US nationals: Application of Earth Science Data to Support Environmental Policy Decision Making

Hampton, VA, United States 🇺🇸


The DEVELOP National Program, as part of the NASA’s Applied Sciences Program, partners with public and private organizations on ways to apply data from NASA’s environmental satellites and scientific findings in their decision-making activities and services, helping to improve the quality of life and strengthen the economy. DEVELOP bridges the gap between data and end-users by conducting rapid feasibility projects (10 to 30 weeks long) to generate decision-support tools for the broadest array of applications possible.

This opportunity is motived by the need to integrate an advanced understanding of the full impact of DEVELOP projects with respect to ecosystem services. To advance this understanding, the DEVELOP Program needs focused research on best of science methods in quantifying the impact of ecosystem services especially for carbon and water cycles. More effective methods need to expand the programs ability to work with domains such as land cover/land use change, forest and soil carbon accounting, and local water budgets. In addition to the research, qualified applicants are also expected to interact with the National Science Advisor, Geoinformatics and Impact Analysis teams, and Operations Lead to bolster program-wide oversight of the project portfolio. Applicants with strong backgrounds in GIS (ArcGIS and QGIS), image processing (ERDAS IMAGINE and ENVI), remote sensing, and programming (Python, R, and MATLAB) are encouraged to apply.