Executive Manager

International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)

, , GB

After more than eight years as IAH Executive Manager, John Chilton has decided the time to move on is approaching. This is an important post for the Association, and forms the essential link between the elected Council whose members are its directors and trustees and the paid Secretariat. The Executive Manager leads the Secretariat team of four based in the UK in carrying out its regular tasks and is responsible for the financial management of the Association and the formal reporting to meet its obligations as a company and charity registered in the UK.

John has greatly enjoyed working for IAH during this time and reports that it is the enthusiasm and support of the global IAH family and the hard work of the many volunteers who keep IAH’s component parts running which have made the job so worthwhile. This could be an exciting opportunity and anyone who is potentially interested in this part time post should contact IAH Secretary General Shammy Puri for further information by MONDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER.

Email: [email protected]