Research Assistant (WASH + Gender)


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We have an exciting opportunity for a graduate student to support research for a major international foundation and consulting partner. We’re ideally looking for a doctoral student or someone with equivalent research expertise.
We need someone to work part-time or full-time to conduct research to assess available evidence on what works to accelerate water, sanitation and hygiene (WSH) outcomes by effectively integrating gender equality action. 
The successful candidate would ideally have expertise in either WSH, gender and/or women’s health and experience in conducting robust literature reviews. We’re looking for someone organised, methodical with great communication skills. They will work remotely. 
The RA would work closely with our team on the following activities:
Evidence + review
  • Identify key terms and existing conceptual frameworks related to the integration of gender equality and WSH approaches to inform the literature search and thematic analysis of data, using the keyword search used by Cultural Practice as a starting point
  • Conduct an in-depth evidence review of the Foundation’s background documents and academic, grey and policy literature to identify where gender inequality presents the biggest challenge to achieving WSH outcomes and elevate a set of intervention types that are most promising or proven to be effective
  • Analyze and synthesize relevant evidence by priority challenges and themes and identify gaps in existing data
Start date: September 1st, 2016 – end October 2016
Commitment: 10-11 days per month (approximately 8 hours per day)
Renumeration: $320/day to maximum of 22 days.

For more information please contact Rebecca Hope: [email protected]. To apply, email Rebecca with your resume and short cover letter in your email.