Gender Consultant (HR-/water-/WASH-oriented)

Josh's Water Jobs


Location: Home-based

Type of contract: Consultancy contract (daily rate)

Time allocation: TBD

Start: ASAP (Work must be completed before the end of the year)

Project background:

Josh’s Water Jobs (JWJ) has made it a priority to help close the gender gap in the water and sanitation community. To help guide JWJ’s work on this, we will use a Gender Equality Framework. This Gender Equality Framework (currently in draft form) outlines (1) Josh’s Water Jobs’ (JWJ) understanding of the challenges involved in achieving gender equality in employment in the water and sanitation community, including the specific challenges and barriers women face in these sectors, and (2) JWJ’s proposed actions and innovations to contribute to reaching gender equality in water and sanitation and to overcoming identified barriers and challenges.

Objective of the assignment:

The purpose of the consultancy assignment is to support JWJ to further elaborate the design of the Gender Equality Framework and provide substantive content for its rollout.


To help develop and implement JWJ’s Gender Equality Framework, the consultant will:  

  1. Comment on, edit and enhance JWJ’s draft Gender Equality Framework and develop a final version working with the JWJ team
  2. Develop a public version of the framework
  3. Develop a roadmap for the rollout and implementation of the framework, including potential human and financial resources needed
  4. Suggest ideas for the following related to the framework and, where appropriate, suggest partners to collaborate with for each:
    • Blog topics
    • Webinar topics
    • Podcast topics/interviewees
    • Workshops
  5. Collect static outside resources for the website around gender equality in the workplace, career development resources (specific to women in water where possible), etc.
  6. Brainstorm and elaborate potential services JWJ could offer related to the framework (and potential partners)
  7. TBD: Develop initial concept for an organizational gender equality certification

The specific tasks can be modified after discussion with the JWJ team.



IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - MSc in Water and Sustainable Development