Bangladesh nationals: Environmental Safeguards Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
Senior (10+ Years)
Degree Required: 
Bachelor's (Or Equivalent)


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The main objective of the consulting services is to assist/facilitate the executing agency, KWASA, to:

(i) finalize the detailed project report including detailed design of the sewerage/co-treatment plants and network system and facilities for fecal sludge collection for the core areas (city centers covering at least 50% of the city);

(ii) finalize the bidding documents; and

(iii) conduct bidding and award of contracts. The individual consultants working under this consultancy contract should ensure that on-the- job training is provided and expertise on engineering and implementation is transferred to associated counterpart officials. The feasibility study report will be provided for reference.

Scope of Work

1 Design of Sewerage / Co-treatment Plant Works

(i) based on the wastewater master plan, review the existing data and conduct further survey as required;

(ii) assist the KWASA to coordinate with KCC and finalize the coordination mechanism following government’s rules and regulations to ensure full wastewater management coverage of the sewerage districts through sewerage system and/or fecal sludge management (FSM) as appropriate;

(iii) assess the feasibility of co-treatment facility (comprising sewage and sludge) for finalizing the treatment plant options;

(iv) review the design criteria (i.e. process and hydraulic analyses considering inflow, velocity, peak hour flow, effluent and sludge handling, and elevation of inlet and outlet etc.);

(v) identify and compare different options to identify the preferred design options of the treatment plants;

(vi) prepare engineering designs, drawings, BOQ items and cost estimates for the construction and 2-year operation of the treatment plants;

(vii) develop technical specifications as appropriate; and

(viii) prepare bidding documents following ADB’s standard bidding documents as applicable; and conduct bidding.

2 Design of Sewer Network, Pumping Stations and Collection Mechanism for Fecal Sludge

(i) based on the wastewater master plan, review the existing data and conduct survey as required;

(ii) review the sewerage districts and make modifications where necessary;

(iii) identify the areas within the sewerage districts where the sewerage network coverage will not be feasible;

(iv) identify the best possible options for wastewater (sewage and fecal sludge) management of the sewerage districts;

(v) identify the fecal sludge collection mechanism and requirement of necessary equipment;

(vi) establish a hydraulic model to reflect the current and future consumer discharges and flows arriving at the treatment works;

(vii) review and update, where required the location, number and land requirements for the pumping stations;

(viii) identify and compare the preferred design options of the pumping stations (appropriate size of pumps, valves, piping, galleries etc.);

(ix) identify the most appropriate alignment of the sewer network through proper field survey;

(x) review and update where required engineering designs, drawings, BOQ items and cost estimates for the construction of the sewer network and pumping stations;

(xi) develop technical specifications as appropriate; and

(xii) prepare bidding documents following ADB’s standard bidding documents as applicable; and conduct bidding.

3 Mechanical and Electrical Installations

(i) review and update where required electro-mechanical design and drawings of the treatment plant works; pumping stations and networks including sub-station equipment, motor control center, and standby power arrangements;

(ii) plan and design digital monitoring arrangements for levels and flows in the treatment and pumping station installations;

(iii) develop technical specifications as appropriate; and

(iv) contribute to the preparation of BOQ and cost estimates.

4 Tender Assistance

(i) assist the KWASA to finalize the bidding modality of the identified works and corresponding bidding documents;

(ii) assist the KWASA in the procurement of goods, works and services in accordance with ADB's latest Procurement Guidelines, and Public Procurement Rules 2008 (whenever applicable in part or full according to loan agreement/project documents) of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB);

(iii) review contract packages for works and services under the project;

(iv) preparation of BOQ for each contract package as appropriate;

(v) preparation of tender documents for the contracts using ADB's standard bidding documents; and

(vi) assistance with tendering of all contracts, evaluation of tenders, contract negotiations and preparation of final contract documents to be approved and used by KWASA.

5 Environmental and Social Safeguards

(i) identify any site-specific mitigation measures for inclusion in the construction and operation phase of the works, in relation to environmental and social safeguard following ADB’s safeguards policies;

(ii) prepare site specific safeguard documents (IEE, EIA, Resettlement Plan etc.); and

(iii) obtain site specific environmental clearances before commencement of the works from Department of Environment of GOB as appropriate.

6 Geographic Information System (GIS) Database

(i) updating the GIS database by recording all existing facilities and facilities developed under the project in collaboration with KWASA;

(ii) assisting the KWASA to maintain the GIS database and providing hands-on training to utilize, maintain, and update it;

(iii) establish a work flow to regularly update the database after the project completion; and

(iv) handing over all drawings & data collected and developed, including as-built drawing of infrastructure and installations under the project, in electronic and printed form to KWASA for future use.

7 Transfer of technology The consultants will conduct training programs on the following components but not limited to:

(i) theoretical and on-the-job training in the field of operation and maintenance of the wastewater facilities for concerned personnel from KWASA; and

(ii) training on data management and its interpretation.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

  • Assist in conducting environmental due diligence through a combination of field, desk work and meaningful consultation with project affected persons and communities as part of the safeguard documentation;
  • Assist in the preparation of the ADB categorization forms for environment;
  • Assist in the preparation of draft and final IEEs/EIAs in accordance with ADB SPS 2009;
  • Assess government policies, experiences, institutions and the legal framework for environmental assessment to address any gaps with ADB SPS;
  • Respond to and revise all documents per comments received from ADB and project (government) counterparts;
  • Assist the KWASA in complying with ADB’s disclosure requirements in accordance with the ADB SPS;
  • Prepare Environmental Management Plan (EMP) as part of the bidding documents of priority packages;
  • Develop and conduct capacity building activities relevant to the needs of the KWASA in implementing the project; and
  • Assist in preparing the Comprehensive Master Plan, containing a clear and defined set of institutional arrangements, required to secure plan sustainability and ensure plan implementation in the long term.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Graduate degree and preferably higher degree in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, or another relevant field.

At least ten (10) years’ experience in the design and implementation of environmental plans as part of donor supported projects, preferably with the ADB.

Experience in environmental management of wastewater management projects would be an advantage. Fully conversant with international and Bangladesh environmental standards and requirements.