Programme Management Advisor - Process Management - Water Utilities

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Port Sudan, Sudan

Under the overall supervision of the Senior Project Manager, the WUM advisor will have direct accountability on delivery of planned outputs. The Water utilities management advisor will provide technical expert support to the RSWC and the regional project coordination unit to deliver several outputs. The Water Utilities Management Specialist will liaise directly with the counterpart coordinator for day-to-day matters and reporting or his designate.  S/he will liaise with Projects’ National Focal Points and other relevant bodies and stakeholders as relevant.

Specific Tasks and Deliverables

In particular the Water utilities management advisor will, in close collaboration with the National focal points, the capacity building officer and the project manager, undertake the following tasks:

1)   In Institutional reform

  • Review relevant documents and reports including project documents, National water and sanitation policy and current related legislation and plans and identify gaps
  • In consultation with the project manger and stakeholders, recommend and provide inputs on key aspects to mainstream, water demand management, performance management, organizational development and IWRM
  • Participate in workshops and or technical committee consultations as a resource person to provide inputs;
  • Provide technical inputs to the organizational development of the RSWC
  • Provide expert inputs in development of specific policy documents and instruments including;
  1. Analysis of national framework for IWRM and adaptation to climatic changes;
  2. Arbitration mechanism and facilitation of environmental and social conflict resolution associated with the multiple use of water, scarcity and completion regime;
  3. Water resources development,
  4. Guidelines on incentive framework for the rational use of water and;
  5. Performance management framework for water utilities management
  • Review draft Performance Indicators Monitoring Framework and provide inputs to ensure alignment with IWRM plans and national priorities;

2) Capacity building

A key responsibility is the identification of training needs and the development of training programs. The Water utilities management advisor is expected to undertake the following tasks;

  • Review Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) developed for Port Sudan and other relevant documents and reports, including project documents;
  • In consultation with the project manager and stakeholders, develop an action plan for development of the IWRM plan for Port Sudan;
  • Ensure linkages between the national Water Strategy indicator framework and the actions program, and establish current situation and future expectations in terms of improved water resources governance, management and practices;
  • Undertake a wider stakeholder consultation process to ensure inputs from multiple categories of stakeholders involved in water resources management at federal and state levels.
  • In consultation with stakeholders, develop draft state water demand management plan for review and inputs by stakeholders;
  • Contribute to the development of a modernization program for urban water in the RSWC
  • Facilitate two national workshops to solicit inputs and consolidate final IWRM and water demand Plan;
  • Develop an effective implementation strategy for the implementation of the strategic plans, including coordination mechanism and capacity building program to strengthen stakeholders’ participation; and resource mobilization for the implementation of the plan
  • Insure the inclusion of gender aspects in water resources management processes

In addition, the Water utilities management advisor will provide support and expert in puts on other tasks separately implemented as follows;

  • Review draft Performance Indicators Monitoring Framework and provide inputs to ensure alignment with the Sudan Water Strategy and national priorities.
  • Review relevant documents and participate in technical working groups and workshops to provide inputs in development of urban water framework at the federal level


  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Integrated Water resources management  plan,
  • Monitoring and evaluation system with level of service, Minimum service standard and performance indicators
  • Business process and roles and responsibilities within the Organisation mapping
  • Human resources needs assessment
  • Training materials






IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - MSc in Water and Sustainable Development