Senior Water Engineer - Water Supply Asset management

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Port Sudan, Sudan

Under the direct supervision of the Senior Project Manager, the Project Engineer will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Review the assessment and detailed engineering design of the proposed Integrated water supply system (including Rainwater harvesting and desalinization) under FCDO funded project,
  • Lead the development of standards operation procedures (SOP) on Dam management (repair and distillation), Leak detection, Water treatment, Failure of a production pump & Major pipe burst repair and others.
  • Support an appropriate management model for operating the infrastructure and distribution system with cost recovery, affordability and the ‘willingness to pay principle’ taken into account jointly with stakeholder,
  • Ensure that the system should give priority to sustainable water resources production and finding alternatives such as rain water harvesting from the community building and sea water abstractions and integrated system for treatment, water kiosks, pipe network system and household connections through meter,
  • Review the Flow analysis, including analysis of the yield of the water source, minimum and maximum available discharge, and flow data. Prediction of wet season and dry season flow is also important and needs to be taken into account,
  • Review & incorporate international environmental compliance procedures in the design and implementation,
  • Preparation of Engineers Estimate, specifications, bidding documents, bid evaluation and recommend for award according to the UNOPS procurement rules and regulations,
  • During implementation responsible for Supervision, quality control, training of national staff members under utility company/ international partners and smoothly handover the system to the utility company and Government officials,
  • Risk Management, Oversight and Quality assurance:
  • Identify and anticipate in a timely manner potential risks and issues through infrastructure expertise and knowledge, advise on mitigation measures and ensure implementation thereof, escalate critical issues / risks to the Senior Project Manager and partners so that maximum benefit to partner(s) and other stakeholders is achieved.
  • Perform any other duties deemed necessary by the Project Manager.

Knowledge Management:

  • Participate in the relevant Communities of Practice,
  • Actively interact with other Project Managers (PM) and the PM community to share case studies, lessons learned and best practice on the Knowledge System,
  • Provide feedback to Practice Leads on policy, supporting guidance with an aim towards continuous improvement of UNOPS policies,
  • Complete lessons learned as per reporting format,
  • Incorporate lessons learned from others as per planning format.


  • Training materials.
  • Lists of maintenance equipment to acquire.
  • Standard operating procedures for maintenance, leak detection, water treatment, failure of a production pump & major pipe burst repair.
  • Software package delivery for the computerized maintenance management
  • Manual of inventory management procedures.
  • Model of Fact Sheets for the asset registry
  • Checklist templates for every water system component.
  • Models for performance computation and their evolution.
  • Standard operating procedures and the implementation of water connections.
  • Technical guideline for specifications of connection components.
  • Terms of Reference (ToR) for the study to update the water networks plans.
  • Action plan for the rehabilitation and extension of the water distribution network.






IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - MSc in Water and Sustainable Development