Water Right Policy Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

, , CN

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The main objective of the assignment is to assist the executing agency and implementing agencies in 
conducting a pilot study on water right and policy development to introduce innovative water management 
practices, and a trial regional market for water right trading in the project area while the pilot study 
is to establish a most strict pilot water resources management system for implementation over the 
project area.
Scope of Work
The scope will include policy studies on water quota setting, water right determination, water right 
trading, water tariff improvement, water resources allocation, law enforcement, farming user association 
and administration, etc. with an emphasis on agricultural water uses and savings. The policy research 
will create new policies for the comprehensive improvement to the area and sustainable management of the 
water resources.
Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
(1) Develop the report outlines and study plans for the different studies – including inputs of experts, 
survey methods and report outlines 
(2) Support the policy research team and provide guidance on: 
     •	groundwater quota and trading study 
     •	water pricing study 
     •	institutional study 
(3) Suggest international experience in groundwater management to be used in the policy research 
studies: introduce advanced and successful cases and policies on water rights, use of market mechanism 
and establishment of committees of aquifer users 
(4) Quality control and review of the reports and review all reports English version, ensuring clear and 
actionable recommendations come out on water quota, water right determination, water right trade, water 
tariff improvement, water resource configuration and supervision and committee 
(5) Ensuring the uptake and take part in 
(6) Maintain contact with ADB and main team.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
The water policy advisor shall have 10 years of experience in water policy management, including 
groundwater management and water pricing issues, contributor to national or international policy 
Knowledge and experience in Shandong province are preferable.
Minimum General Experience 10
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment) 5
Regional/Country Experience
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