Water and Sanitation Specialist

Médecins Sans Frontières

Your job

Water and sanitation (WatSan) play an important role in our projects, as water is the source of life, but can also spread diseases and cause death.

Your objective will be to prevent and control diseases transmitted by contaminated water or by poor sanitation or hygiene, both within and beyond the health facilities we run or support. As a WatSan specialist, you will not necessarily be focused solely on the health facilities, but may also be responsible for the water and sanitation provisions of an entire refugee camp. Your job will involve maintaining a reliable water supply, constructing or upgrading sanitary facilities and supporting the promotion of hygiene, as well as organising appropriate (medical) waste disposal. You will work closely with the project team (medical and non-medical staff). Your work will include training and supervising locally hired staff.

Requirements for Water & Sanitation Specialists
  • At least two years relevant work experience in the field of water and/or sanitation
  • Hands-on experience in water, sanitation and environmental or public health, preferably in an emergency or development context
  • Experience in training, coaching and supervision of staff
  • Work or travel experience in developing countries
  • A good command of the English language
  • Ability to cope with stress and to organize and prioritize workload
  • Ability to work in an international team
  • Willingness to work in an unstable and insecure environment
  • Availability of at least 12 months


  • Experience in or familiarity with healthcare waste management and vector control
  • Experience with a similar non-governmental organization abroad
  • A good command of the French and Arabic language
Application process

Please read the job description thoroughly before applying and make sure you meet the criteria outlined above. Before starting your application (by clicking on the apply button below), please take the following into consideration. We require several documents during the application process online. We advise you to gather and prepare these documents first before applying. Only complete applications can be considered.

We require:

  • Your most recent CV.
  • A cover letter explaining your motivation to work with MSF, what assets and skills would contribute to MSF practices, and elaborating further on both your training/coaching experience, as well as your management capacities (responsibilities, number of people you managed, and the context in which you worked).
  • If you are currently working for MSF or have done so in the past as national staff in one of our projects, we require that you upload a recommendation letter for expatriation from your HrCo, Project Coordinator or Head of Mission and two of your most recent MSF evaluations.
  • A clear scan of your relevant diploma’s and certificates.