and lessons
identified from this evaluation will inform future operations in this sector and the ADB Water Sector
Framework, 2021–2030 under preparation. To facilitate the evaluation, an in-country national consultant
based in the Pacific, specifically in the Republic of Marshall Islands will be engaged to support the
IED evaluation team.

Scope of Work

The in-country national consultant in the Pacific, specifically in the Republic of Marshall Islands will
be engaged for 25 working days intermittently from January 2022 to August 2022. The successful candidate
will mainly facilitate the coordination of meetings, interviews, and surveys with key stakeholders in
the country as part of the independent evaluation mission (IEM), which can either be a physical mission
with travel or a virtual mission as the case may be. The IEM may involve (i) meetings with the country
stakeholders (e.g. government officials, line ministries, executing and implementing agencies,
development partners, nongovernment organizations, civil society, academe, project beneficiaries, etc.);
(ii) project site visits; and (iii) surveys and focus group discussions (FGDs). He/she will also collect
necessary country-level data as requested by the team leaders.

**Note: Due to the ongoing global health crisis, feasibility of undertaking travel related to
obligations under the contract will be assessed further. Travel arrangements will be discussed closely
with the team leaders prior to initiating any travel. Alternatively, virtual meetings can be undertaken
through video- and tele-conferencing technology (Skype, MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc.), where available.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The consultant will provide country level support to the IED evaluation team. In particular, this
includes, but not limited to, the following:

(i) Familiarize himself/herself with the sector-wide water evaluation approach paper, including the
portfolio of ADB projects in the Republic of Marshall Islands.
(ii) Review and be familiar with the evaluation templates and questionnaires for the country level
meetings, and translate to local language, if necessary.
(iii) Identify the relevant agencies and stakeholders and brainstorm with the team leaders, a workable
schedule and arrangements for the IEM taking into consideration the logistic (in case of physical
mission) as well as audio-visual communication and technology constraints (in case of virtual meetings).
(iv) Coordinate and confirm the IEM meetings with the selected stakeholders in consultation with the IED
evaluation team, the ADB Resident Mission and ADB project counterparts in the field.
(v) Actively participate in the IEM, site visit and surveys/FGDs and provide simultaneous translation if
(vi) Prepare minutes or key highlights of the meetings.
(vii) Using the evaluation template and questionnaires and as guided by the team leaders, interview key
stakeholders that were not covered by the IEM due to schedule conflicts, current health issues of COVID-
19, or if audio-video technologies are not available for the virtual meetings. Prepare summary notes of
the interviews.
(viii) Undertake surveys and FGDs to selected respondents and process survey and FGD data in a form that
can be used by the IED evaluation team (includes translating responses to English, where applicable).
(ix) Follow up data requested during the IEM and collect other relevant data and documents, translate
them into English, as necessary.
(x) Undertake any other tasks related to the thematic evaluation as the evaluation team leaders may
reasonably request.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The in-country national consultant in the Pacific, specifically in the Republic of Marshall Islands,
should have a strong local knowledge of the government bureaucracy, country system, and familiar with
water and climate change issues. He/she should have at least 5 years of relevant development experience.
Experience working with ADB and other development partners in the Pacific, specifically in the Republic
of Marshall Islands will be a strong advantage. Knowledge and understanding of written and spoken
English, and strong connectivity to e-mail, and other tele and videoconferencing facilities will be

Minimum General Experience: 7 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 7 Years




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